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2 Burner Deluxe & Grill


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This mini stove has everything you need to boil, fry, simmer and grill to your heart’s content on your next venture into the wilderness. The Zempire 2 Burner Deluxe & Grill provides you with the control you need to take your sauce from a simmer to boiling point, and the twin burner heads give you space to boil water and fry an egg at the same time.

Piezo ignition means that you don’t have to fumble with a lighter or box of matches – which is the last thing you want to do when you’re out in the bush. The burner is raised off the ground, so the heat won’t build up while you’re cooking and burn the surface it’s sitting on. The powerful lower grill has enough juice to make the perfect cheese on toast, or to even grill a nice juicy steak.

You won’t be straining your arm scrubbing as the powder coating makes it easy to clean and rust resistant. The rear and side windshield will stop any icy gust from weakening the flame, and it will keep any bugs or unwanted muck from crashing your dinner. 

  • Stainless steel drip tray
  • 2 burners can be used at the same time
  • Fold down lid
  • Individual controls for burners
  • Stainless Steel Drip Tray
  • Carry handle
  • Piezo ignition 
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
In Use Dimensions:
51W x 35D x 42H cm
Packed Dimensions:
48.5L x 31W x 17H cm
Powder Coated Steel | Stainless Steel Drip Tray
BTU Per Burner:
Stove 12000 | Grill 6000 BTU
No. of Burners:
Fuel Type:
Gas Fitting to Bottle:
3/8" BSP
6.2 Kg
1 Year
5.0 16
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Nov 29 2017

Gas stove

Works a treat and delivery timing was superb, thanks

Nov 21 2017

Gas cooker


- Mackay
Nov 07 2017

As described

Great size for our needs, happy with our purchase.

- Sydney
Nov 04 2017

Camping stove

Great gas stove with grill. We love it

- Tamworth nsw
Oct 11 2017

Zempire 2 Burner Deluxe & Grill

Excellent camping stove

Oct 07 2017

Best burner!

Absolutely fantastic, quality built burner. We previously had a Gasmate and the Zempire is above and beyond in quality and power. If you are looking for a burner you cant go past this. You can have both burners and the grill going all at once with absolutely no problems. Happy campers here! ūüĖí

- Mundaring
Oct 02 2017

Excellent. Above expectations.

Super burners. Boils the kettle in no time.

- 4152
Jul 19 2017

Zempire 2 burner grill

Great looking stove haven't used yet but I'm sure it will be as good as the service and communication as Snowys which is excellent would not hesitate to purchase again if the need should arise also delivery time is second to none.The Best.

- Palm Bch. Gold Coast
Jul 13 2017

Zempire 2 burner grill

Yet to cook on it but impressed with quality

Jul 12 2017

Zempire 2 burner and grill

Best buy :-)

- Whyalla
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Does this come with all fittings?1 answer

Hi there Just wondering if this comes with all hose and fittings? Or do i need to purchase? Can i purchase from on this site if i need to buy them separate? Cheers Amy T

- Glenhaven(3 weeks ago)

G'day Amy,

Yep - the Zempire 2 Burner Deluxe and Grill comes with everything you need to get the cooking. 

The only thing you might need is a gas fitting depending on your gas bottle. The included hose is for a 3/8 gas fitting, but if you have a gas bottle with a POL gas fitting, you'll need this adapter.

- Snowys(3 weeks ago)

Does this fit Gasmate double grill plate5 answers

Do you know if the 2 burner stove will fit a 'Gasmate Non Stick Double Sided Grill Plate'? The dimension of the plate is: Height (cm) 26cm (W) x 46cm (D) x 2.5cm (H)

- 2207(4 weeks ago)

G'day Jen,

The Gasmate Double Grill Plate fits all 2 Burner Zempire Stove models.

- Snowys(4 weeks ago)

Just wanted to make sure we are talking about the same grill plate. I'm not referring to the double cast iron grill plate that you sell, I'm referring to another model, its a double sided grill plate, non stick. It is slightly larger than the griddle you sell, but It has a flat side as well as a grated side.

- 2207(4 weeks ago)

Oops. Sorry.

Do you have a link to what you are referring to so I can be sure?

- Snowys(4 weeks ago) Thanks!

- Bexley(4 weeks ago)

G'day Jen,

That hotplate should work no worries. You have about 47cm in width to play with on all Zempire 2 Burner Stoves.

- Snowys(4 weeks ago)

How long is the hose1 answer

I want a hose 1200mm long at least

- MUDGEE(1 month ago)

G'day Drew, 

The Zempire 2 Burner Deluxe and Grill comes with a 60cm hose. If you want something longer there is a Companion 1.2M hose available as a separate purchase.

