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Group of hikers from QUT on Fraser Island

A Taste Of Hiking On Fraser Island

by on 21st October 2016 in Hiking | Add comment
Fraser Island is known for its four-wheel driving and beaches, but it's also a great destination for overnight and multi-day hikes.  Read More...

5 Tips For Packing Your 4WD For A Camping Trip

by on 18th October 2016 in 4WD | Add comment
Packing you 4WD properly isn't just about fitting in as much as you can, but affects the safety of your vehicle too. Aaron Schubert gives you some tips on how to pack your car for both safety and convenience.   Read More...

How To Repair a Broken Tent Pole

by on 14th October 2016 in Camping Tips | Add comment
It's a fact of camping. One day you'll break a tent pole. But they're pretty easy to fix, as we outline in this 'how to'.   Read More...

The Benefits of a Tent Groundsheet

by on 11th October 2016 in Camping Tips | Add comment
If you care for your tent an absolute must-do is to invest in a groundsheet or footprint to help keep that floor in tip-top shape.  Read More...

Things To Consider Before Buying A Camper Trailer

by on 7th October 2016 in Buying Guide | Add comment
Looking at evolving your camping kit and buying a camper trailer? Here are some things to consider before you do.  Read More...

Best Hiking Tents of 2016

by on 4th October 2016 in Hiking | 3 comments
Following on from our popular round ups of the best family tents and swags of the past year, we've listed off our 10 best and most popular hiking tents.  Read More...

The Best Camping Beaches in Western Australia

by on 27th September 2016 in Camping Tips | 3 comments
Western Australia has some of the most stunning beaches in the world. And many are well-suited to a spot of four-wheel driving and camping. Aaron's favourites are listed here.  Read More...
Top 5 Hikes Near Melbourne - Crossing Little Ada River

Top 5 Hikes Near Melbourne

by on 23rd September 2016 in Hiking | Add comment
Melbourne bushwalker, John Feeney has put together his list of his favourite hikes within a couple of hours of Melbourne CBD.   Read More...
Black Wolf Turbo Tent

Black Wolf Turbo Tents – What Are The New 2017 Updates?

by on 20th September 2016 in Buying Guide | 9 comments
Stuck between buying the current model Turbo at a ripping price and hanging out to see what the 2017 model has in store? Here's our take.  Read More...

5 Tips For Camping With Kids Under 5

by on 16th September 2016 in Camping Tips | 4 comments
Camping with young kids makes a lot of parents nervous. But it can be a lot of fun. Here are some tricks for having the most relaxing time.  Read More...
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