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The Outdoor Gourmet Company

Thai Green Chicken Curry - Double Serve GF


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If you’re a green curry lover this dish from The Outdoor Gourmet Company is the one for you. This Thai Green Chicken Curry is deliciously spiced with fragrant blends of coconut, coriander and chilli.

  • Gluten free
  • Using the finest ingredients, this dish is made using red wine-enriched chicken stew with mushrooms and onions served with herb mashed potato.
  • All Outdoor Gourmet Company dishes are freeze-dried for lighter weight, longer shelf life and to lock in the nutrition, flavour and texture
  • Gluten free, light, tasty and super- fast to prepare, this Thai Green Chicken Curry  is made from the best ingredients without artificial flavours and preservatives
  • Easy to prepare no matter where you are – just open the pouch, pour in hot water, let stand for about 10 minutes and shazam! Delicious!
  • No need for bowl, you only need a spoon – you can eat from the packet then use it as a mini waste bag afterwards
  • Directions and all the nutrition facts you need are clearly displayed on the package.

The Outdoor Gourmet Company
The Outdoor Gourmet Company’s delicious range of gourmet meals will give your body all the fuel it needs for your outdoor adventures, while satisfying your taste buds' cravings after a day's hike. When you’re away from home there is no need to short cut your dining experience! Enjoy the benefits of hearty & nutritional ingredients that give you the quality flavours of a home cooked meal.
Apart from being light, tasty and super-fast to prepare, the meals are made from the best ingredients without artificial flavours and preservatives.

Longer Lasting: The Outdoor Gourmet Company gives a 3 year best before on all items but is safe to eat beyond that, provided it’s stored appropriately and the packaging remains sealed. Other types of dry food only last a year or less.
Higher Storage Temperatures: Because of their exceptionally low moisture content Outdoor Gourmet Company products handle higher storage temperatures better than wet-pack meals & higher moisture content dehydrated product.
Less cleaning-up: The Outdoor Gourmet Company freeze-dried food can be prepared and eaten in the pouch so you may only need to clean your spoon. The zip seal pouch makes rubbish disposal a breeze; you just toss in any other rubbish, roll it up, zip it closed and pop it in your pack.
Nutritionally Balanced: Outdoor Gourmet Company meals are developed by nutritional experts to provide the complete nutritional requirements of active people in the outdoors. Freeze drying preserves the nutritional benefits of fresh food. This is why Outdoor Gourmet Company is the choice of extreme outdoor athletes engaged in record-breaking endeavours as well as your average camper or hiker.

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24.5L x 18.5W x 4H cm
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24.5L x 18.5W x 4H cm
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Aug 22 2017

Very decent

This is my first foray into TOGC's products and it is considerably better than the other common brands of freeze dried food I've tried. For anyone who enjoys spicy curry and chilli; this ones heat is about a 3/10. Anyone who says this is "too hot" should stop buying food with the words 'curry' and 'chilli' printed on the front as you are wasting everyone's time. This particular meal was tasty and filling, though a bit light on the actual chicken. Personally I upped the heat with a few solid dashes of mango habanero sauce as I enjoy proper spicy food. Hungry, grown adults who have been walking hard most of the day should plan to consume a double by themselves (and perhaps a little extra). If you have other (substantial) food on the side it could do two serves. Packaging was very practical with the rip in half bag. All I needed was my old Jetboil flash, a spoon and some water. This was a good start and I'm looking forward to trying the other varieties over the coming weeks!

- Hobart
Response from Snowys Aug 23 2017

Thanks for your feedback Law, I'm sure your thoughts will be valued by many an adventurer looking to stock up on sustenance for their next adventure. Happy adventures! ~ Ben.

Jan 20 2016

This one was good

Ate these on the AAWT and especially liked the chicken with its strong curry flavouring

Nov 30 2015

Hot and spicy

This is a personal review : this dish was tooooo hot and spicy for me however if you like your curries HOT then you're sure to enjoy this meal

- ,
Jun 19 2015

Better than expected

Filling. Tasty. Good amount of veg and rice.

Mar 21 2013


Outdoor gourmet company Thai green chicken curry double serve tasted very bad!. Very hot and spicy, very little chicken, not enough in the pack for a double meal and other campers offered us similar comments. It was very attractively packaged and very expensive for what was there and I will never buy one of their products again.


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