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TSA Security Locks

• A robust, secure and stylish lock, approved by the TSA* - a "must-have" for travelling to USA• Set your own combination - simple instructions enclosed• INDICATOR FUNCTIONThe INDICATOR FUNCTION shows if the TSA / HMRC special tool has been used to open your lock: RED = Special tool used GREEN = Lock has not been opened by TSA / HMRC - (Instructions for resetting the indicator are enclosed)* The US Travel Security Agency (TSA) and Her Majesty's Revenues and Customs (HMRC) maintain the right to open any case, even if it is locked. This means that they can cut off your normal lock, destroying it forever. The Korjo Travel Sentry Lock solves this problem - you can now lock your case again without worrying that it will be destroyed by the TSA/HMRC. - Set your own combination (instructions enclosed). - Authorised TSA / HMRC agents can use a secured tool to open the lock, check your case and relock it (without ever learning your combination).
$14.95 $12.90

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Case Locks 20mm Twin Pack

• Padlock your luggage without remembering numbers• Uses keys…just don’t forget them when you leave• Two solid brass 20mm padlocks• Tough steel shanks• Supplied with 3 keys
$9.95 $8.90

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Link Lock

• This three dial combination lock comes with a removable high tensile steel cable system that enables you to fix to and secure your case to your other bags or luggage for added security• Made of solid zinc alloy and coated in tough polypropylene• Easy to set personal number
$22.95 $19.90

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Big Wheel

• This is a solid brass three-dial combination lock with oversize numbers…especially designed for use in low light and for people with poor eyesight• Easily visible number wheels• Heavy duty secure construction• Made of strong and durable zinc alloy and steel
$17.95 $15.90

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Glo Travel Sentry Lock

• Secure brightly-coloured brass padlock that allows US customs to examine luggage easily and safely without damaging the lock• Solid padlock encased in nylon• Comes with 3 keys
From $10.90
3 colours

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Travel Sentry Lock

• Quality 3 dial combination lock• Approved by the US Travel Security Administration allowing customs officials (and no-one else!) to safely and securely examine your luggage
$17.95 $15.90

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Case Lock 20mm

• Padlock your luggage without remembering numbers• Uses keys…just don’t forget them when you leave• Solid brass 20mm padlock• Tough steel shank• Supplied with 3 keys
$5.95 $5.90
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