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Oxley 7 Canvas Touring Tent

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Oztent Oxley 7 Canvas Touring Tent Watch video
Oztent Oxley 7 Canvas Touring Tent Watch video

Fast to set up, spacious, and made with high-quality fabrics and components – the Oxley Fast Frame 7 from Oztent is a robust tent for the whole family.

This tent is made from Oztent’s waterproof ripstop poly-cotton canvas – the same tried and tested material that they’ve been using for the past 17 years. There are No-See-Um mesh fly screens to keep insects out, and a heavy-duty heat-sealed PVC tub floor for protection from the ground up. The fly is included with this tent, which helps to keep condensation at bay in chilly conditions and will keep your space cooler in warm weather. For airflow, the Oxley has a passive ventilation system which allows air flow for a more comfortable interior.

Space is a premium when camping with a family, and this tent comes with a 2.2m pull out extension for extra room. To set up the tent, pop up the centre hub to lock it, and then pull and lock the legs into place. When packing down, just pull down the centre hub and the legs will easily collapse. The extra-large awning provides extra space for relaxing under, and it can be closed off with additional walls for extra weather protection and privacy.

And when you’re kicking back in your tent, you can slot most devices into the integrated media pocket to watch your favourite movie. A versatile and high-quality family tent that be extended for extra space, you can’t go wrong with the Oxley Fast Frame 7 from Oztent.

  • Sleeps 7 people
  • No-See-Um mesh fly screens
  • Heavy-duty heat-sealed PVC tub floor
  • Passive ventilation system for air flow
  • 2.2m pull out extension
  • Easy pack up and set up
  • Aircraft quality components
  • 100% waterproof material
  • Pull out extension
  • Fly included
  • Media pocket for holding devices 
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
Sleeping Capacity:
7 Person
Recommended Capacity:
4 Person
External Dimensions:
670L x 250W x 210H cm
Sleeping Area:
220L x 250W cm
Packed Dimensions:
122L x 39W x 39H cm
Max. Head Height:
200 cm
8 Oz Ripstop Polycotton Canvas
Inner Material:
No See Um Mesh
Floor Material:
Frame Material:
Corrosion Resistant Poles & Parts
35 Kg
2 Year

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Nov 09 2018

Oxley 7

I have not been camping yet only set it up in the backyard to inspect it and it was really easy to setup and packup only the final roll up requires some planning and practice due to the floor being so thick. The tent fabrics and flooring seem to be really nice quality. The only negative I noticed was that there were some tiny pinch, stretch marks in the floor I noticed when I first opened it from being rolled up tight from the factory and I think it would be easy to do more damage if you tried to roll it up too tight on packup. On noticing this on attempting to roll it up the first time I decided to go get a second bag for the poles, pegs, fly etc as I feel rolling just tight enough to get in the bag by itself will best prevent any further damage of this nature. The bag is plenty wide enough for just the tent but another 10cm length would be nice. The second bag doesn't need to be huge. The floor is probably the best and worst feature of this tent hopefully it will be durable long-term only time will tell but counting on the fact the normal oztent seem to be known for being durable with the same flooring (correct my if I'm wrong) although they don't look like they have to be rolled up as so tightly to packup by the looks of it. I guess I'll have to wait and see. Snowys were very friendly to talk to on the phone and my tent arrived very quickly.

- Wagga
Nov 08 2018

Great Value

Really great value and much better quality than similar Tents

- Castle Hill, NSW
Oct 15 2018

Great concept

My last tent was an Outdoor Connection Heron which is a two room tent and has been great for our family of four. However the setup and pack down time was at least 30min each way if you worked fast. We needed a tent that is more versatile and can setup in quick time for touring trips as well as being large enough to use for weekly camps. Firstly I was very impressed with Snowy’s service, nice work guys! They phoned us to confirm the purchase as it was over $1500 Including the other items. The package arrived quickly within the week. Unfortunately the couriers had played football with it and the box was torn and had clearly been thrown around a bit. The following weekend we setup the tent in our yard to check over it. Unfortunately this tent was very poorly put together. The stitching was poor and in some places the seams were missed. There was also an abrasion in the PVC floor from shipping. We contacted Snowys by email with photos of the issues. Within the week they had resolved the warranty issue with Oztent and a new tent was sent directly from Oztent. They even covered the pick up of original tent. We setup the replacement tent. The stitching was much better this time. Unfortunately again we found an issue. A cable in one of the poles was broken. We spoke with Snowys and they resolved with Oztent who sent out an entirely new pole system which we were able to easily swap out on the tent. Thankyou Snowys for this suggestion. We have used the tent in a four day camp. We arrived to setup our new tent in the rain. The fast frame design was brilliant. We were up in 10 minutes including the awning. Once the weather cleared i could fiddle with the other guy ropes on the fly. The weather for four days was patchy with 5mm rain each day and night. The tent was mostly water proof with only one minor leak where a seam at the junction of canvas and floor was soaked and dribbled a little. All other seams felt relatively dry in comparison. This only happened one day and seemed to be ok after this. Im not sure if the tent needs to be sealed or if it just needed seasoning. The manual makes no mention of seasoning the canvas. All in all the tent worked well for a family of four. We slept four people end to end and two wide with plenty of room for our bags and gear on the side. I will definitely get the longer poles. Even at 5’10” the supplied awning poles are too short and i had to duck under the awning. There are some issues with the tent I am hoping Snowys can help with please. 1. The back of the tent sags heavily at the rear sloping section between the guy ropes and each rear corner. I could not rectify this and would have a damp sleeping bag each morning where it touched the canvas during the night. 2. The PVC floor is easily damaged. Where the tent folds in half for packing. The plastic finish on this surface blisters, leaving it prone to peeling due to general use. I have placed at least six pvc tape patches on these for now to protect. 3. The bag while looking good isn’t strong enough and spoils the user experience at packup. The tent is easy to pack down and roll up but unfortunately it has developed a hole on the first use when driving on a bitumen highway. It was packed on the roof rack. Also, the bag is only just big enough and requires some origami to get it to fit into the bag. There are also exposed rivets at each end in the bag which can be abrasive to the PVC tent floor as it is packed or transported. Another 150mm to the length of bag, or larger zip opening larger would resolve this. I know Drifta makes canvas bags to replace the Oztent bags. I think I will look at these. Its a shame really considering its a $1200 tent and I need to spend more to finish the job. Thanks Team

