Best Camping Mattresses for 2023

There’s only one thing that lies between you and the great outdoors (literally): a camp mattress.

Choosing a mattress for camping and deciding what features are most important to you, can be tricky. Usually, they’re all a factor, and narrowing down your choice becomes a balance (or trade-off) between them. The mats in this round-up are generally not for an overnight hike – so if that’s what you’re after, check out our lightweight best-sellers here. Car campers and 4WD tourers, however – you’re going to want to stick around, because this is the one for you!

Be it self-inflation for fuss-free setups, or swift deflation for efficient pack-ups – this blog both expands on the most popular mat models and narrows down your selection ahead of your next outback escape. We’ve grabbed the data and crunched the numbers from our sales over the last twelve months.

From durability and portability, to weight and the ability to insulate – sink into this year’s best-selling camping mattresses, starting with number 10…

Sea to Summit Comfort Deluxe SI Double Sleeping Mat

10. Sea to Summit Comfort Deluxe SI

The Comfort Deluxe Self Inflating mats are for the campers seeking to meet rugged with royalty.

With insulated comfort reaching 10cm high, an R-value of 6.5, and consistent warmth along the full length of the mat – this mattress is built for outback slumbers! Its soft, stretchy top fabric and laminated TPU anti-slip base encase a PU foam that’s engineered with Delta Core Technology and diagonal supporting walls, offering both superior insulation from below and compact rolling for easy packing. A multi-functional valve allows simple inflation and deflation too.

The Comfort Deluxe SI is available as both a single and a double model, bridging the gap between lightweight and fullbodied for your outdoor escapes.

Darche KOZI King Single SI

9. Darche KOZI SI Series

Darche’s KOZI Series is almost two years old, and their range of Self-Inflating Mattresses is already meeting the demand of first timers across the country! As one of our 2022 ‘what to watch ‘ products, it has managed to make it into 2023’s top 10!

There’s a sizing option to suit every car camper, with a King Single, a Double, and a Queen. These mats are 10cm thick and are a great mat at an affordable price. With a peached polyester top for a soft, fuzzy, peach-skin feel, the Oxford polyester base boasts added durability while its 3D-bonded construction maximises the sleeping area for an even resting surface. Plus, horizontally cross-cored, open-cell PU foam enables a quick inflation and deflation; antibacterial-treated too.

OZtrail 3D Fatmat

8. OZtrail 3D Fatmat

The 3D Fatmat was one of our 2022 ‘what to watch’ products – and has made it to number 8 a year later!

While it hasn’t been around long, feedback from our customers has been extremely positive so far. It’s a self-inflating 15cm thick mat that’s available in a single-sized 750, and a double 1500, or a Lite version that’s 10cm thick. These mats are a high-density memory foam, cored with open cells across the width to allow for easier packing. Ben is about 70kg and gauges his comfort in this video, while one customer (Sam), weighs 120kg and says he slept like a baby!

BlackWolf HexaTherm 2D Mega Deluxe Single

7. BlackWolf 2D Mega Deluxe

The Mega Deluxe Mat from BlackWolf has been around a long time and has consistently made it onto our best-selling list. They’ve seen a few upgrades over the years and, once upon a time, it ranked as one of our two best-selling mats.

The Mega Deluxe is thick and plush with a self-inflating design. Its reliable reputation is holding firm, despite being overtaken by the newer HexaTherm 3D (which has come in at #4 this year). Available in two sizes – Single and Queen – these mats have a more durable stretch fabric and higher R-value than the 2D Super Deluxe (currently unavailable). There’s also an optional Fitted Mat Sheet which can be applied over the Queen, or when two Single mats are joined together by the integrated Velcro side strips.

BlackWolf’s more recent models might steal the thunder, but the Mega Deluxe has long been a favourite, and is a great choice for both adults and kids.

Coleman All Terrain XL Single

6. Coleman All Terrain Airbeds

If there was a trophy for consistency, the Coleman All Terrain Airbeds would hold it loud and proud! From 2018 to 2022, these beds maintained their Number 4 spot – and while they’ve slipped to 6th place this year, fifty-three 5-star reviews (at least) across all three sizes still says it all!

These beds have more puncture resistance, less weight, and more support than your average bargain airbed. They come in three different sizes, an XL Single, a Queen, and a Double High Queen, and are just as perfect for overnight guests as they are for camping. Inflation is simple with a regular airbed pump, support is provided by the internal coils, and you can use your regular sheets from home over it, even when you’re sleeping outdoors.

Coleman’s All Terrain Airbeds are the go-to all-rounder for anyone not looking to shell out a wad of cash, but still wanting a comfy place to crash.

