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Black Wolf

Turbo Lite Twin 300 Tent

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The Black Wolf Turbo Lite Twin is the ultimate in family camping luxury! Available in two models (240 and 300) they have a room at each side of the main tent that extends the tent a further 1.8m each side. That’s an extra 3.6m of space! Rollback vented curtain dividers partition off each area into 3 rooms, or can be opened up to create one huge living area. 

The Black Wolf Turbo Lite Twin 300 Tent is super-fast and easy to erect. Its features include:

  • Lightweight: The Turbo Lite 300 is made from very strong but lightweight Ripstop Polyester.
  • Awning: The new 3 pole awning not only handles all weather conditions but provides extra undercover space where you need it. Optional side and front panels enclose this area for even more living space.
  • Size: The 300cm square floor of the main tent plus the two extra areas can sleep 10-12 people. The other size available is the smaller 240 (sleeps 8-10 people).
  • Fly Material: The fly, which comes standard, is made from 150D Ripstop Polyester PU 2000mm a lightweight yet ultra-tough and durable material.
  • Floor: The floor has been upgraded to a 500D Polyester PU floor, more durable, yet light in weight and easy to fold and pack.
  • Strong: The frame and poles are all of strong, lightweight and durable 23mm diameter aluminium.
  • Excellent Ventilation: A large front door, roof vents and large gusseted side windows provide for plenty of airflow and ventilation. The back door can be zipped down for privacy or opened up as a basic 2 pole awning.
  • Waterproof: The seams of the fly and floor are waterproof-taped to prevent leakages and keep you dry.
  • Insect protection: The doors and windows are fitted with zippered fibreglass mesh to keep out flying insects.
  • Compact when packed: Will fit into the back of most 4WDs and doesn’t have to be carried on roof racks. 
  • Extras touches: Zippered guy rope stow pockets to keep guy ropes tidy; a zippered power inlet with retainer tabs.
  • Lifetime warranty: Black Wolf are constantly improving and innovating their products. The Turbo Tent range is a perfect example of the company’s commitment to best-in-class quality and performance.
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
Sleeping Capacity:
11 Person
Recommended Capacity:
6 Person + Living
External Dimensions:
670L x 490W x 210H cm
Sleeping Area:
660L x 300W cm
Packed Dimensions:
145L x 34W x 35H cm
Max. Head Height:
200 cm
150D Polyester
Inner Material:
150D Polyester
Floor Material:
500D Polyester
Frame Material:
25mm Aluminium
5000mm Floor |2000mm Fly
34 Kg
Limited Lifetime

room dividers1 answers

with the roll back vented curtain dividers, can you have them as just meshy fly screen dividers or are they a privacy divider??

- Footscray(2 months ago)

G'day Johnny!

They are privacy dividers, so there's no option to just have a mesh door closed, but the very top section of the screen is mesh to help with ventilation.

- Snowys(2 months ago)

difference in darkness with Instant Northstar Dark Room 10P Tent3 answers

Trying to choose between this and the Instant Northstar Dark Room 10P Tent. I understand the quality difference in the two tents which is leading me towards the black wolf, however my wife is quite keen on the dark cover of the Instant Northstar Dark Room 10P Tent. Do you have any information regarding the differences in light levels inside the tents?

- St Morris(3 months ago)

G'day Anthony, 

Unfortunately brands like Coleman & Black Wolf don't usually provide a level of light rating. As our tents are set up inside, I've taken our brightest lantern (1000 lumens) and shone it on the outside of a turbo lite tent (on the highest setting with the fly on) and you could see a faint glow through the fabric, but it definitely wasn't very bright. How this will compare to the sun, I'm not too sure. I hope this helps.

- Snowys(3 months ago)

Do you know how that compares to the Instant Northstar Dark Room tent?

- St Morris(3 months ago)

Hi Anthony, 

Personally, I would say that the Instant Northstar Dark Room is a stronger performer in blocking out light - as it's designed specificially for that purpose.

As much as I'd like to say that the Turbo Lite Twin 300 will block the same amount of light - we just have no bullet proof way of finding out for you. 

If it helps though, you can see the video of the Dark Room Tent which shows how much light it blocks in comparison to a standard tent here. And you can see a video of the interior of the Turbo Lite Twin tent during the day time (when the sun is out) here beginning at 1:52.  

- Snowys(3 months ago)

Sealing awning 1 answers

Is there any way to make the awning area into another sealed room (with floor) in either this or the cabin 450 model?