- Canberra, ACT
Jan 17 2018

Complete knockout!!

Great tent, compact design. So simple to erect meaning you can get into the beers sooner! The addition of the media pocket is a small bonus of this jam packed tent!

- North Sydney, NSW

Enough room for stretchers1 answer

Would this tent fit two oztent stretchers in the main compartment and one in the back?

- Melbourne(1 week ago)

G'day Jim,

You'll be fine fitting a few stretchers in the front room of an Oztent Oxley 7 Touring Tent and another in the back room. Even the bigger Oztent King Goanna Stertcher would be fine in there.

- Snowys(6 days ago)

Awning Connector1 answer

Can this tent use the awning connector that oztent has with the RV range? Thanks

- Perth(7 months ago)

G'day Tim,

Unfortunately, you can't use the RV Awning Connector for the Oztent Oxley 7 Canvas Touring Tent but they are bringing out one for the Oxley Range Shortly, I believe. 

- Snowys(6 months ago)

Display1 answer

HI. I'm really interested in this tent, but I would like to see it first. Do you have one on display in South East Queensland somewhere?

- North Lakes(7 months ago)

G'day Mee,

We have a store in Brendale, in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. They'd be able to set up an Oztent Oxley 7 Canvas Touring Tent for you to look at. We'd just ask that you give us a buzz before you pop in so that we can have it ready for you as it's not currently on display. 

- Snowys(7 months ago)

Tarp to use under oxley 71 answer

Hi, id like to purchase a mesh tarp for under our oxley7. What size/branddo you suggest?

- Brunswick East(10 months ago)

G'day Melissa,

I think the best way to go for your Oztent Oxley 7 Canvas Touring Tent would be to look at the Oztrail Ultramesh Tarp. We don't have a size that will perfectly line up with your tent but would suggest either the 8 x 20 ft, which would be a touch too thin width wise, or the 20 x 16 ft option which will be a bit too wide. If you opt for the "too wide" option, you can always fold it down under the tent. 

- Snowys(10 months ago)

Comparison to BlackWolf Turbo series1 answer

Hi. I’m really interested in knowing how the Oxley 7 compares to the Blackwolf Turbo 240 Plus or Turbo 300 Plus. It seems to be sized halfway between the two, but I’m really interested in the quality and durability difference. They all seem to be made of the same canvas, but the Oxley is using a PVC base. How does that compare to the base of the Black Wolfs? Also, does the Oxley have the same range of accessories?

- Melbourne(11 months ago)

Good question Aaron.

You are right in that the size of the Oxley 7 sits right in between the Turbo 240 Plus and the Turbo 300 Plus. In terms of durability, we don't have a lot of feedback on the Oxley tents yet as they are much newer than the Turbo Tents. However, on close inspection, the build quality appears to be very comparable, with the main difference being that the Oxley has a much more durable PVC floor than the Turbo Tents. The downside of this is that it takes a little more effort to roll away into the bag. Black Wolf moved away from using a PVC base for this reason, but it left a gap in the market for people wanting this super heavy-duty floor.

Regarding accessories, Black Wolf Turbo Tents are the clear winner here with their range of sidewalls, screen rooms and add-ons. The Oxley will have a Complete Panel System available soon that encloses the front awning, but I don't know what Oztnet's plans are for further accessories. The Oxley also has a larger awning that is attached to the inner tent, so you can use this even without the flysheet attached, whilst the Turbo tents have a peaked awning as standard that is slightly smaller but offers better rain-shedding properties.

I couldn't recommend one over the other sorry, we have confidence in the quality of both, and both offer excellent after sales back-up of their products with spare parts. 

I hope that helps.

- Snowys(10 months ago)
Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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