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Camp Kitchen Deluxe with Sink

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Stylish, sturdy and strong, the OZtrail Camp Kitchen Deluxe provides fantastic space for preparing food and keeping all your food and cooking equipment away from ants and flies

The wide bench features a built-in standard size wash basin and a removable windshield to shelter a gas stove.

  • Fits stoves up to 62cm wide.
  • Handy drawer included
  • Stove on right-hand side for easy gas hose attachment
  • Comes with a carry bag for convenient carriage and storage
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
Rated Capacity:
30 Kg
External Dimensions:
172L x 46D x 70H cm
Packed Dimensions:
125L x 14W x 49H cm
600D Polyester
Frame Material:
19mm High Tensile Steel Tube Frame | MDF Shelves
Frame Material:
19mm High Tensile Steel Tube | Aluminium Top
12 Kg
1 Year

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4.7 22
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Oct 12 2018

the Build is worth the extra money

I got this for outdoor area as pop up kitchen area and also camping.
I love it so much in the spare room it probably will never go camping. I was very impressed with quality of the frame and materials. I leave all my normal household kitchen appliances on it no problem. It will hold a lot more than anything else on the market I have seen. Im glad I didn’t get a cheaper option now. The only thing I would change it the cutlery draw sags but can be easily fixed with board or plastic. This is my second Afterpay order from snowys and both times been super quick on postage and items very well packed. I will be back. Thanks snowys 😁

- 2257
Oct 03 2018

Love it

I found this so useful on our recent trip. So great to organise all the kitchen bits and pieces. The cutlery drawer will need a new bottom as it sags a bit but having somewhere to put everything and not to go scrambling around every time I wanted to cook was fabulous.

- Illawong
Sep 06 2018

Useful bit of kit!

Great storage down below for food and kitchen gear. Adds so much bench space to the camp kitchen and not too high for the kids to use and not too low for the adults. Wind screen is useful for windy days and gives somewhere to hang the wet tea towel over. We don't use the sink for dishes but for extra storage so can't comment on that. Folds up to a reasonable size but I do worry about the sink getting broken in there. Would recommend!

- Adelaide
Jan 12 2018

My daughter loves it .

I brought this for my daughter for Christmas as she went camping and fishing in the holidays and she said it is the best thing ever thanks snowys for a great product cheers 👍

- Albury, NSW
Jan 08 2018

Oz trail sink and cuboard

Easy to assemble, lots of spare room to keep all my plates and cutlery and other items, we are really happy with it

- Casula
Oct 11 2017

Not Brown anymore...

Ordered this, The model delivered isn't brown.. it's blue with horrible yellow straps. The sink is kind of useless as it has overflow holes so any splash would leak onto the shelf below.. The quality of the zips seems very poor... I'm not expecting them to last a long time. One of the zips on the bag was broken when arrived...

- Ferntree Gully, VIC
Response from Snowys Oct 13 2017

Apologies for the colour change here Matt, Oztrail made inline colour changes to their products, and the only way we can pick it up is by spotting the one letter that has changed on the box. We are trying to catch these changes before we send anything out but a few have slipped through the cracks. Let us know if you're not happy with the product. The only change was the colour, the materials and construction of these has otherwise remained unchanged. 

Aug 10 2017


Easy to set up, stores small and very practical.Happy!

- Chiswick
May 19 2017

Convenience Plus!

This was great. Storage, cleaning, cooking, great!

- Bonnells Bay
Feb 21 2017


This kitchen is fantastic, so easy for an old arthritic lady to put up - no problems at all.
I note other reviews say poor fit, wavy top etc. Must have been damaged in transit as I had no ill fitting pieces. Great value - happy camping

- Harden NSW
Jan 17 2017

Sturdy but poor 'fit'

Seems sturdy but pretty disappointed with how the 2 top pieces fit on, due to fabric seems and sink. Very poor fit where the plastic clips attach to the frame... Leaves a very 'wavy' benchtop at best.

Drawer also very badly mangled out of shape.

Will attempt to rectify the issues myself by relocating plastic clips so they fit without fouling on fabric seems and sink frame (goodbye warranty).

- 2622
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Gasmate Voyager fit?1 answer

Would the Gasmate Voyager fit into the windshield area?

- Highton(2 weeks ago)

G'day Michael,

I've been down to the shop floor to try this out, and unfortunately, it doesn't really work. The depth of the open lid and the width of the gas hose/regulator get in the way. 

- Snowys(1 week ago)

Size of workbench space next to cooktop?1 answer

Hi, I read in one of the other comments, that “the table top a generous 116cm long by 51cm deep” – I want to leave the windshield up on the right to put our gas cooktop, so how long is the bit next to that on the left, above the sink?