- Snowys(1 month ago)

what size is the hose fitting at the stove end Please?1 answer

The longer hose for our other stoves(Primus) doesn't fit this this stove at the inlet.

- Kallangur(1 month ago)

G'day Rod, 


While both stoves have a 3/8" fitting, there are two different types of these. The Primus 2 burner stoves have a 'coarse thread' fitting. For the Zempire 2 Burner Deluxe and Grill, you will need a 'fine thread' hose. 

- Snowys(1 month ago)

What are the internal dimensions of the grill?1 answer

Curious whether it would fit a double bbq plate in for transport, particularly thinking the Gasmate double bbq plate.

- Brunswick East(3 months ago)

It's not quite going to fit sorry Aaron, I just gave it a go myself. The grill section is 39.5cm long and 7cm high.

You could use something like the Campfire Square Fry Pan 24cm, this will fold up and go in the grill section, but I'd recommend packing it in a soft bag such as an old pillowcase or canvas bag.

- Snowys(3 months ago)

Could this stove be used inside? Does it have a safety rating? 1 answer

Does this stove have an Inside safety rating ?

- Nimbin(6 months ago)

G'day Carla,

While there is nothing physically stopping you from using this stove indoors, we wouldn't recommend it. All camping stoves are designed to be used outdoors where consistent ventilation and open space are available and hence don't come with any form of indoor safety rating or recommendation.

- Snowys(6 months ago)

Can you get any right angle gas connections for the gas cooker? The gas fitting that goes into the actual cooker.1 answer

Wanting to buy a right angle gas fitting

- Geelong (7 months ago)

G'day Shayne, 

I've looked through our system, and we don't have any right angle gas connectors in our range. As far as we know, it may be hard to come by one, so you may have to go somewhere local to check out what they have available. 

- Snowys(7 months ago)

The legs don't fold up as stated1 answer

No book & warranty card

- Adelaide(7 months ago)

G'day Chez, 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I've looked into this, and there's definitely been a mistake in the product description - so I do apologise about that. I'll make sure that detail is amended on the product page right away to prevent any further confusion. 

Your stove will definitely be valid under the warranty, which is for 1 year for this product. 

If you'd like to get in touch with us about the warranty or you're not happy with your stove, then please give us a call on 1300 914 007 or send us an email at with your order number and details - and we'll sort everything out for you Chez. 

- Snowys(7 months ago)

Bayonet attachment1 answer

I would like to attach the Zempire two burner/grill to my bayonet on my caravan so I can use the gas from my 9kg bottles instead of a separate bottle. Can you supply me with this attachment?

- Richmond 2753(7 months ago)

Hi Alan, 

Unfortunately the stoves we have available are regulated so we don't recommend using an adapter to a bayonet fitting sorry.

- Snowys(7 months ago)

Bag for Zempire 1 answer

It is noted in you Q & A that a Carry Bag 40610 is suitable for this stove. The dimensions given for the bag are 49 x 40 x 12. The stove dimensions given are 51 x 35 x 42. How will it fit. Is their a suitable bag available ??. Otherwise it looks like a "no sale"..Regards....GEOFF

- Portland, Vic(7 months ago)

G'day Geoff,

I have just tried the Zempire 2 Burner Deluxe and Grill with the Oztrail Canvas 2 Burner Stove Carry Bag and found that it just fits in there. 

As the edges of this stove are rounded off, you can stretch the bag to fit the width, despite the dimensions.

It's not a perfect fit, but as far as I can find we don't have anything else that's suitable in the range at this time - so it's up to you whether you would be happy with a stove bag that requires a little more effort to use.

- Snowys(7 months ago)

Zempire or the Gasmate stove and grill? 3 answers

I am trying to choose between these two. Pros and cons please.

- 6026(8 months ago)

G'day Isabelle, 

The main difference between the two is that the Zempire 2 Burner Deluxe and Grill is more powerful than the Gasmate Stove and Grill. 

The BTU per burner on the Gasmate is 6850 for the stove, and 4500 for the Grill whereas theZempire is 12000 for the stove, and 6000 for the grill. 

So while the Zempire will use more gas, it will cook faster as it is a hotter unit, and it's also going to be heavier at 6.2kg compared to the Gasmate at 5.5kg. 
I hope that gave you a good idea of the differences between the two, let us know if you have any further questions Isabelle. 
- Snowys(8 months ago)

Thank you so much. I will go with the zempire. Do I need to order and adaptors or accessories or does it come with everything I need? Also can you tell me what gas bottle I need...I am based in wa so cant come into store.

- 6026(8 months ago)

G'day Isabelle, 

The Zempire 2 Burner Deluxe and Grill has a 3/8" BSP fitting, so it will connect directly to a gas bottle that has a 3/8" BSP fitting. When you go to purchase gas just let them know which fitting it is, and they can guide you to the correct cylinder. 

