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Bomberpad Camp Mattress

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If you’re after a simple no fuss mat for your all your outdoorsy needs, you can rely on the Bomberpad Mattress from Zempire to help you get a solid night’s sleep in the great outdoors.

The top side of the Bomberpad Mattress has a soft suede feel, and the underside has a dotted non slip surface to prevent you from sliding around and disturbing your sleep. The foam inside the mattress is tapered for comfort, cross cored and is treated to prevent bacteria – so it’s an all-round high-quality mattress.

After a long day hiking, exploring or just relaxing and enjoying the scenery - you can climb into your tent knowing you’ll be resting on a solid and comfortable mattress with the Bomberpad mattress from Zempire.

  • Self-inflating
  • Non slip dot base
  • Antibacterial treated foam
  • Carry bag included
  • Suede surface
  • Repair kit included
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
External Dimensions:
198L x 76W cm
Packed Dimensions:
77L x 20W x 20H cm
Mat Thickness:
7 cm
Suede Polyester
Fill Material:
Open Cell Foam
Self Inflating
3.3 Kg
Suggested Use:
1 Year
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Nov 10 2017

great mat

as you'd expect, very comfy, but quite big when rolled up, and don't forget, they all say to store it unrolled....

- Cudgera Creek
Oct 02 2017

good mat

used on stretchers, thick mat at 10cm. Can get hot but you change how you're lying and it doesnt stick. need to roll it tight to fit in bag after use. rolls up to about 5cm after use

- Brisbane City, QLD
May 03 2017

Very comfortable

It just takes up a lot of room in the car boot. But so comfortable.

Mar 17 2017

Quality Mats

Great quality and comfortable mattress. Highly recommend.

- Woodend
Mar 13 2017

Best night sleep in a tent for years!

Love my new Mattress super comfy. Tricky rolling it up and trying to get it back in the bag - but then aren't they all!

- Boat Harbour NSW
Mar 11 2017

Very comfortable, value for money!

I bought the single size and have had good comfortable nights - doesn't need any added inflation other than what it intakes itself! Has been warm but might be too warm on a hot summer night. Re-rolls fairly easily.

- Vincentia

Fit on stretcher1 answer

I've just noticed that the functional width of the Gecko is less than the total width because the end poles extend. Is there a stretcher that will fit these inside?

- Brisbane(11 months ago)

Hi Peter, 

You're right the Zempire Bomberpad isn't going to be a perfect fit for the Gecko. I've tried the Bomberpad on top of the King Goanna Stretcher in store, and the mat fits within the frame with no overhang as it's 210L x 80W, and the Bomberpad is 198L x 76W cm.

The King Goanna is also one of the most reliable stretchers in the range, so it's definitely one you should take a look at. 

- Snowys(11 months ago)

Fit on stretcher1 answer

Thanks for that. It looks like the Oztent Gecko stretcher would be a better choice because a bit of extra length is not really an issue for the kids but the mat overhanging the sides worries me because of wear and tear. Though the Gecko does not seem to have as stable legs.

- Brisbane(11 months ago)

G'day Peter, 

The Bomberpad mat will definitely hang over the edge of the Oztent Gecko stretcher, so if you are concerned about wear and tear a better choice would be the King Goanna as that is a bigger size. 

The Gecko and King Goanna both have the same legs, and we find them to very reliable models that our customers provide great feedback on. These stretchers are also padded for extra comfort which is an extra bonus. 

- Snowys(11 months ago)

Fit on speedy stretcher1 answer

It says that the pad fits perfectly on the stretcher, but the stretcher is 65.5cm wide and the pad 76cm. It seems to be a bit longer too That's 2 inches overhand each side. Am I missing something?

- Brisbane(11 months ago)

G'day Peter, 

I've just checked this out, and you're not missing anything - it seems that we were!

The Bomberpad is indeed going to have a bit of overhang on the speedy stretcher, you could still use it on top of this stretcher but I suppose they're not as complimentary as we thought. 

Thanks for pointing this out for us, I'll make sure the description is changed to prevent further confusion. 

- Snowys(11 months ago)

R-Value2 answers

Hello, What is the R-value of this mat ? Regards

- 3150(1 year ago)

Hi Julian,

Unfortunately Zempire have not supplied this information for the Bomberpad Mattress! Most of the cheaper self-inflating mats do not list an R-Value. I'll get in touch with Zempire on Monday to see if they can provide any further information, but if insulation is something that you're really concerned about then you may be better off looking at one of the Black Wolf deluxe mats :) 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

G'day Julian, 

I've spoken with Zempire, and they've confirmed that their Bomberpad Camp Mattress doesn't have an R Value rating. As Lisa mentioned before, if that is a feature that's important to you we have a few options that you might want to check out. 

The Mega Deluxe from Black Wolf has a high R value of 9.5, and the Megamat 10 LXW from Exped also has an R value of 9.5 - so they'll provide a lot of warmth and insulation. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Comfort of this vs the F35 EPE mat1 answer

I just can't decide what to get the kids! They are 5, 7 and 9 and about 20-30kg range) would the F35 mat be comfortable enough? We are family camping not hiking rough or anything! Thinking it would save on space/weight, but then if they aren't comfortable - well we wont be either!

- Marmion(1 year ago)

G'day Katie,

I've just popped downstairs and had a chat with some of the staff who have kids, and they reckon that the Bomberpad is the way to go as it's more comfortable than the F35. 

The Bomberpad is 7cm thick (as opposed to the 3.5cm of the F35), has a soft suede finish which is going to be more comfortable in summer, and is very well made considering the price - so it definitely has the edge over the F35 in a few ways.  

It can be a pain lugging around extra weight, but at the end of the day you will all have a lot more fun if you get a good night's sleep. 

If you're still unsure about your choice, you can always give us a buzz on 1300 914 007 and one of our customer service team will be happy to talk you through the range. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Bonded?1 answer

Is this mattress bonded?

- Burwood East(1 year ago)

Hi Robin. Thanks for the question. The Zempire Bomberpad Camp Mattress is a fantastic quality unit, with Suede Polyester non-slip top so you wont slide off in the middle of the night. The cover is bonded to the foam inner which means the air has nowhere to go other than between you and the ground, giving the best comfort levels in self inflating mattresses. The length of this mattress is a generous 198cm long and 76cm wide.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Choosing between this and the oztrail 4wd single mat1 answer

Which is better? Oztrail 4wd or this one?

- Marmion (1 year ago)

Hi Katie. The Oztrail mat is a bit thicker, however the Zempire mat packs down a bit smaller and is lighter so it is easier to pack and transport. The seams on the Zempire appear stronger and the suede polyester top feels more luxurious, however this can be a matter of personal preference. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)
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