Black Wolf Turbo Tents – What Are The New 2017 Updates?


The Black Wolf Turbo Tent Range are getting some updates this year. So, what can you can expect in the 2017 model, and the question on everyone’s lips is: “Should I buy the updated Turbo Tent?”

It seems a lot of our customers are in a quandary here, so to help you choose we’ve deciphered each update Black Wolf have listed for their new Turbo range. And, as an added bonus, we’ve come up with some simple solutions and considerations you can apply if you choose to buy the 2016 model – you’ll save some money!
The new 2017 Black Wolf Turbo 240 Tent

The current (2016) Black Wolf Turbo 240.

(The bold text indicates the changes Black Wolf have made, as per their marketing material.)

1. New construction where floor meets tent wall seam, now tape seam sealed

  • 2016 models have tough weather resistant inverted seams, 2017 models will be seam sealed.
  • Slap some Seam Seal or Seam Grip on the seams and they’ll be good as gold. It costs less than $20 for a tube and even if you need two tubes it’s far less than the savings you’ll make!

2. Reinforcing on the inside of the fly where the fly sits on the Turbo Frame and ridgepole

  • 2016 models are reinforced in all corners and at the peak.
  • 2017 models will have reinforcing all the way along the roof poles.
  • We are not aware of any major issues here, but if you’re concerned you could lay some felt or canvas between the pole and fly sheet.

3. New construction where zips for side panels and velcro for front panel attaches to the fly to allow for tape sealing

  • The stitching for the side/front panel velcro and zipper attachments were previously not seam sealed.
  • Once again, it costs less than $20 for a tube of Seam Seal or Seam Grip.

Use Seam Seal or Seam Grip on your 2017 Turbo Tent

It’s not a bad practice seam sealing any tent, no matter how good the taping is meant to be. It could make the difference between a dry tent and a wet tent.

4. Extra fly coverage at the corners of the tent for improved weather protection

  • The fly sheet at the base of each corner has been widened by approximately 10cm on each side.
  • Time will tell if this improves the weather protection on the tent corners. It does add to set-up time though with the addition of pegs on each fly corner.

5. PVC storm flaps added to the side and front panels for improved weather protection and better fit across all Turbo styles.

  • This means the side and front panels go all the way to the floor for all models, and the PVC flap better resists moisture and wind.
  • The good thing is that these upgraded accessories fit both 2016 and 2017 Turbo models. Buy a 2016 model Turbo Tent, and the new 2017 accessories will fit.

6. Tape sealing on all seams on front and side panels.

  • Previously these seams were not sealed.
  • Do I need to mention the price of a tube of Seam Seal or Seam Grip again!?

7. Turbo (canvas) upgrade to floor material, PVC replaced with 600D Siliconised Polyester PU

  • Quite frankly, we see this as a down-spec.
  • While the PVC floor made rolling the tent up a little difficult, it was part of the reason our customers purchased a heavy duty tent in the first place.
  • If you want a super heavy-duty floor in your Turbo, make the most of the deals we have on 2016 models of the canvas Turbo now!

8. Turbo Lite upgrade to stronger door and window mesh.

  • A minor upgrade in our eyes, the mesh in all windows and doors is being upgraded to a tougher mesh.
  • We are not aware of issues here, the mesh is similar to that found in most tents so damage would generally only occur with misuse.

Snowys Verdict

So, what’s our verdict on the 2016 model of Turbo versus the 2017 model? Well, let’s just say we’ve loved the 2016 range of Turbos since they landed in our store, with their awning upgrade, two years ago. While it’s exciting to hear about the 2017 updates, minor as they are, change often brings an element of uncertainty. The new tents are going to be fantastic, no doubt. But, at their current discounted price, the 2016 models are a doozy of a bargain, and with a bit of Seam Seal, every bit as good a tent.

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