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Instant Up 4P Tent

$399.99 $249.00

Instant Up 6P Tent

$499.99 $299.00

Instant Up 8P Tent

$599.99 $349.00

Coleman Instant Up Tents

Even the most time-deprived or rookie camper can get their tent set up in minutes, with the Instant Up range of tents from Coleman. With the Instant Up 4, Instant Up 6, Instant Up 8 and Instant Up 10 models available – there’s the perfect size for solo camping, lightweight four wheel drive touring as well as for weekend getaways and family camping.

The integrated steel frame is attached to the inner tent so set up is super simple. All you have to do is lay it down, spread out the fabric, extend the poles out from the hub until it locks into place. Then just chuck the waterproof fly over the top, and you’re all ready for a solid night’s sleep.  

With three different Coleman Instant Up Series in the range, there’s something for everyone.

  • The Silver Series is affordable and functional, perfect for entry level campers.
  • The Gold Series is made with higher quality fabrics and features better ventilation and liveability. 
  • The Dark Room Series has a fly that blocks light, reduces heat, which means longer sleep ins, and getting the kids to bed early.

With the Instant Up range, there’s no excuse to stay and home hooked up to the Wi-Fi - pile the kids in the car and head out onto the open road!

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