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Tents & Shelters

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Supa Peg
HD Marquee Guy Rope Trace Spring

2 sizes available from
$ $3.50 $2.90

Supa Peg
Angle Iron Tent Pegs

2 sizes available from
$ $4.50 $3.90

Supa Peg
Key-Head Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs

2 sizes available from
$ $1.35 $1.00

Supa Peg
Key-Head Raw Steel Tent Pegs

2 sizes available from
$ $1.25 $0.90

Supa Peg
Standard Guy Rope Trace Springs

2 sizes available from
$ $1.75 $1.20

Dusk To Dawn Swag 1100

$ $479.95 $397.90

Deluxe Gazebo 3x3

$ $299.95 $189.00

Night Glow Zipper Pulls

$ $14.50 $11.90

Tourer 9 Tent

$ $499.95 $299.90

Mozzie Dome I Tent

$ $94.99 $54.90

RV Tent Foot

$ $24.95 $22.90

Bungalow 9 Tent

$ $479.95 $299.90

Nebula 1550 Swag

$ $859.95 $730.90

Swag Bag - King Single

$ $50.00 $44.90

Gazebo Portico 2.4

$ $199.99 $114.90

Guardian UV Beach Shelter

2 colours available from
$ $124.95 $89.90

Removable Awning Kit 3 metre

2 colours available from
$ $94.99 $59.90

Screen House Hex

$ $499.95 $439.90

Moana Beach Shade Blue

$ $149.95 $109.90

Nomad 1 Hike Tent

$ $104.99 $69.90

Dusk To Dawn Swag 1400

$ $569.95 $464.90

Shock Cord Bunji Loops

4 sizes available from
$ $12.95 $9.50

Tents & Shelters

Almost any outdoor activity can be made better by providing some form of shelter, whether you're protecting from the sun, wind rain or insects, a good shelter will enable you to carry on having fun regardless of the weather. If you're looking for weather protection on your next camping trip, on the beach or in the backyard, or maybe for a market stall or sporting event, check out the range at Snowys.

Gazebo Shelters

It could be your backyard, a market stall or set up in camp for a long-stay, a Gazebo is a sturdy and versatility way of creating an extra living or working space. With a host of accessories including side walls, enclosed rooms, leg weights, gutter systems and detachable rooms, the addition of a gazebo shelter to your set up comes with a host of handy set-up options.

Beach Shades

Designed predominantly to keep you sheltered from harmful UV rays, a good beach shelter can turn a fun day at the beach into an extended and relaxing escape on a warm summers day. Traditional a-frame shelters are popular for the beach going couple, they are simple trendy and durable. Families may prefer a quick pitch shelter so you can get the kids out of the sun quickly whilst large gazebo style beach shelters provide enough shade for a beach party.

Camping Shelters

It could be for hiking, a lightweight road trip, outback touring or a family getaway, there's a massive range of shelters for camping on the market nowadays. Snowys range consists of compact dome shelters and quick pitch all-in-one shelters right through to tough canvas touring shelters, large family domes and bombproof steel frame canvas cabins. Check out our range and let us know if you need some help choosing.

4WD Awnings

The addition of a shelter to your 4WD is possibly one of the handiest modifications you can make to a touring set-up. An awning on your vehicle not only provides shelter in camp, but it's also easy to set up for roadside lunch stops and acts as an emergency shelter in the instance of a breakdown. These come in various configurations and have a host of optional accessories available so you can customize your set-up.

And More!

You'll also find screen rooms and mosquito nets for insect protection, swags for camping and all the accessories needed to customize your shelter to suit the weather and your activity or camp set-up, all at the LOWEST EVERYDAY prices with FAST FREE Delivery over $69 from Snowys.

Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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