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Hike, trek, drive, paddle or ride, any adventure requires a good map, it ensures you reach your destination and take in all the side trips along the way, and are particularly useful in an emergency. Different adventures require different types of maps, you may need a combination of these to make sure you safely navigate your way through the activities you have planned.

Topographic Maps

These are the most detailed maps an usually show smaller parcels on land with contour lines and features that are particularly relevant to non-vehicle based activities such as hiking, bicycle touring and kayak adventures. If you like to explore every crevice, escarpment, valley or point of interest on a map that doesn't have a defined path leading to it, then you need a topographic map along with a reliable compass and some map reading skills.

Hiking & Trekking Map Guides

These are often topographic like maps that are produced to cater for hikers and trekkers sticking to a defined walking trail such as the Larapinta or Heysen Trails or the Bibblemum Track. The benefit of these over a topographic map is that they will have track/trail-specific information such as shelters & campsites, rainwater tank locations, food drop points & vehicle access tracks as well as some information on surrounding areas. If your adventure involves sticking to a defined track or trail, then a map guide if what you need.

4wd Touring Maps

The faster pace of a vehicle means you don't need all the topographic detail of a hiking map. 4wd touring maps feature significant routes, points of interest along the way and important information such as fuel locations, mechanical repair points and often local contact details for roadhouses and station owners. A 4wd touring map will feature both sealed and unsealed roads but their focus is to help you get off the sealed road. They will also often mark the locations of significant campsites and historical stops along the way.

Road Touring Maps

Not everyone has a vehicle that can handle the rigours outback travel, and a lot of people just like the idea of a good old-fashioned road trip that follows sealed roads from town to town across the country. These maps are a great guide to help you find the road less travelled between major points of interest. They will help you plan fuel stops, accommodation such as campsites, caravan parks, national parks as well as stops at tourist attractions.

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