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While some like to unplug when they’re off-grid, others like to remain connected from the campsite. With today's technology, power in the caravan park is becoming more of a common consideration.


As well as sending Aussie temperatures to severe heights, the sun’s energy can be converted to power via solar panels, capable of recharging flat batteries out bush. These are available in portable formats from Goal Zero, as well as larger units from both Companion and Dometic.


Outback power can be retrieved from a car battery, or even an auxiliary battery beneath your bonnet. Given such aren’t always the most convenient options, a portable power pack from Companion or Dometic often lends itself better.
These are portable versions of the batteries found in a 4WD, easily transported from backyard to outback. Equipped with cigarette, USB, Anderson and other inputs, they suit just about any device.
Pondering the idea of powering your campsite? Check out the range we have online or instore, and don’t hesitate to give us a call with any set-up hurdles, encounters, or enquiries.


Your humble helper when power fails in the outback, the generator offers true camping convenience. When the caravan’s air conditioner crashes or your tablet needs a top-up – generators guarantee off-grid security and additional power for outdoor indulgence.
If you’re unfamiliar with these electric entrepreneurs, we suggest two things: firstly, get out more. Secondly, check out Engel’s range of generators and relative service kits to protect and prepare your perfect Plan B.

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