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12V, USB & Solar Power

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SolarPanel 5+

$ $149.99 $124.90

PWR Bank Small 3350 mAh

$ $79.99 $73.95

PWR Sound Skin

$ $109.99

Portable 200W Solar Mat Kit

$ $1,499.00 $1,219.90

SolarPanel 10+

$ $249.99 $209.90

KettleCharge Power Bank

$ $249.95 $140.00

Goal Zero
100PD Powerbank

$ $299.95 $294.90
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12V, USB & Solar Power

You can’t be expected to head out onto the open road or hit the trail without a working phone, camera, or tablet – but one measly charge before you leave isn’t going to cut it for your whole trip. That’s why you’ve gotta pick up some portable power to keep all your devices charged on your next adventure.

Power for Hiking & Travel

When you're living out of your suitcase or rucksack, there's no room for heavy and cumbersome batteries and devices. If you need some emergency power for a recharge in between destinations or a hiking solar panel to keep you powered up remotely then check out the range of lightweight solar kits and power packs from Goal Zero, Biolite and Roman. With the right combination of gear, you may never need a power outlet.

12V Power for the Campsite & Caravan

It could be for the fridge, electronic devices or if glamping's your style then it could be a television, whatever you need to power, and for however long you may need it, there's a portable 12V power pack to keep your fridge cold and electronics charged no matter where you set up camp or park your van.

Solar Power

It's all very well to pull power to keep your fridge and devices running, but eventually, that power source is going to need some topping up also. Thankfully we live in a country where there's plenty of solar energy to utilise. A solar panel converts the sun's energy into power, plug this into your power pack and for as long as the sun is shining, you're topping up the energy reserves.


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