News: Due to the north QLD floods, orders could be delayed for customers living north of Townsville.
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Cecil & Co
Campfire Water Boiler 15L

• The Campfire Water Boiler offers a unique and practical way of always having hot water available at your campsite• Made of galvanized steel and is of quality construction• You’ll find it an important and invaluable addition to your camping gear• All you do once the unit is full of cold water is place it on the ground next to the campfire and it will start to warm• As you need to draw hot water all you do is pour cold water in the top funnel and hot water pours out the spout• With the Campfire Water Boiler as long as you’ve got a fire going you’ll always have hot water for all your campsite needs• Holds 15 litres
$74.95 $74.90

Cecil & Co
Easy Boil Billy Teapot

• The Easy Boil Billy Teapot is great for those quick cups of tea or coffee in the bush• Heating is generated via paper, small twigs, or a firelighter at the bottom of the unit • Holds a generous 4 cups• Heats in super quick time• The base is made of galvanized steel while the water holding container and lid are stainless steel• Made in Australia
$69.95 $59.90

Cecil & Co

Simple, functional and fast ways to get hot water, Cecil & Co make products to suit hot water supply for quick roadside stops as well as large group catering.

Made of tin and galvanised steel, their Easy Boil Teapot and large volume water boiler are made with galvanised steel and tin for unsurpassed durability and longevity.

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