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360 Degrees
Furno Stove

$39.95 $24.90

Mega-Jet Outdoor Power Cooker

• Designed for the serious outdoor chef.• Guaranteed high powered cooking• Caters for extra large pots or pans.
$149.95 $124.90

2 Burner Stove with Griller

• Perfect family 2 burner gas cooker with griller• Fat free grilling for those healthy meals• Easy to clean stainless steel drip tray
$169.95 $129.90

Double Burner Cooker

• Excellent large double wok cooker suitable for multiple uses• Cooking space to suite all sizes in pots, pans, woks & BBQ plates• A whopping 12,796 BTU burners to cook meals in half the time• Easy to use intergrated ignition
$179.00 $114.90

Backpacker Stove

• A great value screw on canister stove• Large sturdy trivets for excellent pot support• Very easy and precise heat adjustment• Comes complete with storage bag
$29.95 $24.90

High Output Regulated 2 Burner Stove

• Fantastic family 2 burner cooker• Super output 10,000 BTU's • Generous size cooking area ideal for large pots
$149.00 $124.90

MiniMo Hiking Stove

$269.95 $199.90

Single Burner Cooker

• Excellent large single wok cooker suitable for multiple uses• Cooking space to suite all sizes in pots, pans, woks & BBQ plates• A whopping 13,500 BTU burner to cook meals in half the time• Easy to use integrated ignition
$109.00 $84.90

Gas Hose Coleman/BOM/UNEF to POL

*Use your own large LPG Bottle for showering, washing the dishes or cooking at the campsite *Great economical solution for the family on a budget

Roasting Rack

• A must have accessory for the Cobb cooker if planing on roasting meat• Allows for even heat distribution and makes roasting easier as there is no need to turn the roast• The fence makes it easy to stack vegetables• The Roasting rack simply slots into the top of the Cobb grill
$24.95 $19.90

2 Burner Dual Fuel Powerhouse Stove

• Dual fuel cooking for the hard core camper• Runs on Unleaded petrol, Shellite or Coleman fuel• Boils 1lt of water in 3.5 mins• Very durable steel case
$299.95 $229.90

27-1 Small UL Aluminium

• Ultra light yet compact outdoor stove that is perfect for 1-2 people• Features two saucepans and a frypan for great versatility• Includes burner, windshields and a multi use pan grip making it the complete package
$119.95 $94.90

Zip Hiking Stove

$159.95 $99.90

Fuel Bottle for Metho

• Lightweight fuel bottle weighing only 115g• Unique safety valve to help avoid spillages for improved safety and less wastage• TUV approved in accordance with ADR (Australian Design Rules) • Capable of carrying up to 500ml of liquid fuel• Perfect for carrying fuel for liquid fuel stoves when hiking, bushwalking, kayaking or base camping
2 sizes From $24.90

Framed Single Burner

• Solid framed ring burner ideal for any type of cooking• Provides safe, clean and a very heat efficient cooking with reliable heat adjustment• The frame offers great stability for pots and pans
$84.95 $64.90

Fluxring Frypan

• A lightweight fry pan that incorporates Jetboil’s FluxRing® technology for a more even heat distribution• Comes with base cover that can double as a food serving dish• Weighs only 280g• Dimensions 205mm x 57mm
$99.95 $79.90

1.5L Fluxring Cooking Pot

• A 1.5 litre cooking pot that has been designed to suit the Jetboil stoves• Complete with insulating lid, base cover and folding handle• Base cover can be used as a serving dish creating a more versatile compact unit• Handles fold away for compact storage• Weighs 340g
$129.95 $87.90

Coffee Press

• A lightweight coffee press to ensure you don’t have to leave all the creature comforts of home behind• Includes a rod, sifting basket and lid• Designed specifically for the Jetboil 1 litre companion cup
$24.95 $17.90

Framed Double Burner

• Framed ring burner ideal for any type of cooking• Provides safe, clean and a very heat efficient cooking• Reliable heat adjustment
$129.95 $94.90

Single Burner

• Very simple to use single burner stove• Sturdy rigid design• Manual ignition
$44.95 $34.90

Cruiser BBQ

• Convenient, compact, lightweight and portable BBQ that can be used anywhere • Fat simply drains away into an easy access removable drip tray • Quick and easy to setup and use
$249.95 $189.90

Single Burner Manual Stove

• Sturdy and easy to use ultra-portable and compact single burner stove• Conveniently fits directly to cylinder via a 3/8" LH valve • Manual ignition for more control
$34.95 $27.90

Premier Portable Grill

• The highly efficient Cobb Premier portable grill features a high-quality stainless-steel design that grills all your favorite foods to perfection – indoors or out• Requires only 8 to 10 charcoal briquettes, the Cobb grill provides 3 hours of cooking time at an internal temperature of up to 260°C• Cooks a roast, fish, meat, pizzas, stir fry, damper, deserts, even boils the billy
$219.95 $159.90
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You can put the Mi Goreng and tinned beans straight back on the shelf, as with the array of outdoor stoves available; you can stew, simmer, or sizzle your way to a delicious gourmet meal in the fresh air.  

With lightweight stoves from Trangia and Jetboil for gram counting hikers, powerful multiple burner stoves from Coleman and Primus for travelling families, portable BBQ’s from Gasmate for grilling on the go, stove stands to keep your cooking station sturdy, adaptors and hoses to take your appliance from BSP to POL, bottles for storing fuel, bags to protect your stoves, and windshields to keep your fire going strong – we’ve got all that you need in one place. 

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