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Universal Mat Coupler Kit


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If your Exped single mattress is looking a bit lonely all by itself, then join it up with another mattress using the Exped Coupler Kit. This kit consists of two loops - one for each mattress, and a vertical band in the middle that keeps the mats level in the middle.

To adjust the coupler to the thickness of the mat - move the middle band, and to accommodate the width of the mat – adjust the outside tabs. For the best results position the straps at shoulder and hip height to space them out as well as possible.

Exped have made the straps on this kit thin but highly durable – so you won’t even notice that you’re sleeping on them. These loops are also very versatile, and so they can be used with almost any other single person mats that you already have.

  • Swiss design
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Easily accommodates mats of various widths/thickness
  • Side by side coupling of any single person mats
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Packed Dimensions:
19L x 14W x 3H cm
Frame Material:
Powder Coated Steel
0.05 Kg
1 Year
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Jul 06 2017

Does what it says it does

Pretty simple really. The coupler kit joins to mats together. It does not impact on the comfort of the mats and is quick and easy to set up. Easy!

- Victoria

Can this coupler kit be used to join exped mats of different lengths? I've got a LW and my partner has an M size, both synmats. Thanks1 answer

Exped Synmat

- Port Macquarie(6 months ago)

G'day Martin,

You can definitely join mats of different sizes together with the Universal Mat Coupler Kit, as the middle band and loops on either side are adjustable. There’s a good video that shows you how it works which you can check out here for reference. 

- Snowys(6 months ago)

Quantity?1 answer

Hi, the description mentions the kit contains two loops, one for each matress, then goes on to say position the straps at shoulder and hip height. Does one kit do both shoulder and hips or are two kits required?

- berowra(1 year ago)

G'day Mark, 

I can see why yo'd be a little confused there, but I've just double checked and I've found you only need one kit, as each one comes with two seperate loops - one to loop around the mats at shoulder height, and the other at hip height. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)