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2 Burner High Output Stove


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This Primus stove produces the hottest output of all Primus stoves in the range. Its large cooking surface allows for two large pots to be used at the same time making it an ideal stove for any outdoor cooking situation.

  • Each burner can be fired up with its own quick and easy piezo ignition
  • Generated heat is protected from the wind by the lid and two side built-in wind shields
  • Hard wearing powder coated cabinet
  • The large cooking area is suitable for two pots
  • The drip tray is made of stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • Includes a 1200mm gas hose and regulator for direct connection to 3/8" BSP LH gas cylinders
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
In Use Dimensions:
63L x 36D x 37H cm
Packed Dimensions:
63L x 32D x 11.5H cm
Powder Coated Cabinet | Stainless Steel Drip Tray
BTU Per Burner:
25000 BTU
No. of Burners:
Fuel Type:
Fuel Consumption:
5 Kg
3 Year
Staff tip:This stove is a little bigger than the average 2 burner, so it needs a 3 burner size bag.
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Sep 08 2017

Just the ticket

Exactly what I was expecting from the information available. The ability to adjust the heat output down low was one of the main selling points for me. No complaints here. There is a handhold underneath but I'd recommend buying a bag or making one as I did to make it easier to carry.

- Mandurah WA
Aug 11 2017

Fantastic all rounder.

This stove does it all and in any conditions. Highly recommended.

- Mundubbera
Jul 21 2017

Greatest on market!

Some stoves claim to work in a range of different conditions but this one truly lives up to its name. Plenty of room, low to extream heat control, easy to clean and great in the wind. Why sit around trying to get the fire going again in the morning (smoking out everything) to boil the billy when you can click this stove on and have a hot cuppa and hot water bottle for the mrs ready in under 2min!

You won't regret having this in your camping kit!

- Kadina
Jun 29 2017


Can't recommend this stove enough. Output is higher than any home gas stovetop I have ever used. The burners are highly adjustable, so you have a full range of intensities from blazing heat to a very low simmer, yet even at the lowest settings wind is barely a problem, unlike most other camp stoves. It uses a lot of gas on full, but you rarely need it up that high because it is truly hot. It's nice to have the option to go to the extreme though, when you need it.
On top of the crazy output, it's also very roomy. I can fit a 32cm wok and a 26cm saucepan on there with the side flaps still up. I also use a griddle that is about 50cm wide on it for cooking steaks, which this unit excels at due to the obscene amount of heat it can generate. You can get a really nice char going and still manage quite a rare centre. I even use this at home sometimes because it will cook a steak better than my stove or my bbq. I cooked some nice kangaroo fillet on there today and it was well charred and a tender medium rare. I would never be able to achieve that on my stove.
Knobs are starter are fairly solid. Only minor letdown is maybe the outer casing feels slightly flimsy, but I think that's fairly normal for camp stoves. This stove is all about those two burners. I could NEVER go back to anything less than this.

- Burnett Heads, QLD
Jun 06 2017

Seriously fast and hot!

Great stove. Heaps of room for 2 frying pans at the same time and it outputs a serious amount of heat - boils water way faster than my stove at home. Worth getting an adapter so you can use the 9kg gas bottles - your going to need it when everyone at the campsite wants to make coffee with it!

- Perth
May 04 2017

Fastest 2 Burner Stove

Great stove boils a jug in about the same time as my electric jug at home

- Devonport
Apr 17 2017

So fast so good

You have to get one of these, so fast & easy to clean. We are keen shooters & fishers so quiet often have to get the billy boiled & get going quickly this stove does the job brilliantly.

- Kingston sa
Mar 15 2017

Top shelf

Windproof,superfast,no jets to clog,very adjustable flame,just the right size for cast iron camp frypan.

- Brisbane
Feb 28 2017


Best stove have ever used, fast heat, adjustable for simmer and windproof.

- 4807
Feb 22 2017

Primus 2 Burner High Output Stove

After diligent research, it was evident that this stove was going to be a winner so, I placed an order with great anticipation. Unfortunately - due to no fault of Snowys - my order arrived having suffered some transit damage. Snowys customer service was second to none and I have had zero trouble recommending them since. The stove itself is a fantastic performer and lives up to all the positive reviews out there. Now, as well as a ripper of a stove, I have a new 'go to' camping store. Thanks Snowys!

