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20 Pack

*Fast release white disc for use in cassette and portable toilets * Lasts up to 7 days * Environmentally friendly, non toxic toiletry disk that keeps the toilet smelling fresh at all times * Removes bad odours * Breaks down solids * Contains no harmful chemicals * Economical and easy to use with no mess * Protects rubber seals * Compact and easy to store *Acts as a disinfectant and cleaner whilst washing dishes* Ideal for caravans, campervans, motor homes, buses and boats
$29.95 $26.90

Aqua Kem Green

*Breaks down waste and tissue to stop clogging *Safe for septic tanks
2 sizes From $11.90

Aqua Rinse (Pink)

*Leaves a protective layer in your toilet bowl for a clean flush and provides a pleasant lavender smell *Safe for septic tanks
2 sizes From $9.90

Toilet Chemicals

The only way to keep your portable loo fresh, clean and more importantly – functional, involves getting your mitts on the right care products. At Snowys, we’ve got both environmentally friendly toilet care products, and more powerful options depending on your loo needs.  

With a range of odour eliminators for keeping everything smelling fresh and protecting rubber seals, waste water additives from Dometic for breaking down waste and preventing gas build-up, flush water additive from Thetford for keeping your loo cleaner and scale free, and waste water tab options that are more portable than their liquid counterparts – we’ve got everything you need for maintaining your bush toilet. 

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