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• Fantastic value for money bush cooking• Lighter than cast iron camp ovens but just as easy to use• Two sizes available 10” and 12”• DVD “Tommo’s Tips” included
2 sizes From $49.90

Frypan Large 35cm

• Strong and durable camping frypan• Comes with a strong steel handle
$34.95 $31.90


Steel camp ovens that are lighterweight than thair cast iron counterparts, making them easy to transport and care for.

The Bedourie oven is unique, originally made as a slim, unbreakable design that will easily fit in the saddles of pack horses, you may also benefit from the low profile packed dimensions of the bedourie, whilst benefiting from all the capabilities of regular camp ovens.

Made with heavy gauge spun steel, Dr Livingstones Bedourie ovens will not break or crack and come in two sizes.

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