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Excalibur Orion
Ranger Car Compass

• A great all round compass that can be mounted to almost any vehicle or boat• Can be mounted either vertically or horizontally• Easy to read large increments• Ideal for the enthusiast who likes to take their vehicle far from civilisation

Excalibur Orion
Multi Angle Car Compass

• A small compass designed for use with motor vehicles with multi-directional mounting possible• Can be mounted horizontally, vertically or anywhere in between• Features and easy to use quick clip for mounting
$7.95 $4.50


• One of the most popular simple to use compasses on the market that is perfect for school groups, beginners or advance users alike• Soft easy grip compass housing makes for easy adjustment• Compass needle features a sapphire jewel bearing providing friction free movement• Map measuring scales for both 1:50 and 1:25k maps• Specially designed patented red/black orienteering lines • All scales hot-stamped for ultimate durability
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