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Black Wolf

Turbo 300 Tent

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If you’ve got a couple of kids, or perhaps a group of mates who are into the outdoor touring lifestyle then the Black Wold Turbo 300 will weather the road with you on all your journeys. The Turbo range from Black Wolf is known for its easy setup, and hard-wearing canvas construction - so it’s the perfect range for a fuss and stress-free camping experience.

This newly updated range has tape sealed seams where the floor and tent wall meet, and the fly has wider corners to guard against water leakage. The Siliconised Polyester floor is easy to roll which makes this tent even simpler to set up and more importantly - pack up. And with extra reinforcing along the roof poles, your turbo will have added sturdiness in windy conditions. 

The three-pole awning can be turned into an extended living area with optional panels, or it can be sectioned off with an optional screen room for a fully enclosed space. The PVC storm flaps at the bottom of the optional front and side panels will help keep your awning dry in wet weather, and the zips and Velcro on the panels attach to the fly to allow for tape sealing for added water protection.

This single room tent is perfect for when you’re on the move as it’s easy to use and is built for tough Aussie conditions.

  • 3 pole awning
  • Quick pitch frame
  • Durable canvas construction
  • Easy to roll siliconised polyester PU floor
  • Extra fly coverage for improved weather protection
  • Reinforcing on the inside of the fly for durability
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
Sleeping Capacity:
5 Person
Recommended Capacity:
3 Person
External Dimensions:
490L x 310W x 210H cm
Sleeping Area:
300L x 300W cm
Packed Dimensions:
143L x 35W x 34H cm
Max. Head Height:
200 cm
230gsm Ripstop Polycotton Canvas
Inner Material:
230gsm Ripstop Polycotton Canvas
Floor Material:
600D Siliconised Polyester PU
Frame Material:
25mm Aluminium
10000mm Floor | 5000mm Fly
26 Kg
Limited Lifetime

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Mar 25 2018

Great Tent!

The reviews on Snowys website have always been extremely helpful to me when deciding on gear, so I thought I'd share what I've learned about the Black Wolf Tents and some of my observations. I’ve used both the 240 and 300 tents:

I've compared the sizes of the 240 with the 300 and found that the useable internal space of each is actually smaller than advertised, the 240 is more like 240 x 210 and the 300 more like 260 x 260. I think the 240 would be a spacious and great tent for one person, the 300 is very spacious for 2 people or even works for a small family of 2 adults and a child. 2 people in the 240 is very snug, big enough to just sleep there but not big enough to hang out in the tent during the day in my opinion. I'm using the 300 for camping with my son who likes to spend time in the tent as well (reading and listening to music) and we watch movies together in there, and I would not want the tent to be any smaller.

The Turbo tents are known for having more condensation in the inner tent than other tent models (the canvas version is slightly better though than the lite version) - this is because the fly only covers part of the tent and the inner tent is made from waterproof canvas, so condensation happens mainly on the inner layer and not the fly (unlike in other tents, where the inner layer is just thin flyscreen which lets out the vapour from inside the tent and condensation happens on the fly). Condensation is a normal part of camping life and can not be avoided, but I think knowing how the turbo tents are affected by condensation also helps in choosing the right size. I'm using the expad megamat 10 duo in the 300 tent which is perfect for two people and I like that I can move it away from the tent wall a bit to avoid condensation coming onto my bedding. In the 240 the exped duo mat is very very close to the tent wall on three sides, very hard to avoid condensation coming onto bedding.

How easy is it to put up?
I find the 240 easy to put up by myself (I'm male and 6ft), I can also put up the 300 by myself but I struggle a bit. The legs and knuckles are just a bit longer and therefore more awkward to handle. Before opening up the tent, place it in the right orientation onto the ground sheet. The little strap that holds the knuckles together helps with this, as it's sewn into the front corner of the tent, so when you see where this strap is located you know how to turn the tent before opening it up so it will stand up correctly. I definitely have to be more careful and conscious when putting up the 300, be strict about pegging it in before popping the roof top etc. (whereas the 240 can more easily be popped up and then moved around and pegged in etc.). First peg out the ground sheet before setting up the tent, the tent is quite hard to move once popped up, so you want to consider each step in advance. I’m using the Oztrail Ultramesh 10’x16’ as a ground sheet which seems to be the same material as the Black Wolf ground sheets. I also bought a wider strap with strong clip to go around the PVC base of the 300 tent, so when taking the tent out of the bag, one hand holds onto that strap, the other hand grips the top of the tent. Definitely peg out the groundsheet first before setting up the tent. Quality I've used the 300 tent in beautiful and also ghastly weather and it never leaked on me. I added extra ropes onto the front poles of the awning and it's stood up in very very strong winds. There is actually a good video on youtube that shows how well the tents hold up in wind. It’s of the tent version with the older 2 pole awning (which is still sold in the US under the Black Pine label) I have the 2015 version with the heavier PVC bucket floor which I prefer to the floor material of the new version. Even though I've seen some people complain about bad stitching and sloppy manufacturing, overall I think it's a pretty well made tent. I did season mine (soak in water and let dry) several times, however, reading up on it this may actually not be necessary with PolyCotton Canvas (only necessary with traditional cotton canvas).

