Best Family Camping Tents for 2022


This year, our list of best-selling Family Camping Tents has seen one almighty shake up! Some much-loved favourites have dropped off, while a bunch of new tents are firing on all cylinders. Throughout the changes, there are a few ongoing trends:

  • The covid-camping movement continues – we love knowing that more and more families are getting out there
  • Integrated interior LED lighting
  • Fly coatings to filter sunlight and heat
  • Easy-up, quick-pitch, fast-frame, instant-up – there is demand for them all

A tent needs to offer liveability, comfort, and ease of use. These factors are essential for a fun and relaxing family holiday. We want you to love camping just as much as we do, so each year we crunch the numbers to work out which family tents have come out on top. We also want our customers to do the talking, not us. These results are based purely on the sales over the last 12 months, both online and in-store at Snowys.

Starting at Number 10…

Zempire Pronto 10 Inflatable Air Tent V2

10. Zempire Pronto Series

Initially we thought it would be Zempire’s Evo Series making an appearance in this year’s list, but it seems that their Pronto’s have stolen the limelight. This latest evolution in Air Tents was released in late 2020 and is an improved version of the Jetset 5.

Available in the Pronto 4 V2, Pronto 5 V2, and Pronto 10 V2, these 3-season tents present the inflatable airframe technology at a more affordable price. The updated poles in Zempire’s new SeroLink™ frame system make for a smaller pack size, while maintaining a straightforward setup and pack down. These tents also feature large windows and a mesh inner roof, allowing for exceptional airflow and reducing condensation in cold weather.

With a model to suit families small and large, the Pronto Series is perfect for warmer climates.

Outdoor Connection Brampton 3 Room Dome Tent

9. Outdoor Connection Resort Tents

The Resort Tents from Outdoor Connection include the Bedarra and the Brampton. They’ve both been mainstays, not only in our range, but on this list for years! Each model is exceptionally liveable and constructed from durable materials.

The 2-room dome design of the Bedarra allows smaller families to bunk in together, and keep the front room for living, or larger families to spread mattresses out over both enclosed spaces. The Brampton is the trusty party palace! It takes a little longer to set up and peg out, but it’s great for extended stays over the summer holidays, and will happily house a gang of kids plus their mates.

The Bedarra and Brampton tents are spacious, durable, and provide great ventilation. They’re perfect for those wanting something dependable and well designed.

Coleman Quick Dome 6P

8. Coleman Quick Dome 4P & 6P

Based on the good ol’ pop-up design, the Quick Dome tents from Coleman hit our range just over a year ago. We reckon it’s their simplicity and entry-level price that has attracted customers and earned them this #8 spot!

Both the 4P and 6P are better suited to smaller families, and for an easy weekender you can’t go wrong. There are no unnecessary frills here, but the wide door and extra headspace set them apart from those pokey older style pop-ups. They’ve also been wind tested to 35 mph and incorporate Coleman’s WeatherTec system, that involves welded corners and inverted seams to help withstand rainy weather.

If you’re just starting out and not wishing to invest big bucks into your camping setup, these tents are a great choice.

BlackWolf Classic Dome 4+

7. BlackWolf Classic Dome Series

Teetering on the smaller side, BlackWolf’s Classic Dome Series has smashed its way into this year’s Top 10! These tents have a super-simple setup and are perfect for quick weekend getaways.

There are three models in the range – the Classic Dome 2, the Classic Dome 3+, and the Classic Dome 4+. The Dome 2 makes an ideal addition to your more extensive family setup, especially for the teen (or more independent kid) who wants their own space and privacy. All models feature no-see-um mesh, but only the larger two have full-coverage twilight panels for creating a darker interior.

With a packed size that can easily fit into a hatch, these tents get the thumbs up from smaller families, teenagers, and couples with fur babies.

Explore Planet Earth Speedy Blackhole 4P

6. EPE Speedy Blackhole Pop Up

Last year it was  Explore Planet Earth’s Bellbird Glamping Tent stealing the glory, but twelve-odd years ago, this brand made a name for themselves through their Speedy Pop Up Tents! So it’s great to see this design having a resurgence with the Blackhole.

They’re available in 3P and 4P, with the larger model gaining the most sales out of the two. This is probably due to the larger sleeping capacity and the growing demand for integrated LED lighting. Both choices feature the Blackhole treatment, aimed at reducing interior heat and daylight, and the all-in-one frame system synonymous with the Speedy.

The Speedy Blackhole is an excellent choice for teens wanting their own space during the family getaway, small families wanting an easy solution for quick weekenders, and younger kids needing a day sleep.

Oztent RV-5 Plus Canvas Touring Tent

5. Oztent RVs, RX, and SV

OK, we’re cheating on this one just a tiny bit, but by no means does that refer to swindling the sales numbers. Nope, it’s more that we’ve included all three of Oztent’s 30-second faves in the one ranking because, let’s face it, these have always been a best-seller and one that always places somewhere in the top half of the Top 10!

These tents are just as popular with family campers as they are with those wanting a tough and durable shelter for 4WD touring. They are made to last, and you get the same quality components and easy setup irrespective of which one you choose. The RV-3 Plus and RV-5 Plus both have a skylight, as does the RX-5, which includes a panel system and floor. The SV-5 Max and RVs 3P, 4P, and 5P have a range of optional accessories that enable you to add, join, enclose, protect, and enhance your setup to suit your style.

