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We've developed our range of camping tents to cover every budget, activity and family, and we've chosen them from the best tent brands. From the basic and compact dome to pop-up tents, instant pitch family tents and large canvas touring and base camp designs, the hardest thing is working out which one is best for your camping holiday. To give get you started, here's a brief guide.

Dome Tents

If you want simple, compact and affordable, you can't go wrong with a Dome Tent. In their simplest form, these have two crossing poles to create, well,... a dome! This shape provides stability in bad weather and is easy to pitch. Larger dome tents have extra poles but their core design starts with the two main supportive poles. The more poles, the more living space, the longer it will take to pitch, but when pitched properly will provide good weather protection.

Family Tents

These are made up of a variety of frame types, from large dome configurations to all-in-one steel frames that make pitching easy, family tents are designed around livability and often have numerous rooms and dividers to create separate sleeping and living spaces. Most family tents will also have extendable awnings so you can create sheltered living space outside the tent also.

Pop Up Tents

For campers who just don't enjoy pitching a tent, a pop-up-tent could be the solution. Whilst there are some steel framed quick pitch tents that are easy to pitch, a pop-up-tent goes one step further and can be set up with little more than the flick of your wrist. They consist of a springy frame that is integrated into the tent, both the inner and flysheet are attached so all you need to do is take it out the back, let it pitch itself, then put some pegs in the ground.

Inflatable Air Tents

Air Tents are the new kids on the block and are quickly gaining trust and popularity throughout Australia. Air filled tents do away with rigid steel or fibreglass poles, instead, they use tough inflatable tubes. The benefit of this is that the whole tent can be packed away as one item and there are not poles wrapped inside to cause damage. Setting up of an air, or inflatable tent is done with the use of a pump, which, one the tent is pegged out on the ground, will do all the work for you... well apart from you actually using the pump.

4WD Touring Tents

These are designed and made with two things in mind - durability and simplicity. A touring tent is usually erected each night, then packed away in the morning, and they are usually used in rough environments, so they need to be made of tough fabrics, and be quick to set up. Given the durable fabrics, these are often bulky too and usually require roof racks or a trailer for transport. There are some single pole designs that are bombproof, and others made tough with integrated quick-pitch frames and optional accessories to customize your set-up.

Cabin Tents

If week long stays by the river with all the trimmings are more your thing, then a cabin tent could be the shelter you are after. These consist of steel frames and heavy-duty canvas to withstand any weather and resist UV damage. They are designed with almost vertical walls to maximise living space and have large awnings in most cases. They can take a while to set up, but once pitched provide excellent living space so you can create a relaxing home away from home.

And there's plenty more...

Shower and toilet tents, stretcher & hiking tents, at Snowys we have a massive range of tents to improve your camping experience. If you need some help or guidance to make sure you get a tent that suits your budget and camping style, get in touch... we'd love to help!

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