The tent is a beast and extremely heavy. Together with the front and side panels it weighs well over 30kgs. I've split the tent into two bags. The inner tent and poles stay in the original Black wolf bag, and I've put the fly and front/side panels into a Kmart Duffle bag. (These Kmart duffle bags also have the perfect size for giving extra protection to my Megamat Duo mat, or also perfectly fit into the Rhino Rack Rooftop bag, more later). Best way to transport The 300 and 240 are both very hard to transport inside my car, I've got a Golf VI. Neither of them fit into the boot, the 240 fits across both backseats (the 300 doesn't), the 300 only fits into my car from the boot if I fold a back seat over). I'm carrying the tent on a Rhino Rack Basket (Medium Size) in a Rhino Luggage Bag (Medium size). I found this by far the best way to transport everything, the tent just fits in diagonally, together with a table, the ground sheet, the fly and panels, and my exped megamat duo.

Overall, it's a great tent. Snowys has the best prices for them new and their service is second to none. However, I have seen many people buy this tent, use it a couple of times and then decide it’s too heavy for them, so there are some bargains to be found on Gumtree, too…

- Melbourne, VIC
Response from Snowys Mar 25 2018

Gee whiz! That's now a hat-trick of super helpful reviews on the BW Turbo 300. Thanks for taking the time to post this Bob!

Just a heads up regarding Gumtree; if something happens to go pear-shaped with a second-hand turbo (or any other product), making a warranty claim can potentially get a bit hairy. Just make sure you get the original receipt and make sure there are no existing issues - as Black Wolf might've already addressed the claim. Hope this helps, Laine :)

Mar 07 2018

You cant beat the Turbo.

For the last few years we used for our camping needs hiking-style tent which was easy to pack and fit easily in our backpack. The tent was over 10 years old and started showing some wear and tear. As we getting older we need some comfort so we decided to look into some full size tent which wouldn't be difficult to put up and would last some time. In a course of few months we viewed and inspected number of tents but were always drawn back to the Black Wolf Turbo Canvas. So before the lead up to our trip to US and Burning Man last year we purchased the Black Wolf Turbo Canvas 300 with the screen room and canvas side panels to use in the awning. Due to some unforeseen circumstances we had to sell our tickets for Burning Man and adjust our travel plans so we were not able to hard-code-test the tent in the harsh environment of the desert and the tent stayed home here in Sydney until last month when we finally took it for a spin. During our camping adventure we were “lucky” to experience all sort of weather conditions from windy, cold, hot and heaps of rain. The tent withstood it all without any sign of injury. The tent is incredibly easy to put up. It’s better if two people are on to the task but it can be done in one. The small pockets at the beginning of each of the securing strings are very clever and handy detail. The quality seem to be very high. Some of the stitching seems to be not finished properly and will see with more use how they manage. The big windows coverings have the ability to be rolled up and secured with handy loops, closed entirely and secured with velcro at the bottom of the window or be unzipped on the side and let open only from the bottom. Now I have some issue with the last mentioned. When you unzip the the sides and want to just have just the “vent” open you have to secure them with pegs and string to the ground which is quite dumb. Not sure how to go around that but if you want to open the windows entirely you would have to un-peg them again etc. We purchased 2 side panels, 1 front panel and the screen room to use under the awning. I love the zipper, they are easy to put together and make the connection very sturdy and firm. I can’t say the same about the velcro connections. I would use them only for the small part like are the loops for securing the tent to the poles or closing the window flaps. I find the long velcro strips to be very “fiddle” and they don’t make really nice sturdy and smooth connection. Another thing about the velcro stripes are they easily get covered in debris, dirt etc. I recommend to use additional tarp under the tent. The main reason is to keep the bottom of the tent free of any dirt. You will appreciate it when packing up your tent. I have one HUGE minus to the bag the tent is packed in. As the tent is quite heavy the bag should be much sturdier. Our bag have already some punctured and holes on the side the poles were. Wheels on the bag should definitely be and most certainly some protection from both sided to avoid any damage to the tent. We are about to go camping to Victoria and flying our tent there. I am already worried how this will end knowing how the airlines handle luggage. Bubble wrapping the tent seems like good idea now but shouldn’t be needed considering the price tag.

