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Dura Sleep XL Single Airbed

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Lighter, stronger and better puncture resistance, the Dura Sleep XL Single airbed from Coleman will change the way you view the reliability of an air filled mattress.

Sleeping space for one, the specially developed laminate composite material offers increased levels of puncture resistance and strength whilst being up to 45% lighter than normal PVC airbeds.

The  Comfortsmart coil system provides superior support when compared to standard airbeds and firm edges that you can sit on. Finished off with a soft bonded surface fabric and a Wrap ‘N’ Roll storage bag the Coleman Dura Sleep XL Single airbed is as useful camping as it is for an overnight guest at home.

  • XL Single size
  • 47% more puncture resistant than PVC
  • Up to 45% lighter than PVC
  • 25% stronger than PVC
  • Firm Comfortsmart coil system
  • Soft face fabric
  • Wrap ‘N’ Roll storage system
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External Dimensions:
185L x 96W cm
Packed Dimensions:
33L x 27W x 7H cm
Mat Thickness:
20 cm
Duratec Laminate
2 Kg
1 Year
4.9 9
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Nov 10 2016


This is just as comfy as my bed and packs really nice. Material is nice not that cheap plastic if your wondering.
Thanks Snowys great product at a reasonable price.

- Endeavour hills
Aug 21 2016

A great product and really comfortable.

A great product with great service. Thanks Snowys.

Jul 19 2016

Must have item for travelers

Great sleep in it. Very light weight indeed. No regrets in buying this item. Very happy with snowys store. Saving up to buy more items from them.

Mar 14 2016

Amazing mattress

Doesn't loose any air and is extremely stable. Reinforced edges means that the pressure is evenly spread throughout the mattress.

- Sydney
Feb 11 2016

Made for comfort

Just like the Queen mattress i brought, i have no regrets with the single one. If you enjoy a good night sleep as much as i do, then do yourself a favor and buy one of these.

Oct 14 2015


We had Dune self inflating mattresses but always found them too soft and my hip would hit the ground. The Coleman dura sleep does not lose any air and provides a nice firm feel. Very happy we made the switch from the Dune mattress.

- Brisbane
Sep 30 2015

So far so good.

I've only used the air bed once but it worked really well & I had no problems at all.

- Perth
Aug 24 2015

Comfortable, large and strong

I've been using this airbed for a month now and it hasn't leaked. It is lightweight, rolls up neatly, and is quite large compared with other airbeds I have owned. And very happy with Snowys.

Aug 16 2015

A blow up matress that feels like your own bed!

Such a good product, not once did it fault me in the NW Aus desert. I was using it in a tent so didn't really put it through the puncture tests that are on youtube etc but I'd believe it...
Folds up to about the size of an A4 Foolscap folder.
Sadly I forgot my air pump so had to blow mine up using my lungs. It took me maybe 5-10mins (incl hyperventilation) so I paid the standard camping price for being such a wally.

- Bondi, NSW

Re Compression issue1 answers

Thanks for the response Ben. I know it is difficult. My wife's current airbed is Coleman 4 in 1. We configure with the 2 airbeds on top of each other. The major winning point with her is that it probably only compresses about 40 %. (when inflated hard). This enables her to swing out of the airbed and stay sitting. It is pity that the video doesn't show this feature. Problem with the 4 in 1 is that it goes down a little overnight and in the morning the compression is too great.