- Sydney(3 months ago)

G’day Michelle,

There are a range of options to close off the Turbo Lite Twin 300, and the Cabin 450 and that’s using  a screen room accessory. This comes in a 300 size (compatible with the Turbo Lite Twin 300) and a Cabin 450 size which creates a sealed off room including a floor under your awning. 

We also have a range of front, and side panels which can also be used with the screen room which you can check out here, which will provide more weather protection along with sealing off the space. 

- Snowys(3 months ago)

Was looking at the Coleman Instant Northstar Dark Room 10P Tent but saw good price for the Black Wolf3 answers

I was planning on getting the Coleman Instant Northstar Dark Room 10P Tent but saw the good price on the 2016 Black Wolf twin tents. What are main points of difference as price is fairly similar. Have had a coleman Chalet 9CV for a few years but had lots of problems with it which coleman were great and replaced every time. Are Black Wolf good with warranty claims?

- 2095(3 months ago)

Howdy Mel! There are a few differences between the two tent to help you with your decision. The Black Wolf Turbo Lite Twin 300 features a thicker Polyester material and floor, with 150D for the tent and 500D for the floor, in comparison to the Coleman Instant Northstar at 75D for the fabric and 420D for the floor. The waterproof rating for the Turbo Lite is also higher at 5000mm however this does increase the weight of the tent to 34kgs instead of 20kgs for the Northstar. If weight is not an issue for your adventures then the Turbo Lite would be a better choice for waterproofing and fabric. Both tents will allow for around 6 people to sleep comfortably with some living space, however the inside dimensions of the Black Wolf is slightly larger with around 10% more space. Black Wolf also offer a Limited Lifetime warranty on their tents whereas Coleman are offering a 2 year warranty for manufacturing defects. Hope this helps with which direction to go. Cheers!

- Snowys(3 months ago)

Thanks Nick - would you be able to tell me what is the height like in the side rooms?

- 2096(3 months ago)

Hi Mel, 

We don't have a Twin 300 on display to measure for you, but we do have a Twin 240 which is the same height as the 300 just a bit smaller in size so the room height should be the same give or take a few centimetres. 

From measuring the Twin 240, I've found that the side rooms are 165cm at peak height, and then slope down to approximately 140cm. 

- Snowys(3 months ago)

Comparison with OutdoorConnection Brampton 1 answers

Hi Snowy I am considering to buy it or Brampton. I know it's different between instant or traditional way. However another things like material or anything. Could you please any advice for me? It would be appreiciate to buy.

- Skye/VIC(3 months ago)

G'day Yun. There are some clear differences between the two tents. The outdoor Connection Brampton would realistically fit 8 people plus living space compared to the Turbo Lite Twin at approximately 6 persons plus living, and has a slightly higher head space of 210cm compared to 200. However, the fabric on the Black Wolf Turbo Lite 300 is a higher grade thicker 150D polyester for the inner and the fly. The Black Wolf also sports a better waterproof rating of up to 5000mm compared to a lesser 2000mm on the Brampton, however using a product called Seam Sealer can dramatically improve water resistance and is a great investment for any tent.

Probably one of the other important factors is the warranty, with Black Wolf giving a Limited Lifetime warranty compared to 3 years. Most of the other features of both tents are very similar so it may come down to perhaps how many people would be in the tent when in use? Cheers!

- Snowys(3 months ago)

Is this tent 3 separate rooms or one big room?1 answers

How many rooms?

- caulfield north(3 months ago)

G'day Maoz. Great question! The Turbo Lite Twin 300 Tent has the option for three rooms divided by roll-back zippered and ventilated dividers for complete privacy or can be opened up to one huge living area if desired. This tent is super fast to erect and features a large peaked awning to extend the living area for exta comfort in the great outdoors. It comes in two sizes, the 240 and the 300 and is great for a growing family, or for when friends join you on your expedition.

- Snowys(3 months ago)

Which tent is better? 1 answers

Hello we are a family of 5 first time campers and need help choosing a tent. Should we choose this one or the new oztrail latitude? It looks like they are made of the same material so we can't work out the price difference (currently 500 difference) What would you say sets this one apart? Thankyou !

- Perth(4 months ago)

Hi Amanda,

The main differences between the Turbo Lite Twin 300 and the Oztrail Latitude are quality of construction, and how they are set up.  

The Black Wolf is designed to be taken touring so you can put it up and take it down really easily as the frame is connected to the tent itself.With the Latitude you will have to spend more time threading the poles through and going through a few more steps to set it up.

