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Wilderness Equipment

As with a lot of well-known brands, Wilderness Equipment started out with some motivated outdoor enthusiasts with an eye for design, and a willingness to produce their own gear. It was 1974 in Western Australia when founder, Ian Maley, made a tent tht he could not otherwise afford to buy at the time. The tent was called the Fjallraven and it was used throughout Australia in 1976 on bushwalking and cycle touring adventures, the tent never let them down.

In 1979 Ian decided to make the WE brand a full-time focus, and the range has expanded since to include numerous tents, packs and accessories, as well as heavy-duty rainwear. Many of their products have remained the same for many years, with the philosophy that if it isn't broken then there's no need to re-invent it. 

Wilderness Equipment uses heavy-duty fabrics, and where lighter weight products are produced, high-quality materials are used. The quality of their products and WE's involvement in manufacturing which had moved to Vietnam, manufacturing in Australia was ceased and the WE brand teamed up with another strong Australian brand, Sea To Summit, and the Wilderness Equipment brand remains a strong part of the Sea To Summit distribution today.

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