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Poles Apart
Plastic Sand Tent Pegs

*Great for pitching tents or tarps on the beach or loose and sandy soil *Replace your old worn-out pegs or carry some spares
3 sizes From $1.50

Canvas Peg Bag

$19.95 $16.90

Awning Pole Set

• Strong and durable steel awning poles • Reaches a length of 180cm with 3 pieces• Use with most awnings, dome tents, hiker flys and more!

Ultramesh Tarp

10 sizes From $24.90

Rubber Mallet

$12.00 $7.90

Aluminium Sand/Snow Peg

*This peg is a great choice for when you need to hold down a tent or tarp in sand or snow * Replace your old worn-out pegs or carry some spares • Lightweight but strong aluminium • Scooped profile and holes in the shaft to give a firm grip in soft ground such as sand or snow
2 sizes From $3.50

Bungee Ball

$1.95 $1.50

Poles Apart
Steel Tent Pegs

3 sizes From $1.50

Alloy Pole

*Lightweight and durable poles *Although designed for your RV tent, this pole is so versatile it can be used in almost any other tent that you have!
2 sizes From $16.90

Guy Rope Set 5pcs

$18.00 $12.90

Multi Camp Mat

8 sizes From $129.90

Thor Hammer

$18.00 $12.90

Fibreglass Tent Poles

4 sizes From $12.50

Swag Pole Kit

• Fits all makes of apex style swags• Comes in a separate bag for storage

Annex Mat

4 sizes From $69.90

Duraplus Pole Kit

6 sizes From $13.90

Industrial-weight Tarp

6 sizes From $16.95

Jolly Swagman
Canvas Tarps

3 sizes From $35.90
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Tent Accessories

If you’ve misplaced or snapped a pole, you need some protection for the ground under your tent, or your pegs just aren’t doing it for you – there’s a huge range of tent accessories out there to get your shelter up to scratch in no time.

We’ve got spare poles to fix your tent, heavy duty and mesh tarps for protecting the underside of your shelter, extra pegs for keeping your tent sturdy, guy ropes for blustery conditions, repair kits to get your tent up and running again, seam sealer to stop leaks in their tracks, mallets and peg pullers for pitching, and waterproofing products to keep your shelter dry in a drizzle.

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