- Kinross
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how many BTU per burner , please confirm1 answer

is it 25 000 BTU per burner or per two burners ?

- melbourne(1 month ago)

G'day Chen. 

I've just checked the box to confirm, and yes the burners on the Primus 2 Burner High Output Stove are 25,000 BTU's each. 

- Snowys(1 month ago)

Will it work through a bayonet on a caravan?1 answer

Caravans work through a regulator, will this stove? Thank you.

- Mackay(8 months ago)

I'm sorry John, but this stove isn't suitable for use with your caravan gas setup! A good alternative is the Companion Double Burner Cooker. Otherwise you could always carry a small gas bottle separately and use this stove or any other you like!

- Snowys(8 months ago)

Difference between regulated and unregulated?1 answer

What's the difference between the 2 burner HO stove and the 2 burner HO regulated stove? Does this have anything to do with the ability to cook at low heat/simmer?

- 3193(8 months ago)

Hi Kim, both stoves come with a regulator so neither is "unregulated". The only real difference between the 2 stoves is the heat output. This one puts out 25,000 BTU where the High Output Regulated Two Burner Stove only puts out 10,000 BTU. It certainly will be easier to cook at a low temperature on the 10,000 BTU stove so if a lot of your camp cooking is done this way then that may be the best choice for you. However if you're mainly grilling up a big steak or boiling big pots of water for your pasta or spuds, then the 25,000 BTU stove is the one for the job! 

- Snowys(8 months ago)

Fuel consumption? 1 answer

I'm interested in this stove for frequent camping trips but curious as to how much it gas it burns through with such high heat output. Camping with minimal equipment often potentially means raking a smaller LPG bottle. Feedback on approximated 'run time' on lowest and highest heat settings certainly appreciated. Thank you

- Caloundra(10 months ago)

Hi Joanne,

This stove uses 524gms per hour of gas whilst on the highest setting. Unfortunately Primus don't list the fuel consumption when used on the lowest setting, but this should give you an idea.

If you were to use a 2kg gas bottle for example, then you would get approximately 4 hours run time using both burners on the highest setting. Obviously at times you would probably only be using one burner, and perhaps at a much lower heat. I hope this helps! 

- Snowys(10 months ago)

Does this stove connect to a 9kg bottle with the supplied hose?1 answer

Does this stove connect to 9kg gas bottles with the supplied hose?

- Perth(10 months ago)

G'day Scott, 

I've just checked the fitting on the 2 Burner High Output Stove from Primus, and it comes with a 1200mm gas hose and regulator for direct connection to 3/8" gas cylinders.

If you'd like to use a 9kg gas bottle with this stove, you'll need an adaptor like the POL-3/8" adaptor from Primus which will do the trick nicely. 

- Snowys(10 months ago)

Does this stove come with a carry bag?1 answer

- Maroubra(1 year ago)
It doesn't sorry George. We have some canvas carry bags from Oztrail, you would need the 3 burner version for this stove. You can see this by searching for product code 40611 on our website.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Are the wind guards and lid detachable?1 answer

- Brisbane(1 year ago)
They are not unfortunately Nick, at least not to the point to which they can be easily re-attached. The side guards have some small screws holding them in place whilst the back/lid is riveted into place.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Compatibility with lightweight LPG bottles1 answer

Hi, I'm curious if this stove is compatible with lightweight LPG bottles like the Coleman light weight gas cylinders If so what sort of adaptor will I need, or can they be connected directly to the regulator hose supplied with this stove?

- MELBOURNE, VIC(1 year ago)
Hi Guy, this is certainly possible with an adapter that we don't have on our website at the moment sorry. I'm working on uploading it at the moment but it won't be until next week that the item is active for sale. We do have them in-store at the moment though. In the meantime, you can see the adapter on the Gasmate website, the part number is GM093.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Replacement hose and regulator assembly1 answer

Hi - The manufacturer states that this stove must only be used with their Part No. 2219-01. Do you stock this and if so how much? I'm concerned that if I needed a hose whilst on the road it might be hard to come by.

- , (1 year ago)
Hi Andrew, these are available as a spare part rather than an 'off the shelf' item. We generally keep a few of them in stock, but don't list them on our website. Give us a call on 1300 914 007 and we can sort out a price and delivery if required.
- Snowys(1 year ago)