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Sea to Summit
Mosquito Headnet Permethrine Treated

• The best way to keep annoying mosquitoes and other bugs away from your face and neck• A special design and colour are optimized for outward visibility for limited affect on your vision• Permethrin treated to daze mosquitoes on contact and after repeated contact they will die• Fine woven 80 hole per cm to stop all small bugs• Adjustable draw cord with a generous length for a large adjustability
$14.95 $12.90

Insect Repellent Aerosol

3 sizes From $7.90

Insect Repellant

Ah insects, the bane of every camper or adventurer's existence. If you’re not swatting away flies, midges, mozzies, leeches, wasps or ants – are you even really camping?

To protect yourself from a multitude of different creepy crawlies, and biting insects check out Snowys range of effective insect repellents and head nets for peace of mind and comfort relaxing around camp. 

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