Ep99 – A Look Into Recreational Generators

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In this episode, Ben and Lauren drone on like a generator at a caravan park.

Kidding. Although, that’s a great segue into the next line…

From power consumption to fuel efficiency, our outdoor experts swear to hold limited knowledge on these humble pods of emergency energy. Nonetheless, tune in for a pared-back chat that generates 30 minutes of useful tips, basic facts, and the all-round lowdown on powering up.

Pull up, set up, and switch it on – off the grid!

Two camp chairs, a portable fridge, and a generator sitting on a riverbank.

Pull up, set up, and switch it on – off the grid! Image: Engel


00:00 – Intro

00:34 – New Gear

04:36 – Ben and Lauren’s Take on Generators

07:29 – Generators Defined

09:31 – Best Uses for Generators

12:28 – Power and Wattage

13:40 – Recreational Generators Vs Inverter Generators

17:37 – Diesel and Petrol Fuel Consumption

20:08 – Caravan and National Park: Generator Allowances

20:55 – Charging

24:34 – Generator Etiquette

27:26 – You Get What You Pay For…

30:07 – Summary

30:25 – Story of the Week

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New Gear:

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Laken water bottles

Zempire Pro III V2 Air Tent




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