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Black Wolf

Mega Deluxe Double Camping Mat

4.6 11
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Replace your airbeds with a Black Wolf Mega Deluxe Double Sleeping Mat and experience a new level of comfort you may never have thought possible on a camping trip.

10cm thick with a velvety micro stretch top, the Mega Deluxe Double is self inflating, has a non-slip base and rolls up to a superbly manageable size that slides easily into the boot of any car. Dual push/pull valves feature on each side for rapid inflation and the waterproof storage sack doubles as an inflation aid if you need to speed things up.

Complete with repair kit the Black Wolf Mega Deluxe Double Sleeping Mat is a significant upgrade for your double swag, or is the perfect sleep solution for mum and dad on family holidays.

  • 10cm thick
  • Double sized mat
  • Velvety micro stretch top
  • Non slip base
  • Dual inflation/deflation valves
  • Includes waterproof pumpsack and repair kit
  • Lifetime Warranty
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
External Dimensions:
198L x 135W cm
Packed Dimensions:
68L x 24W x 24H cm
Mat Thickness:
10 cm
50D Microstretch Top | Non-Slip Base
Fill Material:
Anti Fungal CFC Free Foam
Self Inflating
4.7 Kg
Suggested Use:
Limited Lifetime
4.6 11
5 stars
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May 06 2016

Great nights sleep

We had a Coleman air mattress prior, the comfort and warmth does not even compare.

Easy to pack up.

Very impressed!

Mar 23 2016


An excellent camp mat, easy to use, worth the money. Outstanding service from the Snowy team.

- Henty Vic.
Feb 04 2016

Great camp mat

Very comfortable. Folds in half then rolls, so not as difficult to roll up as I'd imagined. Largish packed size, but smaller than two single mats. Highly recommended.

Jan 30 2016

Comfortable sleeping

The Black Wolf camping mat is as good as they say it is and gives us very comfortable nights in our camper trailer. We find that full inflation is too firm for us to sleep on but it is easily adjusted to our comfort level by releasing some air through the valves.

Dec 04 2015

Mega Deluxe Double Camping mat

Great service from Snowys and a great camping mat found so easy to use and great to sleep on very comfortable worth the money.

Nov 19 2015

mega deluxe

Very comfortable, a little bit difficult for one person to deflate and roll up, but overall excellent.

- ,
Oct 02 2015

Black Wolf Mega Deluxe Mat

Thank goodness for these reviews!! I Have been waiting over an hour and a half for this mat to self-inflate I thought it was faulty and have been very disappointed. The expectation is to have a 10cm deep air bed in 10 minutes. Great that Lorraine was kind enough to post that it could be a week before it inflates properly. Soooooooo pleased I have a few weeks up my sleeve before I need to use it. I'm still not sure when or if I need to use the carry bag/valve thingy?? Instructions???????

- Perth WA
Response from Snowys Oct 02 2015

G'day Gwynneth, you've picked a fantastic sleeping mat. Lorraine is correct, just lay it out with the valves open and it will completely inflate with the next couple of days. And yes, you'll only have to do this once when you take it out of the box. I hope this helps!

Aug 16 2015

Blackwolf Mega Deluxe Double Mattress

Like all the other Blackwolf gear I have bought - you can rely on the quality. Not the cheapest but feels built to last. Our family have the Double and two single mattresses. A good nights sleep had by all. We store them uncompressed at home and find they self inflate quickly on trips away.

- Sydney
Aug 14 2015

Whitsunday Wonder

SNOWYS have been an excellent retailer... from pre-purchase; purchase; delivery; & after-sales service.
RE: Mega Deluxe Double Camping Mat
PRO: variable softness-hardness to suit preference. robust. easy to clean. transferrable-dimensioned mat to similar size tents & swags. plenty of room for couple who enjoy "sleep-space". cool & warmth.
CON: patience required when repacking. (3-5 minutes to complete). initial outlay is expensive
If it lasts 10+ years, it will be worth the investment.

Jun 13 2015

Great mattress, but needs plenty of time to activate

We bought this mattress after doing much research. Unfortunately, these come with no instructions whatsoever. After 4 hours the mat had self inflated approx 0.8cm. Our first night was a disaster! After much effort on second day we manage to get it to about 7cm thick - sort of ok. After more than a week it finally reached its full thickness. If you buy one, start getting it inflating a week prior to using! Storage bag should be the width of mat so it doesn't get folded in half all the time.


Mat Specification3 answers

Hi, 1. The description says 10cm but the product detail says 1cm. Which one is correct? 2. I notice that the pack size is smaller than the current model on BlackWolf website. Is the one for sale on your web site the older model or the current model ?

- che(3 months ago)
- Snowys(3 months ago)

Thanks for your response. I am referring the 'current' model on black wolf website ( Is it the one for sale at Snowy's? Thanks.

- Nathan.(3 months ago)

Hi Sam, 

I don't know what's happened but my previous answer was deleted when I was trying to reply to your second question - so to reiterate I said that the mat is definitely 10cm thick (not 1cm), and the pack size is correct (but slightly different because we take independent measurements). 

The model that we have for sale of the Mega Deluxe Double is the 2016 version which is green, the black version that you've linked is the 2017 model which we definitely don't have stock of in the double size. We are hoping to get them in very soon, (hopefully any day now) but all we have available right now is what we have on the website. 

