Best Family Camping Tents for 2024

This year, our list of best-selling family camping tents has seen yet another shake-up! Some much-loved favourites have dropped off again, while a bunch of new tents are firing on all cylinders.

Despite the changes, there are a few ongoing trends:

• Integrated interior LED lighting
• Fly coatings to filter sunlight and heat
• Easy-up, quick-pitch, fast-frame, instant-up – there is demand for them all

This year’s ranking also introduces inflatable technology – often copping scepticism for being more prone to punctures, but proving to offer impressive stability and durability.

A tent needs to offer liveability, comfort, and ease of use; essential factors for a fun and relaxing family holiday. We want you to love camping just as much as we do, so each year we crunch the numbers to work out which family tents have come out on top.
We also want our customers to do the talking, not us. These results are based purely on the sales over the last 12 months, both online and in-store at Snowys.

Starting at Number 10…

BlackWolf Turbo beneath a starry night sky with a campfire. The Turbos’ popularity is partly due to their durability, easy setup, and liveable designs. Image: BlackWolf

10. Explore Planet Earth Bellbird Glamping Tent

Still perched proudly in our top 10 is the modern, tepee-style tent for the getaways that lack the glam – the Bellbird Glamping Tent by EPE.

Access through the single gable-shaped entrance to reveal a multi-purpose room. A 300D material roof with 150D side walls and a heavy-duty PE floor have this the epitome of rugged royalty, coated to monitor heat absorption from the sun while keeping warmth in during the evening. An SPF50+ UV coating and 2000mm waterhead rating for water protection both ensure longevity – and, on a warm evening, interior ventilation ports aid airflow while the screen door deters bugs. For luxury outdoor living, the Bellbird Glamping Tent from Explore Planet Earth offers a lavish camping experience!Explore Planet Earth Bellbird Glamping Tent

Offering a lavish camping experience.

Explore Planet Earth Bellbird Glamping Tent

For luxury outdoor living. Image: Explore Planet Earth

9. Dometic Santorini FTK TC: 2×4 and 4×8

Despite levels of skepticism of inflatable frames (thought to be prone to punctures) versus standard materials like alloy, steel, or aluminium – Dometic’s air frame technology boasts many benefits. Once our ‘what to watch’ family tent, the Santorini FTK TC is now confidently rated number 9 in our 2024 family tent review. We totally saw this coming.

Dometic has engineered their air tubes to be strong, durable, and resilient. The Santorini frame’s construction is comprised of a TPU bladder pressure-tested to well within excess of what they’re typically inflated to at the campsite. This is contained within a protective outer layer that’s zipped all the way up and around the frame for easy replacing (should they ever need). Plus, the nature of the inflatable structure has them popping back into place under pressure or strong winds – unlike steel or aluminium poles, which would otherwise twist, bend, and snap.

With multi-point inflation and a Quickpitch guying system, the Santorini FTK TC (available in both a 2×4 and 4×8 model) is set up in seconds. Stay protected with mesh panels to keep unwanted insects away, while the polycotton material of this tent reduces condensation and reglates the interior temperature. Bear the bugs and protect from the elements owing to mesh panels, while polycotton reduces both condensation and regulates the interior temperature, and the large, rear ventilation panel provides superior interior comfort too. Plus, the Santorini’s inflatable canopy caters for any outdoor affair from feeding the family to a fun night in with friends.
Dometic Santorini FTK 4X8 TC Inflatable Tent

Dometic has engineered their air tubes to be strong, durable, and resilient.

Our very own Ben demonstrates how to set up and pack away the Dometic Santorini FTK 4X8 TC. 

8. Zempire Pro V2 Air Tents

The Zempire Pro V2 series air tents are the perfect adventure pods!

Every camper knows that good things come in fours: four seasons, four corners of a tent, and – in the TXL Pro – up to four private crannies thanks to a multi-bedroom interior for flexibility! The Pro III features three private bedrooms separated by a fourth living area that connects hustle and bustle with rest and rejuvenation, while the Pro II has two split by a third. These tents also feature a central cross structure for stability, inflating entirely via a single point for both convenience and efficiency.