The Turbo will also offer your more weather protection as the shape will brace better in the wind and it has a higher waterhead rating. That’s not to say that the Latitude is a bad tent, it just represents a different price point so the features are less heavy duty.

If you’re planning to go on a lot of camping trips then I’d say the Turbo would be worth your while, but if you’re only planning on using your tent infrequently then the Latitude may be a good option for you.

These decisions can be a bit tricky so if you’re still undecided, give us a buzz on 1300 914 007 and one of our friendly customer service team will be happy to talk you through the range. 

- Snowys(4 months ago)

roof racks3 answers

is it safe to travel with this on your roof racks?

- 2103(4 months ago)

G'day Jim,

Most people do transport this style of tent on their roof racks, and this tent weighs 34kg for reference - however I can't give you a solid answer as to whether that would be safe on your car.

It really depends on the weight rating of your roof rack, and the roof loading capacity of your car. I'd highly recommend checking your car manual, and getting in contact with the manufacturer of your roof racks to get a weight rating from them before you transport your gear. 

- Snowys(4 months ago)

Thanks Emily, more worried about weather this is safe for the tent. cheers

- 2103(4 months ago)

Hi Jim,

These tents can be transported on roof racks without any damage to the tent, as long as it's packed away properly in it's bag, and strapped down with rated straps. 

The carry bag that comes with the Turbo Lite Twin 300 isn't waterproof so you might want to consider covering it up to protect your tent - but aside from that, the tent itself will not get damaged if you take proper care. 

- Snowys(4 months ago)

Newest model?1 answers

Hi Is this the newest available model of the blackwolf twin turbo lite 300?

- 2219(5 months ago)

G'day Rose, 

The Turbos that we have listed online are the current 2016 models. There are some updates coming for 2017, so we've put some information together to help people piece together the differences which you can check out here. 

- Snowys(5 months ago)

The tent specs say that the tent is 2.1m high, I assume that this is at the highest part of the tent in the centre. What is the internal height of the tent in the four corners of the main room where the roof slopes down to the four side poles of the 1 answers

- MELBOURNE, VIC(6 months ago)

Hi John, I’ve just measured the inside of the Turbo Lite Twin 300 from the floor to where the wall meets the roof – and it is 169cm high.

- Snowys(6 months ago)

Instant tent or Not1 answers

Is this an instant tent like the coleman?

- Coomera(6 months ago)

Hi Marty, the Instant Up tents from Coleman are similar to the Black Wolf Turbo tents in that they both have an all-in-one pitching frame. However there are differences in the features and how the entire tent is set up. Overall the Turbo is a heavier duty version of the Instant Up as it has thicker poles and is a little bit more hard wearing so that would be their main point of difference. We’ve got a video on the Black Wolf Turbo range linked on the product page which takes you through how to pitch a Turbo tent, so that might be helpful to watch.

- Snowys(6 months ago)

Ground Cover Sheet for Turbo Twin 3001 answers

Hello, im searching for a ground cover for this Tent. Have found one - Oztrail ultra mesh, but do you have one that extends the full length of this tent (6.6m)? I can only find one 610L x 305W cm, which would leave it 500mm short of the tent length and expose floor to the ground.

- Victoria(1 year ago)
You can get Black Wolf Groundsheets specifically for each model Reg, but they aren't cheap. Search for product code 45013 on our website to see one suitable for the Turbo Twin 300, the image only shows a standard Turbo Tent, but you can choose a Turbo Twin from the drop-down menu on the right. Alternatives are the Oztrail Ultramesh in its largest size which you have already found, this is the most cost effective, or the C-Gear mat in 7.5m x 2.4m (code 38464). Neither of these are exact but will do the job.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Can the awning accessories be used with this tent? Eg. Screenroom 1 answers

- ST MARYS, NSW(1 year ago)
Hi Kevin, the awning on the Turbo Twin models is compatible with the same accessories as the regular and plus models. Side walls are universal, but when is comes to screen rooms, front panels and Extenda awnings you need to make sure you buy the size applicable to your model.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Are there internal window coverings?1 answers

There are external window coverings but are there ones inside you don't need to go outside to put the window down if you need privacy?

- EAST MACKAY, QLD(1 year ago)
Hi Kathleen. The Turbo tents do not feature internal privacy screens on their windows, so you can't make any adjustments from inside the tent. The windows are gusseted though, which means you can guy them out to provide air flow whilst maintaining weather protection and privacy.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

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