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Tarps & Matting

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Ground Mesh Footprint for Instant Up Tents

5 sizes from:
$ $54.90
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Multi Camp Mat

8 sizes from:
$ $119.90
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Ultramesh Tarp

12 sizes from:
$ $29.90
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Ultra Blue Poly Tarp

$54.99 $ $25.00
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Ultrarig Heavy Duty Poly Tarp

11 sizes from:
$ $12.90
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EVA Foam Floor Mat

2 colours from:
$ $24.90
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Caravan Annex Floor Matting

3 colours /7 sizes from:
$ $74.90
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Tarps & Matting

A tarpaulin is one of the most useful items you could have in your camp kit. Not only can it be used as a ground cover to protect your tent floor, but it also serves as a clean and dry floor in your camp kitchen, can be used as a windbreak and if tied to trees or pitched over some awning poles provides extra shelter from the rain.

Tarps come in a range of materials and a multitude of sizes. Mesh tarps are great for used as a ground cover on the beach and in the campsite as a ground cover or can be strung up as a shade shelter providing good protection against the sun whilst allowing the heat to escape from underneath.

The traditional canvas tarpaulin offers excellent UV resistance and lasts a lifetime whilst poly tarps are probably the most versatile and affordable. Cheap tarps made with polyethylene have basic eyelets int he corners and are great for use as a trailer cover or over the kid's sandpit, whilst the heavy-duty tarps feature thicker polyethylene to prevent tears and heavily reinforced corners to stop eyelets from ripping out in the wind.

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