Ep120 – Beach & Island Camping with Dave & Bec from Snowys Brendale

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Take whatever you’ve been told about beach camping with a grain of… sand.

In this episode, Ben and Lauren invite Dave and Bec from our Snowys store in Brendale, Queensland, to unpack the beach camping considerations for those sunlit trips off the bitumen. From the mesh groundsheets, best sand pegs, and suggested tent designs, to mitigating the mozzies, midges, and high tides – it gets a little ~snowy~ on this beach!

A 4WD and tent setup behind a beach shoreline.

In this episode, Ben, Lauren, Dave, and Bec unpack the beach camping considerations for those sunlit trips off the bitumen. Image: Dave Blunt


00:00 – Intro

01:02 – Introducing Dave and Bec from Snowys Brendale

04:08 – General Beach Camping

05:56 – Considerations for a Beach Camping Kit

07:41 – Sand Pegs

09:03 – Polycarbonate Vs Polypropylene Sand Pegs

10:35 – Groundsheets

12:56 – Do You Need a 4WD to go Beach Camping?

14:07 – Environmental Factors

15:22 – Bec’s Family Camping Setup

15:51 – Recommended Tents for Beach Camping

18:09 – Mitigating Mozzies and Midges

22:04 – Tides

24:09 – Toileting and ‘Leave No Trace’ Principles

26:44 – Toilets

29:58 – Expectations in Gear and Vehicle Maintenance

33:32 – Best Islands in QLD for Camping?

34:10 – Moreton Island

37:30 – Bribie Island

41:29 – K’gari (Fraser Island)

43:10 – North Stradbroke Island

45:25 – Other Islands

46:20 – Dave and Bec’s Favourite Island

48:03 – Access to Essentials and Supplies

49:40 – Summary

Mentioned in this Episode:


Muk Mats

Tarps & Matting

Supa Peg Polycarbonate Sand Pegs

Supa Peg Polypropylene Sand Pegs

Supa Peg Standard Guy Rope Trace Springs

Insect Protection

Oztent RV and RX tents

BlackWolf Turbo touring tents

Oztrail Fast Frame tents

Coleman Instant Up touring tents

Inflatable / air tents

OZtrail Ultramesh Tarp



Supa Peg


Ep62 – Aussie Pegs & Poles with Supa Peg

Ep31 – Creepy Crawlies at the Campsite


‘Beach Camping – What You Need to Know’ by Aaron Schubert


Moreton Island

Bribie Island

K’gari (Fraser Island)

North Stradbroke Island

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