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CHT4 Headlamp

$24.95 $17.50

CHT7 Headlamp

$34.95 $19.90

Luci Lux Lantern

$29.95 $24.90

Observer Gas Lamp Mantle 2-Pk

• Small double tie mantles to suit Kovea Observer mini gas lantern• Convenient twin pack
$6.95 $6.90

CHT10 Headlamp

$49.95 $27.90

Actik Core Headlamp

From $84.90
2 colours

Luci Aura Lantern

$34.95 $32.90

Black Diamond
Revolt Headlamp

From $89.90
4 colours

Sea to Summit
Grasshopper Gaiters

• The ultimate value budget gaiter that refuses to sacrifice comfort and ease of fitting• Has the same great features as the more expensive gaiters at the fraction of the price• Easily adjustable from top to bottom making two sizes enough to compensate for all types of legs
2 sizes From $37.90

Led Lenser
SEO 5 Headlamp

$108.95 $84.90

Excalibur Orion
Ranger Car Compass

• A great all round compass that can be mounted to almost any vehicle or boat• Can be mounted either vertically or horizontally• Easy to read large increments• Ideal for the enthusiast who likes to take their vehicle far from civilisation
$11.95 $11.90

CorkLite Trekking Poles

$209.99 $169.90

Excalibur Orion
Multi Angle Car Compass

• A small compass designed for use with motor vehicles with multi-directional mounting possible• Can be mounted horizontally, vertically or anywhere in between• Features and easy to use quick clip for mounting
$7.95 $4.50

Black Diamond
Spot Headlamp

From $69.90
5 colours

Black Diamond
Icon Headlamp

$139.95 $109.90

Led Lenser
SEO 3 Headlamp

$77.95 $59.90
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Hike Accessories

If you’re a hiker on a mission to explore as much of those untouched locations as possible, then you’re going to need a few things here and there to make travelling off the beaten path as easy and as safe as possible.

We’ve got headlamps to illuminate your path, storage sacks for keeping your gear organised and dry, hiking poles for easing your knees up those steep inclines, compact multifunctional lights for hanging up in your shelter, and gaiters for protecting your legs from undergrowth and snakes – so we’ve got you covered when it comes to accessories for your next hike or lightweight adventure. 

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