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Black Wolf

Turbo Deluxe Lite Side Panel

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With three different options in one, the Black Wolf Turbo Deluxe Side Panel offers the protection of a traditional side panel in a lighter polyester fabric but has the benefit of a mesh window with a gusseted cover that can be rolled up, guyed out, or zipped closed.

Newly added is a PVC storm flap to better protect against wet weather, and to allow for a better fit across the different sizes in the range. The seams are now fully tape sealed as well to allow for improved protection against water leakage.  

In warm weather, you can unzip the mesh to allow for a cool breeze, or in adverse conditions, you can zip everything up to protect against the wind and rain.

  • Easily installed via zips, Velcro and eyelets
  • PVC storm flap
  • No-See-Um mesh window
  • Compatible with all 3 pole Turbo Tent awnings
  • Can be attached to either side of the awning
  • Includes pegs and storage bag
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150D Ripstop Polyester PU
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May 16 2018


I bought 2 of these deluxe side panels, with the 3 way windows and the front panel & just love the additional privacy it gives me with my BW Turbot 240 tent. They are so light, quick & easy to put up, best if the front panel goes up first.

- North Coast NSW
Apr 19 2018

Super quick postage. excellent service

Haven’t used these yet as we aren’t camping this week but I ordered these yesterday and they arrived today! awesome!! also asked some questions and quick responses. thank you!! can’t wait to put these to use!

- Raymond terrace
Oct 25 2017

Very very good!

Top quality materials and fit. Great solution for keeping bad weather at bay and offering privacy. Despite being pricey, we’ve found it to be a great product and very worthwhile. Super fast delivery to Melbourne too, thanks Snowys!

- Edithvale
Oct 09 2017

Great product!

Simple to unpack and attach to awning. Felt like high quality materials with smooth zips etc. we did notice some water breached the top zipper, however, we had wild weather with 95kph wind gusts and heavy rain at Wilsons Prom. I am extremely glad we had these side lanes for our trip and I highly recommend this product. Super fast 2 day delivery to Melbourne too. Thanks Snowys!

- Edithvale
Oct 03 2017

A great addition to the Turbo Lite Cabin 450

We only purchased one side panel thinking we could alternate it from side to side when needed but wished we had purchased two as they offer great flexibility, privacy and protection from the sun.Will definitely buy a second one.

- Buderim
Apr 29 2017

Bit on the short side

Used my new side panel for the first time last week and though the material is of good quality and love the various window options, I was somewhat disappointed in the length. The grey part didn't completely touch the ground at the front - let alone leaving enough room to tuck away allowing for the inside area to remain dry when it rained. I am fairly tall so have the awning as high as possible but would have thought that Black Wolf takes this into consideration....
For the star rating it is somewhere between average and good. Considering the price versus result and the fact I can't give it a 3+ rating, I've decided to give it a 3 star in this case.

- Melbourne
Feb 20 2017

Turbo deluxe lite side panel

Love this panel adds extra room to tent great for privacy and lets in breeze when needed,

- Perth, WA
Response from Snowys Feb 21 2017

Nice one Denise, love the photos! Laine :)

Feb 12 2017

Turbo lite 450 deluxe side panels

We were heading up form Melbourne to South Coast NSW and decided on the Tue night that we needed to purchase the side panels and front panel for our BW Turbo Lite 450 tent. We needed them there by the Fri and no one in NSW could get them in time - except SNOWYS could.....and did deliver them to the caravan park Fri morning....from Adelaide! BRILLIANT service again SNOWYS - panels work well however I would recommend Black old make a metal cross bar that can be bought to make the sides stronger. Weight of all the walls makes the verandah of the tent sag a little....still works well though!

- Mitcham VIC
Jan 15 2017

Side walls

New tent leaks where side wall is attached to awning and water comes in through zip and seams. Leaked straight away and continued to leak whilst raining. Bought two walls and both leaked at same places. Expected better for price of tent/ side walls.

- Wonga Park, VIC
Response from Snowys Jan 16 2017

Hey Adrian, thanks for your feedback, and I'm sorry to hear about the leaks in your sidewalls. If your Turbo tent is a pre-2017 version then it is likely that an unsealed strip of stitching on the awning is causing the problem. The 2017 Turbo Tents have come out with a strip of seam tape over the stitching to prevent this from occurring. If you feel that this is the problem then it is easily fixed with some seam sealer. If, however, you think the issue is being caused by something else, then please get in touch so we can work out what is going wrong ~ Ben.