With an exceptional 8,000mm waterhead rating too, tinted PVC skylights offer a greater sense of space, privacy, and protection in the great outdoors. Be it reducing congestion at the front, or providing additional cooking space – the side awning creates the ultimate tent city for your campsite setup, and rear access to the master bedroom also increases airflow during humidity.

Zempire Pro II V2

The side awning creates the ultimate tent city for your campsite setup.

Zempire Pro II V2Featuring a central cross structure for stability, inflating entirely via a single point for both convenience and efficiency. Image: Zempire

7. Zempire Evo TM, TL, TS, and TXL V2 Air Tents

The traveller’s sanctuary, perfect for smaller families or couples after all the bells and whistles without the added costs – the Evo V2 tents by Zempire offer premium ventilation, UV protection, and wild weather performance.

These tents boast SeroLink™ frame systems that attach the air tubes directly to the fly to reduce weight and bulk without compromising durability and portability. While the TM, TL, and TXL feature fifteen ventilation points and five external windows for superb ventilation, the TS boasts a 360-degree foldaway door for a more open entry and exit space.

Rain, hail, or shine, benefit from torrential rain-tested and UV-treated fabric, plus TPU taping, seam-sealing, and fire retardant coating for the ultimate armour against the outdoor elements. From the bothersome bugs to the bothersome brothers, bug-proof mesh keeps the insects at bay and multi-room inners with zip-out dividers allow indoor privacy in the great outdoors.

The Zempire Evo series are anything from a fabric fortress for the alfresco families to a mobile cocoon for the nomads on the move!
Zempire Evo TM V2 Air Tent

Featuring fifteen ventilation points and five external windows for superb ventilation.

Zempire Evo TXL V2 Air TentRain, hail, or shine, benefit from torrential rain-tested and UV-treated fabric. Image: Zempire

6. Zempire Pronto 4, 5, and 10 V2 Inflatable Air Tents

It seems that Zempire’s Prontos have superseded their Evo models yet again!

This model of air tent was released in late 2020; an improved version of the Jetset 5. Available in the Pronto 4 V2, Pronto 5 V2, and Pronto 10 V2, these 3-season tents present the inflatable airframe technology at a more affordable price. The poles in Zempire’s SeroLink™ frame system make for a smaller pack size, while maintaining a straightforward setup and pack down. These tents also feature large windows and a mesh inner roof, allowing for exceptional airflow and reducing condensation in cold weather.

From wildlife to the water-side, and with a model to suit families small and large, the Pronto Series is perfect for warmer climates and the most no-fuss inflatables for every family holiday!


Zempire Pronto 4 V2 Inflatable Tent

The poles in Zempire’s SeroLink™ frame system make for a smaller pack size.

5. BlackWolf Turbo Tents

The extensive models and accessories of the BlackWolf Turbo Tent range are why they consistently feature in our top 10 best-sellers list.

Their popularity is also due to their durability, easy setup, and liveable designs. Available in both canvas and synthetic versions, they boast multiple configurations to suit any family or camping style, with a range of optional accessories including multiple wall options and a fully enclosed screen room. There’s even the option of completely closing in the awning of your Turbo for maximum weather protection.

Like the RV’s, the Turbos are a stellar choice for families on the go. Thanks to the Lite options too, those needing to cut back on weight can do so too, without sacrificing versatility.
BlackWolf Turbo Lite Plus 300 Tent

Available in both canvas and synthetic versions.

4. Oztent RVs and SV

These tents are just as popular with family campers as they are with those wanting a tough and durable shelter for 4WD touring. They are made to last, and you achieve the same quality of components and easy setup system – irrespective of which one you choose. The RV-3 Plus and RV-5 Plus both have a skylight, while the SV-5 Max and RVs 3P, 4P, and 5P have a range of optional accessories that enable you to add, join, enclose, protect, and enhance your setup to suit your camping style.

Possibly the only thing stopping every family from wanting one of these tents is that they are priced at the higher end. That said, they are a ‘buy once, buy right’ investment. They’re also pretty hefty to pack and load and, being around 2 metres in length and 25kg in weight, you’ll need a roof rack or trailer for transport. Nonetheless, if your fam-bam intend to be life-long campers, and you’ve got the budget – these tents are a winner.
Oztent RV-5 Plus Canvas Touring Tent

Made to last, with the same quality of components and easy setup system.

