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Pot/Lid Stand for BushRanger

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Controlled cooking over coals, the Hillbilly Pot/Lid Stand for BushRanger is a handy stand to lift your camp oven, billy or kettle off the coals, especially useful when you need to control heat transfer.

Let’s set some expectations though, Hillbilly make gear functional and unbreakable, but it’s not pretty. Made with heavy duty steel welded together and touched up with paint to keep the rust at bay, a good clean and a seasoning with fresh cooking oil will ensure your Hillbilly gear lasts you a lifetime.

  • Supports canp oven, kettle or billy over coals
  • Suits BushRanger Camp Oven
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
In Use Dimensions:
27.5W x 27.5D x 7.5H cm
Packed Dimensions:
27.5W x 27.5D x 7.5H cm
0.6 Kg
1 Year

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The codes and prices for the Bushking and 1 answer

Bushranger stands are different but the dimensions and weight appear to be identical. What is the difference?

- Wodonga(11 hours ago)

G'day Bob,

Excellent pickup! We've made a bit of a stuff up on the BushRanger variety. The Hillbilly Pot/Lid Stand for Bushranger is 275mm across, not the 333mm that we stated. We're getting it fixed up online too.

- Snowys(just now)

12" Dr Livingston Camp Oven1 answer

I saw in another question that this is tight fit for the 10" camp oven but would it fit on top as a pot stand and inside the 12" for storage purposes?

- Croydon(3 months ago)

G'day Jason,

You'll have no issue using the Hillbilly Pot/Lid Stand for BushRanger as a stand or within for storage with the 12" Dr Livingston Camp Oven.

- Snowys(3 months ago)

Will this fit on the lid of a 10" dr Livingstone camp oven3 answers

Will this fit on the lid of a 10" dr Livingstone camp oven

- Maroubra(12 months ago)

It will George, but the legs are very close to the edge and it wouldn't take much of a knock for it to slide off. These are designed to support a camp oven i.e. the camp oven goes on top with coals or heat beads underneath. For this purpose, it would be a good fit for the 10" Dr Livingstones camp oven.

- Snowys(12 months ago)

I was hoping to use this on top of my 10" steel camp oven to hold my 2 quart cast iron camp oven. Do you think that would,work?

- Maroubra(12 months ago)

Hi George, 

You could very well stack it that way, but it will be very precariously balanced - so it's not something we would recommend, as it won't take much to unbalance it. 

- Snowys(12 months ago)

Pot Lid Stand Storage.1 answer

Just a simple question... will the stand fit inside the bushranger 7.5l camp oven for storage? Thanks....

- Sorrento(1 year ago)

Hi Jason,

I've just tried it myself with the display models and the Hillbilly Pot/Lid Stand for BushRanger does fit inside the BushRanger 7.5L size camp oven for storage. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)
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