Exped MegaMat Max 15 LXW

5. Exped MegaMat Max 15 LXW and Duo LW

Ah… the good ol’ MegaMats! They’ve always placed somewhere among the top of the top, and with so many 5-star reviews they jolly-well deserve it! Exped mats are Swiss designed and made to exceptional standards.

With a soft velour top finish, the MegaMats feature separate inflate and deflate valves to ensure they won’t slowly expel air overnight. Available are the MegaMat 15 LXW and MegaMat 15 Duo LXW – both of which take the original MegaMat to the next level, and provide 15cm of air-cored channelled foam and an R-Value of 10.6. Exped also has a bunch of accessories to complement their MegaMat – a Coupler Kit for joining two singles together, mat sheets (Duo LW+ and LXW), a multi-purpose rechargeable Widget Pump, and a Mini hand pump if you need to give your mat a top up mid-trip.

The MegaMat is one of our longest and best-selling products in the Snowys range. They’re not the cheapest but, with an unrivalled 5 year warranty, they’re well worth the investment!

BlackWolf HexaTherm 3D Single

4. BlackWolf HexaTherm 3D

Taking over fourth place and making steady progress to the top spot is the HexaTherm 3D from BlackWolf! The 3D Single and Queen were new to us in late 2019.

Breaking down the specs, there’s not a lot of difference between these mats and the old favourite, Mega Deluxe. We had a hunch that these mats would win over the diehard Mega Deluxe fans for another year running, and the sales over the past twelve months seem to be backing this up! The 3D features Therma-cell cored foam to reduce weight, while conforming to your body shape.

We regard them to be among the best self-inflating mats, and won’t be at all surprised if they continue to work their way up the list.

Coleman Queen Double-High Quickbed and Pump

3. Coleman Quickbed Airbeds

Maintaining their third place from last year, these are still a favourite among our customers. Coleman’s Quickbed Airbeds are a trusty airbed available in an XL SingleDouble, a Queen and a Queen Double-High & Pump.

If you’re after a reliable and affordable airbed, look no further! The Quickbeds are constructed from a tough PVC, with internal coils for support and shape, and a flocked surface for comfort. The Queen Double-High has led the pack in sales, and is the only airbed in our range that has an integrated 240-volt pump. It also boasts a string of rave reviews, and is a popular choice for fitting inside Coleman’s Northstar Darkroom 8P and 10P tents.

Like the All Terrains, the Quickbed is no stranger to our best-sellers list, and it’s a great choice for budget-conscious campers, as well as making an easy, storable solution for houseguests.

Zempire Monstamat Twin

2. Zempire Monstamats

Well, it seems that good things don’t come in threes in the case of the Monstamat Camp Mat…which has just missed out on the top place this year after taking the crown two years in a row! Made by the New Zealand brand Zempire, there are three mats in the range – a Single, a King Single, and a Twin.

This mat is 10cm thick, with an anti-bacterial open cell foam interior. It has a single high-volume valve for easy inflation and deflation, and a square box design to maximise the sleeping space. With more than two hundred (!) 5-star reviews across the range, our customers continue to rate it highly, based on its comfort and excellent value for money.

When it comes to finding the right balance in a good camping mattress, the MonstaMats have it! They’ve built a solid reputation over the years, and that’s because Zempire has considered all those tricky factors we mentioned at the start – cost, comfort, size, portability, weight, insulation, and inflation!

Exped MegaMat 10 LXW

1. Exped MegaMat 10 LXW and Duo LW

More MegaMats?! We must be dreaming. Backed by a 5-year warranty, the MegaMat is one of our longest and best-selling products in the Snowys range. It’s no wonder they’re number 1!

MegaMat mattresses are individually tested to be 100% airtight before they’re shipped for sale, and they have a stellar reputation for being reliable and extremely comfortable. The MegaMat 10 is available in single and double sizes, with a velvety surface fabric laminated to hollow cored foam. This construction ensures minimal packed size despite expanding to a massive 10cm in height, as well as superior insulation. Exped is innovative and stands by the quality of its products, which is why all mats are designed to withstand 5 times the pressure attained during normal inflation.

Sea to Summit Comfort Plus SI

What to Watch: Sea to Summit Comfort Plus SI

A lightweight and compact option, designed for outdoor dozing beyond the backyard! With 8cm of height, an R-value of 4.1 in cooler climates, and a laminated TPU anti-slip print on the base – you can camp comfortably. Its roomy, rectangular-shaped mat of Delta Core PU foam reduces weight and bulk without trimming the fat on comfort or support. The Delta Core interior allows for compact rolling while a multi-functional valve makes for effortless inflation and deflation. Enjoy consistent warmth along the full length of the mat and a soft-touch stretch upper fabric.

The Comfort Plus SI takes the night shift so you can sleep soundly!

How do you choose a good camping mattress?