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Warranty info

Has something gone pear-shaped?
No probs! Let's get it fixed.

To get the ball rolling, we'll need some information about the issue so please click the button below to fill out a warranty claim form.

online warranty claim form

Popular Q&A's about warranties...

It’s easy… jump onto our warranty claims page and fill out a few details about yourself and the product(s) that have a manufacturing fault. Once you’ve completed that form, our warranty team will take a look and let you know the best game plan for your claim.

You’ll be able to find the warranty timeframe on each product page, under the Details & Specs tab. As a minimum, you’ll be covered for at least 12 months from date of purchase.

You’ll need the original invoice (which we can find if you’ve misplaced the original), at least one photo of the manufacturing fault and a few other bits ‘n’ pieces about you and the product.

Heads up! If you’ve bought an item from eBay, Gumtree or Gaz from down the road, your warranty claim won’t be approved – you’ll need to make the claim with the seller you purchased from, or the manufacturer.

Most of the time, yes… as it’ll cut out the middle man. However, if you’re not in any rush – we can take care of the whole thing on your behalf.

Our goal is to review and make action on all warranty claims within 2-3 business days. Once we have, we’ll send you an email with an update and ideas on how we can fix the problem.

Warranty Info

Every product you purchase from Snowys is from the original manufacturer or approved distributor and comes with a full manufacturer's warranty.

Warranty periods differ between brands and products, so please check the warranty terms and conditions for your specific product. You'll find this information at or included in the paperwork that comes with the item.

Damaged item during transit info

All products we dispatch are packed in durable packaging to protect the goods inside. Items are checked prior to packaging and are handled with great care, to ensure each item is dispatched in as good as condition as possible.

However, on the rare occurrence that the item(s) you purchased is damaged upon arrival, please contact us with the details listed above.

Submitting a warranty claim is a piece of cake...

Less than 1 minute

Is all it takes to submit
a warranty claim.

Within 5 minutes

You'll receive an email

Within 3-5 business days

We'll get in contact with you
with easy instructions.
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