- Snowys(3 months ago)

Does this come with a bag??1 answers

Saw these in a camping store and they are rolled up and plastic wrapped and don't appear to come with a packing bag???

- PERTH, WA(7 months ago)
Sure does Dave, it comes with a pumpsack that is both a storage bag and inflation aid, and it's rolled up inside the mat, which is why you can't see it when packed in its plastic retail packaging.
- Snowys(7 months ago)

Can you please tell me what the seams are like on the mat? Thankyou1 answers

- Townsville(8 months ago)
G'day Helen - The seams are very strong on the Mega Deluxe. They are stitched and glued, as is the case with most mats. Do you have a specific question or concern about the seams? Hope that helps. Cheers, Paul
- Snowys(8 months ago)

Repairing a hole1 answers

How do i fix the leak in my mat?

- KALGOORLIE(9 months ago)
Hi Hayley, your mat should have come with a small repair kit but we find most customers leave them "somewhere safe", which generally results in it never being found again! There are glues that you can use to repair holes, depending on the size, we stock Seam Grip and another called Stormsure but we don't have these on our website and need to be careful about how they are sent, some of them are flammable. Give us a call on 1300 914 007 and talk to one of our team about the damage to your mat, make sure you mention this enquiry when you call and we will be able to sort something out for you.
- Snowys(9 months ago)

Is it bonded?1 answers

- BRISBANE CITY, QLD(11 months ago)
It is Joy. Assuming that by bonded you mean the face fabric is glued to the core foam. These are manufactured in this manner and welded around the edges to create an airtight vessel.
- Snowys(10 months ago)

hi wondering 1 answers

Why are they so expensive and what difference between this and the Exped .Also the other brands that are third of cost of these.Are they not goid quality and seams split as I have had one that did a well known brand thanks

- Burton(11 months ago)
Hi Steve, I guess the manufacturing process is where the costs lie with these mats. The outer fabric is laminated to the inner foam and welded around the edges with valves incorporated in the corners. As for the cheaper options the saying goes "You get what you pay for", so cheaper mats will most likely use lesser quality glues, fabrics and foams. If you have had a quality mat fail you and it had been cared for appropriately then it should be assessed under warranty. The main difference between this mat and the Exped Megamat Duo is the shape of the edges, with the Megamat being squared off rather than rounded, giving more sleeping area. It also has some pretty nifty flat valve technology.
- Snowys(11 months ago)

Is this mat suitable for a roof top camper?2 answers

We have a roof top camper that currently has a foam mat, it gets damp and is very uncomfortable. would this mat suit? It would be stored folded up with the camper. Has anyone else used this mat in a roof top camper?

- HENTY, VIC(11 months ago)
Hi Julie, While the BlackWolf Mega Deluxe double mat is one of the most comfortable self inflating mats around by my standards. I would recommend that any self inflating mat be stored long term in a dry location so that mould doesn't have a chance to grow on the external surface of the mat. It is also recommended that self inflating mats are stored long term, inflated with the valve closed for optimal longevity. They are generally rolled up for easy transportation, or when there is no space available to store them inflated at home. I would be weary of storing any self inflating mat in a damp location, compressed and with the potential of continuous rubbing or puncture which could potentially destroy the mat. I would recommend the Oztrail 4x4 Double mat for your use. It is a non-bonded vinyl mat which would be better suited for your needs. Please call us if you would like any more information regarding these products.
- Snowys(11 months ago)
Hi Julie, Nat just realised a mistake she made in her response to you and asked if I could correct it for you. She indicated that the mats should be stored with the valves closed, it's actually best to keep these open so as to allow moisture and stale air to escape. Sorry if we have caused any confusion here.
- Snowys(11 months ago)



- , (1 year ago)
Hi Don, your sleeping mat doesn't need to cover your entire tent floor, it's personal preference really. The biggest mat we have is the Oztrail Queen 4WD mat (search product code 33445 on our website). It's packed size is 2-3 times larger than the Black Wolf Megamat, but it will give you the sleeping space you want.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Folding the mat 1 answers

Could it be folded easily by one person?

- , (1 year ago)
You'll have no problems folding this on your own Dagne. What you will find though, is that if you roll it, close the valves, unroll and repeat, the mat will compress more and more each time.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Packed size1 answers

Is the packed size really only 68x24? Is the mat folded in half before rolling?

- Melbourne(1 year ago)
Hi Braden, yes to both of your answers. The mat is folded in half, then rolled. The dimensions given are as new and you will most likely find that the mat will not roll up to this diameter again without a bit of effort, but with good technique you won't be far off.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

How do you use the pump sack for the black wolf sleeping mat? There are no instructions1 answers

- ADELAIDE, SA(1 year ago)
Hi Sue, you're right, Black Wolf don't include instructions. I'll explain as best I can. There is a small opening in the storage/pump sack, it's under the thin fabric panel on the end near the Black Wolf logo. This fits over the valve of your mat. You then need to trap air inside the bag and seal the large opening at the opposite end by folding it over. Keep folding the storage/pump sack towards the small opening, squeezing the air out of the bag and into the mat in the process. I hope this makes sense, give us a call if you need any further clarification.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

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