This unit does come with a hose included, but not an adaptor. You won't need an adaptor unless you want to use this stove with a gas cylinder with a POL fitting. 

- Snowys(8 months ago)

Gas consumption1 answer

Hello Snowys I am comparing the Zempire with the Gasmate 3 burner with grill and would like to know the gas consumption of the Zempire. It is provided for the Gasmate in details, but not for the Zempire. Thanks in advance

- Blacktown(8 months ago)

G'day Tanya, 

The Zempire 2 Burner Deluxe and Grill has a rate of 135 g/h for the grill burner, and 540 g/h for the 2x stove burners. The Zempire model is going to be a lot hotter, so that's why there is such a big difference. 

- Snowys(8 months ago)

What is the height in the closed position?1 answer

What is the height when closed

- 4650(8 months ago)

G'day Paul,

When this all closed up, the Zempire 2 Burner Deluxe and Grill is 17cm high.

- Snowys(8 months ago)

Why only a 1 year warranty?1 answer

Other stoves come with 3 to 5 year warranties.... so is this Zempire 2 Burner Deluxe & grill a poorer quality?

- Gumeracha(9 months ago)

G'day Linda,

In general we have a lot of confidence in Zempire as a brand, we find their products to be well made and at an affordable price. We also find them to be a brand with good customer service so we don't believe this Grill is of lesser quality than the others in our range. 

If you ever have a problem with a product, you can always contact us directly and we will sort everything out for you. 

- Snowys(9 months ago)

Regulator1 answer

Hi guys, does this stove require a regulator to be attached to the 3/8" LPG bottle?

- onslow(9 months ago)

G’day Craig,

The Zempire 2 Burner Deluxe & Grill doesn’t require a regulator, so you can just attach the hose straight to the bottle. 

- Snowys(9 months ago)

Can you recommend carry bag that will fit this Zempire stove?3 answers

Can you recommend carry bag that will fit this Zempire stove?

- onslow(9 months ago)

G'day Craig,

Unfortunately none of the stove bags we have in store here fit the height of this stove and I've just tried to find alternatives in the furniture bags but to no avail I'm sorry.  The stove does have carry handles however.

- Snowys(9 months ago)

I just bought this stove but don't think it got a carry handle as others like to carry it as a suitcase.

- Bunbury(9 months ago)

G'day everyone, 

Apologies about the confusion, I've just double checked the display model and the 2 Burner Deluxe and Grill does not have carry handles.

The 2 Burner Deluxe Stove does however - which I think may have been where we got our wires crossed. 

- Snowys(9 months ago)

Carry bag1 answer

Hi there Does this come with a carry bag or do I need to purchase one separately ?

- Perth(9 months ago)

Hi Jayne,

This cooker has carry handles but not an included carry bag.  I have just tested that it fits in the Canvas 2 burner stove bag that we carry here so if you'd like to purchase one of those, simply type in the code 40610 in our website search bar.

- Snowys(9 months ago)

does this stove come with a hose fitting1 answer

does this come with a hose fitting

- via foster(10 months ago)

Hi Janet, 

This stove comes with a gas hose with connection for a 3/8" gas bottle. If you have a 9kg gas bottle then you'll need a POL adaptor such as this one, which can also be purchased here on our website. 

- Snowys(10 months ago)

Hose and Bottle1 answer

Can you please advise me of the appropriate hose and gas bottle required for this stove? As soon as I hear from you I'll go ahead and order the lot. Thanks. Eric.

- Templestowe Lower(11 months ago)

G'day Eric, 

The Zempire 2 Burner Deluxe and Grill comes with its own hose that has a 3'8" fitting, so it can be used directly with a 3'8" BSP-LH gas cylinder.

- Snowys(11 months ago)

griddle1 answer

can you buy a matching bbq plate/griddle for this model?

- Yamba(12 months ago)

G'day Debbie, 

I've had a look through the info provided to us by Zempire, and I've found that they don't make their own brand BBQ plate.

But, I've tried out a few other brands in store for you, and the Gasmate BBQ Plate Double is a very good fit for the Zempire 2 Burner Deluxe and Grill - so that's a good option for you to consider. 

- Snowys(12 months ago)

Is there a stand this will fit on1 answer

Or is it better on a small table

- Narrabri(1 year ago)

G'day Marion, 

I've just checked this with the display models, and Zempire do make a stove stand which fits the 2 Burner Deluxe and Grill stove really well. We do sell this stand online, which can check out here if you like. 

You can also use this stove on an (appropriate) table, it's just a matter of how you like to set up your outdoor cooking area. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)