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The secret to sleeping comfortably is far more than just the right sleeping bag.

One common reason for a cold night sleep is a poorly insulated sleeping mat. Your wonderfully cozy sleeping bag can’t keep you warm if you are sleeping on a big pocket of cold air... we're looking at you, airbeds! 

A foam filled or insulated mat, however, will work with your sleeping bag to retain body heat as well as insulate against hot ground in the summer. And, if you can’t zip your warm sleeping bag open on mild nights then you’ll be waking up in a sweat.

Furthermore, sleep accessories relevant to the environment you are camping in all support a comfortably nigh in the tent regardless of the climate. Sleep liners extend the temperature range of your sleeping system and camp pillows pack up small and go a long way to making sure you wake up refreshed in the morning without a sore neck.

There’s no one solution for every season, versatility is the key here.

It’s important to understanding the climate you are camping in and how this aligns with the limitations of your gear. From there you can adjust each time you pack your camp kit to make sure you sleep comfortably in any climate.

For more tips on how to sleep warm and some sleep system suggestions check out our resources above.

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