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Aqua Proof

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  • Protect your canvas gear from water and mould damage
  • Quick to dry and does not leave any colouring, stiffness or whiteness on the fabric
  • Waterproofs and protects the fabric for all canvas products
  • Made from a fluro chemical protective proofing agent and mould protector
  • No significant colouring, stiffness or whiteness of fabric on application
  • Covers approximately 6 square metres per litre
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21L x 17W x 10H cm
2.1 Kg
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Jan 30 2018

AquaProof waterproofing solution

Almost impossible to apply as stated in directions - “Apply multiple thin coats.” However applied on roof of canvas as single thick layer, working into seams with brush. Applied to sidewalls in a diluted solution, again working into seams.
Did a brilliant job keeping rain out! Had atrocious rain first two nights - hardly a drop inside tent. Worth the $$ & effort.

- Victoria

Will this work on a Black Wolf tent?1 answer

I have a Black Wolf Turbo 300 (the heavy canvas one) which is approximately 7 years old. The tent has seemed to have lost it's ability to repel water, in particular the coating on the inside of the fly and tent appears to have lost its ability to repel water and the tape on the inside of all the seams is starting to peel off. If applied as directed would this product water proof my tent?

- 4703(10 months ago)

G'day Adam,

Yes - the Primus Aqua Proof is designed for weathered canvas as you have described. Our encouragement would be to ensure you follow the directions closely, especially checking to ensure you get consistent coverage. We'd also recommend coating the outside first to see whether that fixes the issue before then coating on the inside. I personally haven't heard of people coating the inside, but that's not to say it can't be done.

The other thing I would recommend in regards to your seams is to consider a seam sealer which can add further protection. We also sell Seam Sealer which is available here.

- Snowys(10 months ago)

Will Aqua Proof work on the inyl roof of our camper trailer1 answer

I know it works on the canvas but not sure about the vinyl roof tops which are now starting to allow water in.

- Coopernook(10 months ago)

G'day John, 

I'm afraid not, as this product is only suitable to use with canvas. As far as I know there are some products that can repair small holes or tears on vinyl, but if it's completely worn out then you may need to look into replacing it entirely.

I'd recommend contacting your local annex and camper trailer manufacturer, as they should be able to make a replacement for you. 

- Snowys(10 months ago)

Would a new tent benefit from this product, or only after a few downpours/years?1 answer

For maintenance or preventative?

- 2251(1 year ago)

It wouldn't hurt to treat a tent straight up with this Stacy, but it's not necessary. It can depend on the quality of the canvas, but the products we sell will be fine straight out of their packaging. The use of something like Aqua Proof would only be necessary after a few years of heavy use, or if you notice any areas that are soaking the water up after rain. 

If you're buying a new tent or swag, all you really need to do is season it before use, which means setting it up in the backyard and wetting it down with a hose. This helps all the seams to bed in all the seams so they are watertight when your out camping. I'd be buying some Aqua Proof down the track once your tent looks well loved!

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Is this suitable for tents1 answer

Our tent floor is letting in water when it rains. A this suitable to apply to the floor of the tent?

- Perth WA(1 year ago)
It's suitable for canvas tents Emma, , however it does not replace/rejuvenate a damaged or worn PU coating (the waterproof element) on fabric. This will help repel water from the surface, but won't repair holes or stop water penetrating fabric that is under significant pressure, of which a tent floor is. We would need to know a little more information about your tent before we recommended something to repair the leaks in your tent floor, give us a call on 1300 914 007 if you like, make sure you mention this enquiry and we'll see what we can do for you.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

can this product be thinned to allow spray application1 answer

- burbengary brisbane(2 years ago)
The instructions on the back of this product specifically mention not to thin the product, and not to use a spray applicator Ron. In order to get the best performance it should be applied straight from the bottle with a paintbrush.
- Snowys(2 years ago)

Coverage area1 answer

What are the coverage areas for the two sizes available and how to apply - spray or brush? thanks

- KIARA, WA(3 years ago)
Hi Alan, brush is the best way to apply this product, and you can expect about 6m2 of coverage per litre.
- Snowys(3 years ago)
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