- Mt Colah(2 weeks ago)

G'day Crystal,

The Oztrail Camp Kitchen Deluxe w/Sink has a 45cm wide space above the sink. Out of interest, you have 62cm inside the windshield to put your stove which should be plenty of space for most camp stoves. 

- Snowys(1 week ago)

Windshield1 answer

Is there any way the windshield can be removed or is it locked in place?

- Brisbane(10 months ago)

G'day Brooke,

I've just popped downstairs to check our display model of the Oztrail Camp Kitchen Deluxe with Sink. I can confirm that the windshield can, in fact, be clipped on and off of the benchtop, so you can remove it whenever you'd like!

- Snowys(10 months ago)

Height of bench1 answer

Hi, how high is the top of the bench, not including the wind shield. I've seen a lot of camp kitchens where the work bench isn't high enough to comfortably prepare food and wash dishes

- Northcote(11 months ago)

G'day Michael,

I've just measured up our display model and the bench sits 80cm above the ground.

- Snowys(11 months ago)

Frame material 1 answer

Is the frame aluminium or steel? Or both?!

- Melbourne(1 year ago)

G'day Gabi, 

Apologies for the confusion, I've just checked this with the info provided by Oztrail, and the reason it has both is because the Camp Kitchen Deluxe has a steel frame with an aluminium top.

Thanks so much for letting us know - I've made sure that's updated, so no-one else will get confused. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Colman Eventemp 3 burner1 answer

Hi there, I know you have previously stated dimensions for the stove area however I'm not sure the Colmann Eventemp 3 burner will fit? The dimesions for the system appear ok but the gas connection 'wand' might prove problematic? I will be connected to an LPG bottle via hose mostly but would like to know if the colman porta bottle fits also.

- Brisbane(1 year ago)

G’day Dave,

We don’t sell the Eventemp in store, so I couldn’t test this for you myself, but from looking at the dimensions online – it says this stove is 66 x 47 x 15.2H.

I believe that we’ve put the dimensions of the shelves, the sink, and the whole bench in the past online – everything but the windshield area! So I’ve just checked the measurements from the display model to be sure.

The dimensions of the area inside the windshield is 51L x 33W cm so from that it looks like the Even temp is too big for that area, so that means the Coleman Porta Bottle also won’t fit. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Does the bottom shelf fold out with the table? 1 answer

I was wondering if the bottom shelf folds out when you assemble the table or is it a separate piece that needs to be attached to the bottom? I am looking for something that can be assembled in a minute or less.

- Sydney(1 year ago)

G'day Vince, 

With the Oztrail Camp Kitchen, you fold the frame out, put the shelves in, and then add the slat top on. The whole process would probably take about 2 mins, 1 if you're ambitious!

As far as sturdiness and quick set up, from what we've got in the range there isn't another contender Vince.  

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Sink1 answer

Hi there, is the sink just for placing dirty dishes or can it be removed? Or is the sink has a drainage outlet to the back? I can't see it from the pic provided. Hope it makes sense? Only asking because pointless having a sink & only for placing dirty dishes. I can purchase a separate tub to be place on the size of this camp kitchen.

- Perth(1 year ago)

G'day Raymond, 

I've just had a look at the display model, and yes you can definitely remove the sink from this model, though the sink does not have a drainage outlet. You can wash the dishes in the sink, you would just have to manually empty the water. 

You could use a different tub, but just keep in mind that it would have the be exactly the same dimensions as the sink that comes with this unit for it to fit. 

I've measured the sink and it's 14 high, 36 long, and 29.5 cm wide. As far as I can find there isn't a compatible tub with a drainage system in our range - there is a Companion one here, but it's too big to fit in the Oztrail Camp Kitchen Deluxe with Sink. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Suitable for food preparation1 answer

Hi, Is this one sturdy enough for food preparation as well as cooking, or would it be wobbly if eg chopping up veges? Thanks

- Floreat(1 year ago)

G'day Jill, 

From putting pressure on the display model in store, this model is fairly sturdy. It's probably not optimal for chopping on, you could do it, but you would have to be cautious. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Will a Primus 2 Burner High Output Stove fit 1 answer

Hi We already have a Primus 2 Burner High Output Stove and I am wondering about purchasing this item. Will that stove fit in the oven area? Are you also able to advise the height of the bench area.

- Floreat(1 year ago)

G'day Jill, 

The Primus 2 Burner High Output Stove will just fit the windshield area, however you will have to move the right side to fit the hose out the side of the stove. 