- Sydney, NSW
Response from Snowys Mar 07 2018

What a review! Thanks for posting Tomas - although I'm sorry to hear that you had to bail on Burning Man... it's on the bucket list! Laine

Dec 28 2016

2017 Turbo 300

Dear Snowys,
Firstly I'd like to point out what great customer service you have! Everything from the best price, fast delivery to returning phone calls when promised...A+++ Thankyou.
Now to the Turbo 300.
1. Set up time - Pretty quick to get the main body of the tent established however that's where the speed stops. Having an additional 8 pegs to fix the added material at the corners is annoying (my previous version didn't have this). You can get away without fixing all corners if it's not windy or raining however the points closest to the door need to be fixed to provide rigidity to front of the awning.
2. Pack up - They aren't the fastest tent to pack up however the main body is definitely easier to roll than the previous version and all components fit into the bag easily.
3. Waterproofing - This tent 100% must be used with the fly to guarantee it keeps the water out. Water enters the tent from the closed air vents at the top (probably expected) and also through the stitching around the front door (not expected) as I discovered when weathering the tent.
4. Quality control - Overall the canvas is great quality and you can't beat a lifetime warranty which I'm suspecting I will be testing sometime in the future due to the double stitching on the lower corner of the D zipper being unstitched out of the bag.
5. Size - When packed it will fit diagonally across the back seat of the car otherwise it's on the roof. Overall this tent is huge and perfect for an extended trip of two nights or more where it's not being put up and taken down every night.

- Sydney, NSW
Response from Snowys Dec 29 2016

What a ripper of a review! Thanks Ben!

Lifetime warranty1 answer

Hi, I just read that the Black Wolf lifetime warranty last for the life of the tent, not the life of the owner. Could you please help me clarify my understanding of this? What's considered a reasonable lifetime of the tent / how many years effectively is the warranty?

- 3073(9 months ago)

G'day Rob,

Lifetime warranties can sometimes be a little hard to quantify but the way it works with Black Wolf is pretty straightforward. As long as the tent is still in useable condition and there's a manufacturing fault, it's covered under warranty. If the tent falls of your roof and is run over by a car, at that point the warranty would end and any future issues wouldn't be covered, mostly because you wouldn't want to use it again anyway! If in 40 years time, your Black Wolf Turbo 300 Tent is still in useable condition and then you notice some stitching coming undone, then you're more than welcome to return it under warranty for repair. 

- Snowys(9 months ago)

Durability of elastics1 answer

Hi, I noticed the tent is suspended on its aluminum frame with elastics which are stitched to the tent. What is your experience with the durability of these elastics? How long do they last before they become loose and can they be replaced easily?

- 3073(9 months ago)

G'day Rob,

We've never had any issues with the elastics on a Black Wolf Turbo 300 Tent in the past. It's quite a thick elastic and we've not had one come back under warranty with elastic issues before. We've also had one set up on our shop floor for a good 12 months now and it's still in perfect condition, there's no sign of stretching.

- Snowys(9 months ago)

2017?1 answer

Hi is this the 2017 model? It's pictured as the 2017 just want to confirm

- Canberra(1 year ago)

G'day Dylan,

It is! All our Black Wolf Turbo tents are current models.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Weight1 answer

Hi there, I already asked some questkon about weight before. I'm about to place the following order: 1x Black Wolf Turbo 300 Tent 1x Black Wolf Turbo Awning Screen Room 300 1x Black Wolf Turbo Lite Front Panels 1x Black Wolf Turbo Lite Side Panel 1x Black Wolf Turbo Deluxe Lite Side Panel and maybe also 1x Black Wolf Turbo Groundsheets As you can see I'm combining canvas with the Lite material for the "verandah". It's purely for reducing weight for transport. If it's possible I would like to know the exact weight of all the individual items. Because the tent 300 has weight of 26 kg regarding to your website I would like you to ask if it's possible to take some parts of the tent out and put into luggage to reduce the weight of the tent. I would like to take the whole set up to US for my trip in August but have ony 2x 23 kg allowance. The excess weight is quite expensive so I need to reduce the weight of each big item to max 23 kg. Thank you for your help.

- Leichhardt(1 year ago)

G'day Tomas,

The solution here would be to pack your tent inner in one bag and the fly, awning poles and pegs in another bag. This would be the easiest way to separate and drop the weight down from 26kg to under 23kg.

In addition to the weight of the Black Wolf side and front panels already provided. The Black Wolf Turbo Awning Screen Room is 3.78kg. The Black Wolf Turbo 300 groundsheet is 3.76kg.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Does the 2017 model have a black floor or silver floor?1 answer


- Perth(1 year ago)

Howdy Michael. The new 2017 model Turbo Tents now feature an improved 600D Siliconised Polyester PU Black floor in comparison to the older model that was silver. The new model is also easier and neater to roll up with its new Polyester floor and has been updated to feature tape seam seals between the floor and the walls.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

What is different from the 2016 tent?1 answer

Hi i was wondering what is different from the 2016 tent? Regards

- Buttaba(2 years ago)

G'day Dan,

There are a couple of differences between the 2016 and 2017 Turbo tents from Black Wolf. 

The main ones are that the 2017 models are tape seam sealed where the floor meets the tent wall seam, the fly has wider corners to prevent water coming through, the floor is made from a lighter material for easy pack up, and there is extra reinforcing along the ridge poles. 

We've got a blog post that goes into detail about the updates, which sounds like it would be quite helpful for you. You can have a read of it here

- Snowys(2 years ago)

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Turbo 300 Deal

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Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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