Jan 11 2017

Fantastic addition to our Turbo 450

Highly recommend getting two of these, one for each side. Adds on another room (with the front wall too added) and protection from the rain and wind. When attached it looks like it is part of the tent and not just an add on which is great!

- 3082
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Zipper leak1 answer

I recently bought this wall, and in heavy rain water leaks through the zipper across the top and under the awning gets wet. Have I set the wall up incorrectly?

- Parkdale(10 months ago)

G'day Dan,

I've just had a chat with our warranties manager, Nick. He's an expert on what you should and shouldn't expect from your Black Wolf Turbo Deluxe Lite Side Panel. He said that no zipper will be totally waterproof, especially when it's raining really heavily. You've most likely set it up correctly but should expect a small amount of leaking through the zipper under the awning. 

- Snowys(10 months ago)

Hi, is this price for just one side panel ?1 answer

Do they come as a pair?

- Buxton NSW(12 months ago)

G'day Mark,

The Black Wolf Turbo Deluxe Lite Side Panels are sold as a single panel.

- Snowys(12 months ago)

Hi will this side panel fit a Black wolf turbo lite twin 300?1 answer

Black wolf turbo lite twin 300

- Smithton 7330(1 year ago)

G'day Rodney,

The Black Wolf Turbo Deluxe Lite Side Panel will fit the Black Wolf Turbo Lite Twin 300.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Turbo Deluxe Front Panel1 answer

Could Black Wolf please make Deluxe Lite Front Panels to suit the tent range ? just like the Deluxe Lite Side Panels please?

- Gladesville(1 year ago)

G'day Paul,

That's great feedback! Thank you. Could you give us any suggestions on how you'd like to see a Deluxe Lite Front Panel designed? Would it incorporate both a mesh and solid door or would you have a window built in next to the door? Please let us know and we'll pass this onto Black Wolf.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Interchangeable panels1 answer

Hi, I have the 2016 Turbo Lite 240 plus tent and want to try just one of these side panels to use for a wind breaker. I gather the panel can be used on either side and do I require any other parts for a secure attachment?

- Wyndham Vale(1 year ago)

G'day Emmy, 

That's right, the Turbo Deluxe Lite Panel can be used on either side of the awning of the Turbo tents, and you won't need to purchase anything else to secure it, as it has a zip attachment. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Lite panels with Canvas tent?1 answer

Hi, we have the canvas turbo 300 plus tent, can we use the turbo Lite side and front panels with this as they are lighter?

- Wollstonecraft(1 year ago)

G'day Jennifer, 

You most certainly can, the Turbo Lite Deluxe Side Panel will fit with all lite or canvas Turbo tents with 3 pole awnings. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Will this product fit a 240?1 answer

Will this product fit a 240?

- Adelaide(1 year ago)

G'day Cat, 

I've just double checked for you, and the Turbo Deluxe Lite Side Panel will fit any Turbo tent in the range with a 3 pole awning, including the 240 size tent. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Picture of window options1 answer

Hi, do you have any images showing the different options of the window (closed completely or partly open)?

- Melbourne(1 year ago)

Hi Emmy, 

We actually don't have any other images of Deluxe Side Panel showing those options, but if you fast forward the video in the description above to 4:34, there is a demo of the different options for the window which'll give you a really good idea of how it works. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

2016 vs 2017 side panel1 answer

Hi, are the 2017 panel accessories designed to fit on the 2016 turbo light 450? Thanks

- 3977(2 years ago)

G'day Aaron,

You can definitlely use the 2017 Deluxe Light Side Panel with the 2016 Turbo Lite Cabin 450 tent, as the 1620 and 2017 turbo tents and accessories can be used interchangeably across the range. 


- Snowys(2 years ago)

Picture with the 450 cabin?1 answer

Hi, I was wondering how well this fits the 450 cabin. Do you have a pic of it setup on one? Thanks

- Sydney(2 years ago)

We don't have any images sorry Olivia, but I can confirm that due to the Turbo 450 Cabin awning being a little higher when compared to other Turbo's, the old model side panels leave a gap at the bottom.

However, the new Black Wolf Turbo accessory range, this wall being one of them, have a PVC flap at the bottom (see the silver strip in the image) which closes this gap and provides better weather protection than the previous models.

At the moment it's a trade off between saving money on an old version, or getting the weather protection ot a higher price with the new one.

Hope this makes sense.

- Snowys(2 years ago)
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Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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