Possibly the only thing stopping every family from wanting one of these tents is that they are priced at the higher end, but are a ‘buy once, buy right’ investment. They’re also pretty hefty to pack and load and, being around 2 metres in length and 25kg in weight, you’ll need a roof rack or trailer for transport. But if your fam-bam intend to be life-long campers, and you’ve got the budget, these tents are a winner!

OZtrail Fast Frame Lumos 10P

4. OZtrail Fast Frame Series

OZtrail’s Fast Frame Tents represent great value for money, and are a range that offers something for every kind of camper. Distinguished by technology, there’s the standard Fast Frame, the BlockOut, and the Lumos.

All of them feature the fast frame, to make setup and pack down quick and easy… but heads turned when the BlockOut and Lumos smashed their way into last year’s best-sellers list after having been on the market for just six months! The BlockOut is available in 4P, 6P, and 10P, and has a heavy-duty hub to provide stability, plus ClimaTech™ vents for enhanced airflow. True to its name, it features a BlockOut Technology™ coating which cuts daylight and reduces the temperature inside your tent. The Lumos series includes a 6P, 10P, and a whopping 12P. They have all the glory of the BlockOut, but with OZtrail’s own Lumos Integrated Lighting™ system for the ultimate of convenience at the touch of a button.

Another year on, and the Fast Frame Series has moved up a further four spots. With that kind of action continuing, it may be that we might see these tents taking pole position next year..?

OZtrail's Tasman 4V Plus Dome Tent

3. OZtrail Tasman Series

Well, we sure didn’t anticipate this one! It’s usually OZtrail’s Bungalow 9 that we see hovering somewhere in the list, but this year it seems the Tasman is taking favour. New to us in 2020, there are six tents in this series.

The 2P and 3P Dome Tents are the kind of basic tent you pick up for a fun kid’s sleepover in the backyard, or an overnighter at a festival. They’re cheap, easy, and do the job! But if you want something a bit more, then the V’s are worth considering – the Tasman 3V, 4V, and 6V, and also the 4V Plus. These tents have a mesh inner, making them a fantastic choice for hot weather camping, coupled with a silver-coated fly that also helps to reflect the heat. The 4V Plus takes it further, with an extended vestibule area and side access at the front. The Tasman’s are on the smaller side, so if you’re after something similar but bigger, check out the Bungalow 9 – which placed fourth last year, and has since received a snazzy new look.

Considering how many folks are giving camping a crack for the first time, we perhaps should have foreseen the Tasman’s #3 ranking. These tents tick all the boxes for a smaller family – they’re simple and easy to use, they fit into the back of the car, and they’re super affordable, making them a perfect choice for the first-timer.

BlackWolf Turbo Lite Plus 300 Tent

2. BlackWolf Turbo Tents

The extensive level of models and accessories, within the BlackWolf Turbo Tent range, contribute to them featuring consistently in our top 10 best-sellers list.

They are also popular though because they are tough, easy to put up, and very liveable. The Turbo Tents come in both canvas and synthetic versions, and multiple configurations to suit any family or camping style. They can be equipped with a range of optional accessories that allow you to add to the front awning – including multiple wall options and a fully enclosed screen room. You can even completely close in the awning of your Turbo, for maximum weather protection if you wish.

Like the RV’s, the Turbos are a stellar choice for families on the go, and with the Lite options, even those needing to cut back on weight can do so without sacrificing versatility.

Coleman Instant Up Gold 10P Tent

1. Coleman Instant Up’s

A fifth consecutive year, and they’re still going strong. Full disclosure, this year, Coleman’s Instant Up Tents have seen a landslide victory! We have ten models (not including the Swaggers) to cater for camping families of all sizes and to every budget. The quick pitch frame is perfect for newbies and seasoned campers alike, honestly, it’s no surprise to see them taking the gong yet again.

The Silver Series offers affordable functionality, but those looking for a little more will benefit from the Gold 10P and Gold Evo 4P or 6P. By comparison to the Silver, the Gold features superior fabric, increased ventilation, and an optional Shade Awning for the Evo models. However, the cream of the crop is the Lighted Northstar Darkroom, available in 4P, 6P, 8P, and 10P. These tents feature the patented ‘darkroom’ treatment, and the ever-popular interior LED strip lighting. Last year Coleman released a custom Ground Mesh Footprint for each size of instant up, making the perfect setup that much easier.

Taking the number 1 spot for five years running speaks for itself. Coleman covers all the basic needs for almost every camping family. Quite frankly, the Instant Up’s are a good tent, an easy tent, an affordable tent, and of course, whether for big or little – they’re a family tent!

Darche KOZI Series 6P Instant Tent

What to watch – Darche KOZI Series Tent

The second half of last year saw Darche launch their newest baby – the KOZI Series. Inspired by the Aussie landscape, and taking its name from our highest peak, KOZI is designed to make family camping more accessible, affordable, and functional.

The KOZI 6P Instant Tent is precisely that! It’s got an ‘instant’ steel frame that sets up in minutes, large doors and windows for terrific ventilation, a full fly with front and sidewalls, and the whole thing packs up to easily fit into most car boots. It’s made for family camping and, if you’ve got a larger crew, there’s the option to use two tents and join them together with the Tunnel.

That, my friends, makes this tent such a versatile and affordable choice for any rookie or profesh camper. We reckon this tent is one to look out for on next year’s list!

So, which tent do you think will take it out next year – the Instant Ups again, OZtrail’s Fast Frames, or perhaps Darche’s KOZI..?

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