- CAMBERWELL, VIC(10 months ago)
I am quite confident that the double high Durasleep Mat will offer better support at the sides than the 4-N1 mattress Frank. I am not at all familiar with the 4-N-1 but it looks to me to offer very little support at the edges when stacked as a double high single bed, there are gaps between the two mattresses that offer no resistance to weight. I don't know of an air mattress that does offer the same support as an inner spring mattress, but the Durasleep mattresses are the closest we have come across.
- Snowys(10 months ago)

I am interested to know exactly how much the airbed compressors if somebody sits on the side of it.1 answers

- CAMBERWELL, VIC(10 months ago)
This is a bit of a tough one to give a definitive answer for Frank. It depends on both the weight of the user and the amount of air in the mattress. What I can say though is that when our buying team first saw these at a trade show they were very impressed as to how firm the sides were to sit on compared to similar mats. They are not as firm as the mattress you have at home, but the best we have seen in an air mattress for edge support.
- Snowys(10 months ago)

comparison comparison1 answers

Is this airbed better than active aerobed for camping thanks

- Burton(11 months ago)
I wouldn't say it's better Steve, just different. The Durasleep mattresses are very durable and particularly light given their durability, whilst the Aerobed comes with an integrated pillow/headrest and a built in pump. Both still need consideration for potential punctures when used, and both offer similar levels of comfort. The choice should be based on the features than best suit your needs.
- Snowys(11 months ago)

Is pump included? 1 answers

The specification does not mention pump.

- SYDNEY, NSW(1 year ago)
A pump is not included with this mattress sorry May. We have a range of pumps from Coleman on our website that will be suitable, the main choice between them all is between 12 V, 240 V or rechargeable.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Will two of these fit side by side in the rooms of the Blackwolf Turbo Air Twin?1 answers

Or is there a narrower version that will allow two to fit? I can see from the measurements of the width of this bed and the tent that two side by side will be 12cm wider than the space in the tent. But... in real life? Can you check for me?

- Nyngan(1 year ago)
Hi Richard, two of these will fit, and you are probably best fitting them in length-ways rather than cross-ways. The end of the mattress will stick out under the room divider, and if you are much over 6 foot tall, your head and feet will be touching the ends. Cross-ways you may find that one person is sleeping with the room divider over their face.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Does a regular single sheet fit on this mattress?1 answers

- 30148(1 year ago)
Hi Lina, it looks like a standard fitted sheet is sized at approximately 190 cm long x 90 cm wide, and depth is anywhere from 30 - 40 cm. Given these measurements I can quite confidently say that a fitted sheet would fit, but I recommend confirming your fitted sheet dimensions first.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Dura Sleep = Durarest (about technology) ?1 answers

I see "Coleman DuraRest Single High Airbed" at: so "Dura Sleep XL Single Airbed" is better than "Coleman DuraRest Single High Airbed" ?

- HN(1 year ago)
Hi Dzung, they are actually the same thing. Dura Rest is what they are called in the US, but when Coleman introduced them to Australia they had to change the name slightly which is why you see Dura Sleep on our website. The technologies, dimension, fabrics etc are otherwise identical.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

This airbed insulate well and i am not cold ???1 answers

When i sleep in this airbed (outdoor in winter with temperature range: ~ 0*c - 10* c ) so, this airbed insulate well and i am not cold ???

- HN(1 year ago)
Hi Dzung, as a general rule, airbeds do not insulate the sleeper from cold ground. Air is not a good conductor of heat and will not retain any warmth that you release. If you need something that insulates better I recommend looking at some of the self inflating camping and 4WD mats on our website. These have a foam fill which will keep you much warmer at night.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Will the Aerobed pump connect to 1 answers

We already have the Aerobed Active Queen Airbed. Will the pump that came with that fit this Coleman airbed?

- W.A.(1 year ago)
It won't sorry Lee. The Dura Sleep beds have the standard 'Boston' valve, whereas Aerobed as you would know, have their own attachment. You might be able to hold the pump against the valve and try and seal the edges, but it won't be very efficient.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

What weight can sleep on this mattress?1 answers

Some mattresses seem to be rated at 100kg, others at 295kg. Is this one you can drive a moped over? Thanks.

- Coolum Beach(1 year ago)
Hi James, Coleman don't put weight ratings on their airbeds, but after following up similar questions on the Coleman Quickbed range, the official response was they do test them to weights in excess of 300kg, and they claim the Dura Sleep range to be 25% stronger.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

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