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Torches & Flashlights

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Glowstick Flashlight

$ $9.90
Best Price Guarantee

Hard Korr
LED KT6 Rechargeable Torch

$ $74.90
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P5R Core Rechargeable Flashlight

$ $139.90
Best Price Guarantee

P7R Core Rechargeable Flashlight

$ $219.90
Best Price Guarantee

P4R Core Rechargeable Pen Light

$ $82.90
Best Price Guarantee

MH25V2 Rechargeable Flashlight

$179.95 $ $149.00
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Davinci 1000 Rechargeable Flashlight

$ $79.90
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Torches & Flashlights

Is it a Flashlight or a Torch?

Sometimes the job, activity or set-up calls for a good old-fashioned battery-powered flashlight, or is it a torch? This is probably the topic for a campfire debate. For many, the word torch described a stick with combustible material on the end. But the handheld electronic device also is known mostly in America, as a flashlight, also identifies as a torch. Whilst some enthusiasts will have a firm belief in the correct name, at Snowys we use both terms interchangeably.

LED Technology

Handheld lighting has come a long way since the 6D cell Maglite was the go-to torch to light up a football oval. With the evolution of LED technology from Led Lenser, Nitecore and Walther Pro and the advanced optical systems integrated within, these tough anodised aluminium units are more compact and powerful than ever, and what's more, they offer more and more battery life and you never need to replace the globes.

Torches Today

Whilst there is an emergence of headlamps, compact lanterns and LED strip lighting in the outdoor recreation market, there is still a strong need for the good ol' LED torch. From an emergency light source at home, flashlights with rechargeable batteries for camping or tactical flashlights for military, crime and emergency response personnel, or the hunter looking for a clean focusable light source, check out what the newest high power LED flashlights offers from such small and durable units. 

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