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For anyone exerting themselves in hot and humid environments, whether it be running, hiking, working, or even for international travel to hot countries, this specially designed cooling apparel can help you to get the most out of your activity, remain focussed at work, and feel better at the end of the day.

By combining good hydration with the wearing of specifically designed cooling apparel to cool the surface of your skin during activity in hot environments, you reduce the instance of heat stress by lowering core body temperature and delaying the onset of dehydration.

Research published by the International Journal of Occupational Safety and further proven through the usage by firefighters indicates that the use of cooling apparel reduces sweating by 13% and lowers heart rate by 10 beats per minute.

Cooling Apparel

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Thorzt Cooling Tie Royal Blue
Royal Blue

Thorzt Cooling Ties

15% off
Thorzt Cooling Ranger Hat Khaki Medium

Thorzt Cooling Ranger Hat

Best price guarantee
Thorzt Evaporative Cooling Vest Hi Vis Yellow 3XL

Thorzt Evaporative Cooling Vest

54% off
Thorzt Cooling Scarf Hi Vis Yellow
Hi Vis Yellow

Thorzt Cooling Scarf

21% off
Thorzt Cooling Wrist Bands − When wet, stays cool while you're active

Thorzt Cooling Wrist Bands

23% off
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