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Black Wolf
Turbo Plus 300 Tent

$2,049.99 $1,425.00

Black Wolf
Turbo Air Plus Tent

$1,299.99 $699.00

Black Wolf
Turbo Lite Front Panels

5 sizes From $109.90

Black Wolf
Turbo 240 Tent

$1,699.99 $1,099.00

Black Wolf
Turbo 300 Tent

$1,799.99 $1,199.00

Black Wolf
Turbo Lite 300 Tent

$1,349.99 $899.00

Black Wolf
Turbo Lite 240 Tent

$1,199.99 $799.00

Black Wolf
Turbo Groundsheets

9 sizes From $119.90

Black Wolf
Turbo Plus 240 Tent

$1,899.99 $1,269.00

Black Wolf
Turbo Touring Cap Fly

2 sizes From $154.90

Black Wolf
Turbo 210 Tent

$1,549.99 $1,049.00

Black Wolf Turbo Tents

Tough as nails, easy to set up, and perfect for the adventurers who like to get out there and experience as much as possible – the Blackwolf Turbo has proved to be a long-standing favourite in our range.

With a huge range of sizes available, there's Turbo for everyone. The 210 will house a solo traveller, the 240 is ideal for couples, the 300 a good model for small families, the 300 Plus has enough space for a family with a few kids, the 380 is great for those who want a big tent without the bulk, and the 450 Cabin tent for the large group or family.

The Classic Turbo range is the original design from Black Wolf, and are made from high-quality canvas, making them breathable and hardwearing - so they’re ideal for the harsh Australian climate. The Turbo Lite range has the same design as the classic Turbo, but swaps the canvas for polyester making it perfect for those who can’t spare the weight or space. The newest addition to the Turbo range is the Air tent range which eliminates the bulk you usually experience with bigger family tents and makes setting up camp even easier. 

The versatile three pole awning on the Turbo also allows you to transform the awning on your tent into a sheltered area with the aid of side panels, front panels, or the screen room - so you can really make the most of your tent. 

With a Turbo in your arsenal, you can set out on your adventure with the knowledge that you've got a solid, and easy to pitch tent that'll shelter you from the harsh landscape every night. 

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