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Outdoor Connection
Outhouse Toilet Shower Tent

* Create some privacy when showering, changing or using the toilet * Includes a special internal pocket that keeps your clothes and towel dry whilst you enjoy a long shower * Features a zippered inlet for 12V shower leads and a covered toilet roll holder to keep the paper dry
$169.95 $129.90

Outdoor Connection

With a connection to the outdoors in mind, and an understanding of the capabilities of Mother Earth, the founders of Outdoor Connection set out to produce products to both enhance and withstand these factors so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors. They believe that an excellent camping product needs to be simple to use, strong and sturdy, reliable and good value for money.

Once you have used, felt or handled an Outdoor Connection product you will soon realise that their company goals are clearly reflected in the quality of their products. The tent fabrics fell a little thicker than most, the poles a little sturdier, the bells and whistles are useful, and this extends right through to the storage pouches, stuff sacks and carry bags that come with Outdoor Connection products.