Ep110 – Car Camping Without Cramming

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Off-road runaway vacations, backroad adventures, outback escapes…

they all have one thing in common: a vehicle. In this episode, our resident gear gurus Ben and Lauren share the driving, exploring the pared-back packing approaches to car camping and proving that there’s no limit to how good outdoor living can get – not even the size of your car.

A woman unpacking her camp setup from her family car by the water.

In this episode, Ben and Lauren explore the pared-back packing approaches to car camping.


00:00 – Intro

01:17 – Car Camping

03:45 – Hybrid-Style Gear

05:20 – Adopt a Hiking Gear Approach

06:50 – Tents

09:02 – Other Shelter

10:59 – Bedding

14:25 – Stretchers

15:55 – Sleeping Bags

17:27 – Furniture

22:16 – Food

22:51 – Kitchen Gear and Community Kitchens

24:04 – Stoves and Compact Cookers

29:32 – Fridges, Iceboxes, and Keeping Food Cold

31:14 – Cookware

34:01 – Storage

36:05 – Summary

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Hiking Tents

Tarps & Matting

Hiking Sleeping Mats


Lightweight Sleeping Bags

Helinox furniture

Zempire Kitpac Spike Table

Zempire Slatpac Camp Tables

Sea to Summit X-Pot range

Pop-Up cookware

Collapsible Space Saving cookware

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