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Sea to Summit

Driven by design perfectionism, functionality and a no-worries Aussie attitude – the Sea to Summit brand represents the pinnacle of innovation when it comes to outdoor adventure gear. With their products pushing boundaries from the ground up, their lightweight yet durable products are rigorously tested to ensure each product serves the hiker, trekker, camper or traveller who uses them.

Their ethos ‘to equip and inspire’ motivates the team to develop new materials, technologies, techniques and production methods to ensure they stay at the forefront of high-performance adventure products.

Sea to Summit’s adventurous origins

The origins of Sea to Summit go back to 1983 in Perth, Western Australia where climber and adventurer Roland Tyson started making his own lightweight outdoor gear in his bedroom.

Fast forward to 1990, when mountaineer Tim Macartney-Snape approached Roland to create gear for his expedition from sea level at the Bay of Bengal to the peak of Mt Everest.

This gear needed to be functional, durable and lightweight enough to last a 5-month trek. Needless to say, it all passed the test, and the adventure-inspired Sea to Summit brand was born.

Lightweight and durable accessories for adventure

Ensuring your gear stays dry from the elements, compressed to fit in your kayak, organised in your travel pack, or clean in your rucksack is possible with the brand’s range of dry bags, stuff sacks and compression sacks.

Lightweight, durable, with field repairable buckles and a range of colours, sizes and features – these bags will house your essentials for years to come.

Functional, lightweight & expertly designed camp kitchen gear

Whether you’re rehydrating freeze-dried meals or preparing a gourmet feast – Sea to Summit’s kitchen range won’t let you down.

With the collapsible X-range for lightweight trips, the classically durable Delta range for campground stays, and the cleverly featured Alpha range of cookware for off-grid cooking – just mix & match to create your perfect system.

Complete sleep systems that help your rest better outside

Sea to Summit design their sleeping product range to work cohesively as a system, providing technical performance and adaptability for changing conditions.

Sleeping mats

Since their launch in 2015, the Air Mats from Sea to Summit have redefined the parameters of lightweight comfort, becoming a favourite amongst outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Following that, they introduced self-inflating mats in 2017, and an expanded line of women’s specific designs in 2019 to round out the range.

• Self-inflating mats use Delta Coring technology to reduce weight & packed volume

• Air mats have multi-functional valves for easy inflation, deflation & adjustment

• Women’s mats are shorter with narrower shoulders and wider at the hip

• Thermolite insulation made with 3D crimp of hollow-core & solid fibers for lightweight warmth

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Sleeping bags

With 42 variations across 16 different models ranging from alpine bags for technical expeditions, ultralight designs for minimalists, all-rounders for campers, synthetic bags that suit technical hikes and quilts for gram-counters & travellers – Sea to Summit have you covered on both comfort and performance while you sleep.

• Free Flow zip design uses full & half-length zips for temperature adjustment

• Zip coupling system allows left zippered unisex bags to join right zippered women’s bags

• Fill uses either humanely sourced RDS certified down or WaveLoft™ looped THERMOLITE® insulation for warmth

• Temperature tested to the European EN13537 standard

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Sleep accessories

Sleeping accessories can make or break your trip, but everyone’s needs are different which is why their designs range from ultralight and compact pillows for hiking to luxurious down filled options for camping. Rounding off your sleep system is their range of cotton, silk and thermal liners which add extra warmth, comfort and protection for your bag.

• Liners add warmth, extra comfort and protect the life of your bag

• Pillows feature multi-function valve for easy inflation, deflation & adjustment

• Pillows laminated with quiet and high strength TPU for durability

• PillowLock system keeps pillow from moving on your mat while you sleep

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Popular items from Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit
Aeros Ultralight Pillow Large

2 colours available from
$ $43.90

Sea to Summit
Aeros Ultralight Pillow Regular

2 colours available from
$ $35.90

Sea to Summit
Foamcore Pillow Deluxe

3 colours available from
$ $47.90

Sea to Summit
Foamcore Pillow Large

3 colours available from
$ $39.90

Sea to Summit
Foamcore Pillow Regular

3 colours available from
$ $31.90

Sea to Summit
Silk + Cotton Travel Liner

2 sizes available from
$ $59.90

Sea to Summit
Ultra-Sil™ Nano Daypack

6 colours available from
$ $44.90
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