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SolarPanel 5+

$149.95 $124.90

SolarPanel 5

$119.95 $99.90

Portable 200W Solar Mat Kit

$1,299.00 $1,049.00

Goal Zero
Flip 10 Recharger

From $44.90
4 colours

Goal Zero
Flip 20 Recharger

From $67.90
3 colours

Goal Zero
Flip 30 Recharger

From $79.90
2 colours

Portable 160W Solar Mat Kit

$1,499.00 $1,199.00

12V, USB & Solar Power

You can’t be expected to head out onto the open road without a working phone, camera, or tablet – but one measly charge before you leave isn’t going to cut if for your whole trip. That’s why you’ve gotta pick up a portable charging device to keep all your devices powered on your next adventure.

We’ve got battery chargers from Nitecore to keep your torch or headlamp illuminated, solar panels for harnessing the rays of the sun from Biolite and Primus, off-grid mobile phone chargers from Powertraveller, and portable power sources from Oztrail for charging all your devices on your next camping or hiking trip. 

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