Best 4WD & Touring Tents for 2020


The time has come around again for us to sum up and scrutinise what tents our customers have been buying for their rugged outback and 4WD touring adventures.

Touring tents need to be easy to set up and durable, so we’ve put three stipulations on the tents that made it to this list:

  1. They had to be freestanding, standalone tents.
  2. They had to be made of canvas or a tough synthetic to withstand the rigours of the outback.
  3. They needed to feature in part, a quick pitch design to make setup and pack down a breeze.

Many of these tents are also used for general camping, but if you need something to cater for both a weekend away and an extended outback jaunt, one of the below tents may be a worthwhile purchase.

Let’s work backwards from number 10!


10. Explore Planet Earth Speedy Earth Tents

These tents have been on the market for a little while now and offer a different take on canvas touring tent. It has an external frame that packs away to a shorter length than many of its competitors, and is available in two sizes – the Speedy Earth 4 and Speedy Earth 6.

The Speedy Earth Tent offers fantastic livability with loads of internal space, gusseted windows, two big entry doors and plenty of internal storage. On top of that, it features a large 3-pole awning that can be fitted with optional side and front walls to extend your living area.

Ideal if you want livability and durability in a canvas touring tent.


9. Oxley Lite Touring Tents

For those who love the layout and design of the Oxley, but are seeking a lighter tent, the Oxley Lite range from Oztent are ideal.

The Oxley Lite comes in 5 person and 7 person models, and are made from 210D Polyoxford PU 2000mm, which makes it the lighter and more affordable sibling of the Oxley Fast Frame Tents. The auto-lock/release frame makes pitching it easy, the No-See-Um mesh screens provide reliable insect protection, and the large windows provide heaps of ventilation. The fly offers 100% water protection and for extra living space, you can relax under the awning.

Ideal if you want a lighter touring tent.


8. Darche Safari Single Pole Tents

The Darche Safari tent is available in two sizes – the 260 and 350 and can be best described as simplistic and durable with a few bells and whistles.

The Safari is a single skin tent with a basic pole structure with a zip on front awning. Optional side walls are also available to extend the sheltered space in and around your tent.

Perfect for tourers seeking simplicity but with some set-up options.


7. Black Wolf Turbo 240 X-Lite XF Lightweight Touring Tent

The 240X-Lite LF comes in at the lightweight end of the touring tents in this list but based on customer feedback we reckon it still has the durability to see you through many kilometres of outback touring.

Setup is pretty much the same as regular Black Wolf Turbo tents. It has a smaller vestibule that still provides standing space, while the roof poles are made from a flexible composite material which reduces the weight and packed size.

Ideal for weight-conscious individuals or couples on outback adventures.


6. Black Wolf Canvas Series Turbo Tents

There are two series in the Black Wolf Turbo tent range and they’re differentiated by the fabric they’re made of. The canvas series comes in at number four, a couple of spots below its lightweight cousin most likely on account of the extra weight and higher price.

A canvas Turbo tent offers excellent durability. If you can afford the extra dollars and grams, you’ll have a quick pitch and livable touring tent for years to come. There’s also a host of add-on accessories for the Turbo Tents so you can customise your set-up.

Ideal for campers wanting to balance durability and livability with simplicity in setup.


5. Oztent RX Series Tent with Front Room

These tents came in during the last two years and have maintained their momentum. Available in two sizes the RX-4 and RX-5 they are an all-in-one touring tent that offers a protected sleeping area to the rear and a weatherproof room with removable walls and floor under the awning.

The front wall and floor can be left off in fine weather leaving just the awning for shade, or when attached, creates a protected space that extends the living area of your tent. It also comes complete with a flysheet, doors, windows and even a skylight so you’ll be comfortable in any climate.

Perfect if you want an all in one ‘ducks-nuts’ solution for your outback touring and family camping needs.


4. Oztent Oxley Fast Frame Tents

The Oxley tents feature an integrated corrosion-resistant aluminium frame that makes setup and pack down really easy. There are two things that really set Oxley apart from it’s closest competitors. The first is that the awning is attached to the inner tent so you don’t need to set up the fly for shelter in front of your tent, and second is the heavy-duty PVC tub floor.

The Oxley is available in two sizes, the Oxley 5 and Oxley 7 and is made from 8Oz canvas and even comes complete with a media pocket so you can glamp things up a little.

Ideal for Oztent lovers that want a shorter packed length than that of their RV range.


3. Black Wolf Turbo Lite Series Tents

The lite, or synthetic version of the Black Wolf Turbo Tents straddle the balance between general camping and outback touring like a bird on a wire. They boast the same durable frame as their canvas counterparts with a 23mm frame instead of 25mm and are made from a 150D Ripstop synthetic fabric. This offers excellent durability whilst shaving about 25% off the weight.

These ‘Lite’ versions of the Turbo Tents are available in a larger range of sizes and configurations than the canvas models. They also have a host of optional accessories so you can personalise your campsite.

The perfect all-round family camping and 4WD touring tent.


2. OZtrail Tourer 9 Durable Canvas Tent

The Tourer 9 Tent is one of the toughest and most durable in its class. OZtrail have manufactured the Tourer 9 for years, but in the last year, the larger version was discontinued.

This tent consists of a single-pole, or optional side pole kit, canvas upper and 195gsm PE floor. The Tourer 9 is one tent that lives by the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle which makes them basically foolproof in the field.

Ideal for touring singles or couples seeking simplicity in their setup.


1. Oztent RV Tents

Oztent RV Tents are our best-selling touring tents by far, maintaining the number one position now for the last couple of years.

They have a simple and robust design and a frame that makes set-up so easy you’ll be wondering why you didn’t buy one sooner. Made with a trusted 8Oz canvas, RV tents have a strong aluminium frame and boast a heavy-duty PVC floor so they’re extremely durable.

They go hand-in-hand with 4WD and outback touring on account of their ease of use and reliability.


Predictions for next year – Oztent RV Lite Tent

A brand-spanking-new model we’ve begun ranging this year that we think will be a hit for next year is the Oztent RV Lite Tent.

This tent features the same time-tested 30-second Oztent aluminium frame, but with a lighter 210 ripstop outer which is CPAI-84 fire-retardant and UPF50+ certified for protection from UV rays. At the moment, the RV Lite tent is only available in a 3 person size, making it ideal for a couple or family of three.  You can also choose to add a Modular Panel System to the awning for more cover.

If you like the layout and design of the RV tent, but prefer a lighter packed size and lower price point – then check out the RV Lite.


What’s the most you’ve ever put your touring tent through?

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