I've just measured the display model, and I found that the bench of the Camp Kitchen is 116cm long 51cm wide and 1cm high. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

What is the load rating?1 answer

I bought this last year and love it. But wandering if it can cope with a 15 or 20 litre water container? And I wish Oztrail had rack attachments you could buy to go with their kitchens. Something like the Roman Modular Camp kitchen corner module. Cheers Folks best camp store in Oz

- Soldiers Point NSW(1 year ago)

G'day Claire,

Unfortunately Oztrail have not listed a specific load rating for this unit. However by the look and feel of it I personally would think that it should handle a 15 or 20L water container with no problems. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Shelving size?1 answer

What are the dimensions of the shelves? Are they adjustable? Also, is the windshield removable?

- Melbourne (1 year ago)

G'day Carmel,

The Oztrail Camp Kitchen Deluxe with Sink is a great unit, made with thick canvas sides and reinforced shelving as well as a sturdy aluminium slat type top table.

The shelves inside are canvas and reinforced with a solid insert to allow you to put heavier objects or narrow bottles on them without them falling over. The shelves feature a removeable solid base to reveal a canvas shelf below, but do not come out completely.

These generous shelves measure 34cm deep by 57cm wide, and can be enclosed by the fly mesh zipped door flap to keep those pesky bugs out of your box of cornflakes!

The top table is made from two sections of foldable aluminium slats. The left side rolls back to expose the sink below or can be covered to extend your table top when not in use. The windshield is removable which makes the table top a generous 116cm long by 51cm deep. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

What gas cooker would you recommend for this setup?1 answer

I'm looking for the best quality gas cooker

- CABOOLTURE, QLD(2 years ago)

G’day Jayne, in terms of best quality one of our most popular and powerful stoves is the Primus 2 Burner Output Stove (Snowys code: 37747). This stove will fit into the sectioned off stove area on the Oztrail Camp Kitchen Deluxe with Sink, though you may need to move the right windshield slightly to fit the hose out the side. The best stove for you may depend on your specific needs, so if you have any doubts then feel free to give us a buzz on 1300 914 007 and someone from the team will be happy to help. Just make sure you mention this web inquiry to get them up to speed.

- Snowys(2 years ago)

Hi, Does the PRI2223 (your code 37757) fit in the oven section?1 answer

- Caloundra(2 years ago)

G'day Nigel, I've just had a go of it myself, and the Primus 2 Burner High Output Stove does fit inside the windshield stove area- but it is a very snug fit so you won't have any extra gap between the stove and the shield.

- Snowys(2 years ago)

Will the Gasmate 2 burner with griller fit on cooking side1 answer

Hi, i pirchased this camp kitchen from you a few months ago. I am looking at purchasing a 2 burner stove with griller. Can you advise if Gasmate 2 burner with griller will fit on cooking side of bench or recommend any other stoves to purchase?

- WEST PENNANT HILLS, NSW(2 years ago)

Hi Sheryl, the Gasmate 2 Burner Stove with Griller will most definitely fit on the Camp Kitchen Deluxe cooking side with room to spare – I had a go putting it on there myself!

- Snowys(2 years ago)

will the Coleman HyperFlame FyreKnight Camping Stove fit within the wind shield? ?2 answers

- ROCKHAMPTON, QLD(2 years ago)
Hi Chris, I don't think this will work unfortunately. While the stove itself does just fit within the windshield, it doesn't leave enough room to attach the gas regulator. A possible solution would be to pull the stove forward, far enough so that you can attach the regulator, however that would defeat the purpose of the windshield somewhat.
- Snowys(2 years ago)

You probably could Dan, if you were happy to take to it with some tinsnips or a drill. Anything like this is likely to add complications to any warranty claim though, it's up to the user what they are willing to do here really. ~ Ben

- Snowys(5 months ago)

Would a baby q fit on the BBQ side??1 answer

- MUSWELLBROOK, NSW(2 years ago)
G'day Tammy - If you remove the windshield the bench will accommodate the width of the Weber Baby Q (69cm) just fine. However, it's the depth (52cm) that worries me - the Baby Q is too deep and will fall off the edge. Hope that helps. Cheers, Paul
- Snowys(2 years ago)

More bench over the sink1 answer

IS it possible to take the sink out and have a larger bench space?

- PORT MACQUARIE, NSW(3 years ago)
Good morning Karl. The bench for this unit actually rolls out over the sink. You can see a stack of slats on the left hand side of the product in the image. These slats are joined together, and roll over the top of the sink, covering it up when not in use and creating more bench space. I hope this makes sense, let me know if you need further clarification.
- Snowys(3 years ago)

Would Snowy's code 36435 fit in the drawer?1 answer

Hi - I was wondering if the wire cutlery tray that comes with the utensil set would fit in the drawer?

- , (3 years ago)
Easily Andrew, it fits length-ways with about 10 cm of space alongside for larger cutlery items.
- Snowys(3 years ago)
Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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