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Pegs, Poles & Repair

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Orange Guy Rope

$ $5.95 $5.90

Canvas Peg Bag

$ $26.99 $16.90

Bungee Ball

$ $2.25 $1.50

Awning Pole Set

$ $19.99 $19.95

Tent Pegs 6pk

$ $6.95 $6.50

Supa Peg
Pole Plates

2 sizes available from
$ $2.50

Telescopic Alloy Pole

$ $29.95 $24.90

Supa Peg
HD Marquee Guy Rope Trace Spring

2 sizes available from
$ $3.50 $2.90

Supa Peg
Angle Iron Tent Pegs

2 sizes available from
$ $4.50 $3.90

Supa Peg
Key-Head Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs

2 sizes available from
$ $1.35 $1.00

Supa Peg
Key-Head Raw Steel Tent Pegs

2 sizes available from
$ $1.25 $0.90

Supa Peg
Standard Guy Rope Trace Springs

2 sizes available from
$ $1.75 $1.20

Shock Cord Bunji Loops

4 sizes available from
$ $12.95 $9.50

Stake Hammer

$ $59.95 $46.90

Power Peg Set

$ $29.95 $19.90
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Pegs, Poles & Repair

If you’ve misplaced or snapped a pole or your pegs just aren’t doing it for you – there’s a huge range of tent accessories out there to get your shelter up to scratch in no time.

Tent Repair Products

Glues, tapes, eyelets and sewing kits, a repair kit is a must in your arsenal of camp accessories. These products are not designed to give you a long-term fix but will enable you to patch things up in the field and get on with your holiday.

Tent Pegs

Pegs for hard ground, pegs for soft ground, pegs for sand and snow, sometimes you need a selection of pegs for your trip, you may be on the beach one night then in a rocky campground the next. Add some extra pegs, over and above the ones that came with your tent, so you have some backup solutions should the ground under your feet dish out some unexpected challenges.

Tent Poles

These aren't cheap tent poles, they are quality steel and aluminium spreader bars and upright awning poles from reputable manufacturers at awesome prices. you'll also find replacement fibreglass sections and purpose-made poles for swags, and a host of parts to help you set up the campsite just how you want it. Throw a few extra poles in your camp kit, and along with a tarp and some extra pegs, you'll be able to create a shelter to fend off whatever mother nature throws at you.

Mallets & Hammers

Possible one of the most forgotten items on a camping trip, it's right up there with the toilet paper. Save yourself persevering with a rock to drive those tent pegs into the ground, get yourself a camp mallet to keep in your kit, that way you'll never forget it again.

Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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