3. OZtrail Tasman 2, 2V, 3P, 4V, 4V Plus, and 6V Dome Tent

New to us in 2020, there are six tents in this series. While the 2P and 3P Dome Tents are cheap, easy, and do the job (the kind of basic tent you pick up for a fun kid’s sleepover in the backyard, or an overnighter at a festival) the V’s are worth considering if you want something a little more.

With the 3V and 4V, the Tasman 6V and 4V Plus have a mesh inner, having them a fantastic choice for hot weather camping – coupled with a silver-coated fly that helps to reflect the heat. The 4V Plus takes it further, with an extended vestibule area and side access at the front. The Tasmans are on the smaller side, so if you’re after something similar but bigger, check out the Bungalow 9 – which just missed out on this year’s ranking, but placed 10th in 2023.

The Tasman tents tick all the boxes for a smaller family: simple and easy to use, fit into the back of the car, and super affordable. The perfect choice for the first-timer.

OZtrail Tasman 4V Plus

The Tasman tents tick all the boxes for a smaller family.

2. OZtrail Fast Frame Series

OZtrail’s Fast Frame Tents represent great value for money; a range that offers something for every kind of camper. Distinguished by their respective technologies: there’s the standard Fast Frame, and the Lumos.

All of them feature the ‘fast frame’, to make setup and pack down quick and easy… but heads turned when the Lumos series hit the shop floors, in a 10P and a whopping 12P. Featuring BlockOut technology (which, true to its name, features a BlockOut Technology™ coating that shields from daylight and reduces the temperature inside the tent), they also boast OZtrail’s own Lumos Integrated Lighting™ system for ultimate after-dark convenience at the touch of a button.

OZtrail Fast Frame Lumos 10P Tent

Featuring a ‘fast frame’ for easy set up and pack-down.

Inside of a Fast Frame Lumos tent, looking out to the campsite.

The Lumos series boast OZtrail’s own Lumos Integrated Lighting™ system for ultimate after-dark convenience. Image: OZtrail

1. Coleman Instant Ups

A seventh consecutive year, and they’re still going strong! We have ten models (not including the Swaggers) to cater for camping families of all sizes and to every budget. The quick pitch frame is perfect for newbies and seasoned campers alike.
Honestly, it’s no surprise to see them taking the gong yet again.

The Silver Series offers affordable functionality, but those looking for a little more will benefit from the Gold 10P and Gold Evo 4P or 6P. By comparison to the Silver, the Gold features superior fabric, increased ventilation, and an optional Shade Awning for the Evo models.

However, the cream of the crop is the Lighted Northstar Darkroom, available in 4P, 6P, 8P, and 10P. These tents feature the patented ‘darkroom’ treatment, and the ever-popular interior LED strip lighting. In 2021, Coleman released a custom Ground Mesh Footprint for each size of Instant Up, making the perfect setup just that much easier.

Taking the number 1 spot for seven years running speaks for itself. Coleman covers all the basic needs for almost every camping family. Quite frankly, the Instant Ups are a good tent, an easy tent, an affordable tent, and of course – be it for big or small – a family tent!

Coleman Instant Up Gold 10P Tent

The Gold features superior fabric and increased ventilation.

What to Watch…

Dometic Tailgater AIR SUV Tent

For a no-fuss inflatable framework that sleeps up to 4 people, the Tailgater AIR Inflatable SUV Tent by Dometic is the ultimate alfresco setup for the smaller families. 

Built for every backroad escape, this roadie-style, tent-awning hybrid boasts outback durability and water-resistance owing to a 68D Weathershield fabric construction. Its AirPole design is both easy to attach and detach to any SUV or vehicle featuring a rear tailgate, while multi-point inflation ensures a simple setup and pack-down. Drive away thanks to its standout, freestanding strength, plus zip closure for security while you explore beyond your site setup.

An awning that extends beyond any other, its substantial dimensions allow a removable footprint too – so you can maximise your space, and draw out those outback hangouts.

Dometic Tailgater AIR SUV Tent

Built for every backroad escape.

Did you see the family camping tents you expected to in this year’s top 10 best sellers?