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Micropur Forte Tablets

• These tablets are designed for using to disinfect and conserve water• Comes in a pack of 100 tablets with each tablet providing purification for 1 litre of water• Effectively kills bacteria, viruses and Giardia• Can conserve drinking water for up to 6 months making them ideal for travelling

Chute Bottle 1L

From $22.90
4 colours

Bottle Brush Kit

$19.95 $14.90

Eddy Kids Bottle 400ml

From $17.90
7 colours

Bottle Soft Push-Pull Cap 1Lt

From $13.90
2 colours

Classic 3 Water Purifier + Pre Filter

• The ultimate in water purifiers in terms of speed, weight, ease of operation and effectiveness• Uses ultraviolet light to kill 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and protozoa• Completely purifies 1 litre of water in 90 seconds• No chemicals or additives needed• Designed to fit in most generic water bottles
$157.50 $124.90

Unbottle Hydration Reservoir 3L Blue/Graphite

• Insulated bladder sleeve that helps keep your water cool while avoiding the use of bottles• Capable of holding a 3 litre bladder• Uses the unique external fill system avoiding messing refilling • Weighs only 0.33kg empty
$89.95 $67.90

Classic 2L Hydration Pack

From $67.90
3 colours

Podium Big Chill Bottles

From $19.90
6 colours

Eddy Bottle 750ml

From $22.90
7 colours
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