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Turbo Groundsheets

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With an option to perfectly suit every Turbo Tent model, the Turbo Groundsheet seamlessly integrates into your camp setup.

Extending the entire length of your tent and under the awning where the heaevy duty mesh allows dirt and moisture to fall through for a clean, dry living space..

  • A size for every Turbo Tent
  • D-rings feature around all edges
  • Includes pegs and carry bag
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60L x 15W x 15H cm
2.74 Kg
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Jan 11 2017

Brilliant idea!

Being exactly the same dimensions as the tent it makes choosing the tent position so much easier.

- Claremont
Nov 21 2016

Purchase Worthwhile

This purchase was so worth it when we brought our black wolf tent, i would recommend this to be the number one purchase with your new tent.

- Newcastle
Jun 05 2016

Excellent purchase

We wondered about whether it was worth paying this much for a ground sheet but it is worth every cent, sand just falls straight through the mesh and it acts as a great template for positioning your tent especially if you are limited by space.

May 10 2016

Great for a Clean Tent

This helped keep grass and sand out of the tent, and it seems quite heavy-duty too, so protects the tent's floor tub very well. I like that it's almost a mesh, so no moisture builds up under the tent.

Apr 22 2016

Great service

Great service! Awesome delivery timeframes

Mar 21 2016

Great product

I was very dubious about the value of this item. I bought it for the Turbo 300 plus tent. It fits perfectly, very well made and comes in a quality bag. The material itself it lightweight, fast drying and doesn't heat up in the sun and therefore is easy to walk on barefoot. Also breathable so water /moisture wont pool on it.
Worth it.

- Manly, NSW
Mar 19 2016

Sensible accessory

Particularly with the Turbo Lite, which has a slightly less thick tent floor, it protects against moisture & small sharp objects under the tent. Light & compact, well worth getting!

- Wodonga
Jan 14 2016

Worth every penny!

We used this groundsheet for the first time at a very dusty site and it did a brilliant job. The surface stayed clear of dirt and the inside of the tent was remarkably free of dirt/sand at the end of our one-week stay. It's FAR lighter than the breathable groundsheet we had used before - and because it's exactly to the dimensions of the Blackwolf tent, it made initial set -up/orientation a doddle, too.

Jan 05 2016

Perfect to protect tent floor...

Debated whether to purchase this or just use the usual tarp underneath our new Turbo Lite 240 Plus. Glad we went ahead with this purchase - the groundsheet seems to be good quality and fits the tent perfectly, including creating an awning floor. Stacks of peg down points around entire groundsheet. Noticeable that there was NO moisture on the underside floor of our tent when we packed it up despite being set up on grass - and the groundsheet was dry too. Don't get that with a tarp!

- Stanthorpe QLD

300 twin1 answers

Does the ground sheet for the 300 twin extend out to the awning? As the twins are not the standard rectangle like the other Turbos

- Blackheath(1 month ago)

G’day Justin,

That's a great question! The Black Wolf Turbo 300 Twin size groundsheet isn’t a traditional rectangle - it’s cut into the shape of a capital ‘T’ so it will cover the tent, and the area under the awning if that makes sense. 

- Snowys(1 month ago)

Using groundsheet with screenroom1 answers

Hi, I currently have the Turbo Light 450. Is it possible to use the groundsheet and have the screen room pegged down in all the relevant places? Thanks

- Cranbourne Nth(1 month ago)

G'day Aaron, 

The Turbo groundsheets are tailored to the tent, and will stop at the edge of the awning where the screen room will sit - so there won't be excess sticking out that will get in the way of the pegs. 

If you have a look at the first image on the Turbo Awning Screen Room 450 product page, you can get an idea of what the screen room looks like in action. 

All the 450 accessories are designed to fit together, so you won't have a problem using them at the same time. 

- Snowys(1 month ago)

Turbo plus 300 Groundsheet cover1 answers

Hi, I have recently bought a turbo 300 plus and reading the reviews , I think I shall invest in a turbo 300 plus groundsheet. The pictures show a rectangle but one review talks about the groundsheet tapering so that it doesn't cover all the area under cover. If I buy a turbo 300 plus groundsheet will it cover all area under cover , particularly if I add side and front panels? Or will there be a portion not covered by the groundsheet because " it tapers"?

- Kensington Gardens(1 month ago)

G'day Brad, 

I've just looked into this for you, and from speaking with the customer support team we've never been given that feedback for the Turbo 300 Plus groundsheet.

The Turbo groundsheets are made especially to fit the specific model of the tent, plus the space under the awning - so as long as it's the right size and positioned in the correct direction, then there shouldn't be a problem with fit. 

- Snowys(1 month ago)

Turbo 3802 answers

Hello What is the best option to support the Turbo 380 cabin? It's the only tent that doesn't have a groundsheet :(

- Mona Vale(2 months ago)

That's a great question Mavrick! We don't have a groundsheet for the Cabin 380 in our system, and I can't see one in the Black Wolf catalogue either but I'd be very surprised if they don't make them. I'll get on to them tomorrow to see what we can find out and let you know. 

- Snowys(2 months ago)

Hi Mavrick, 

As the Cabin 380 is new to this season, we haven't as yet got the compatible ground sheet for this tent. It is available through our supplier as it is in the Black Wolf catalogue -  but we are just waiting to hear back from them about price and availability. 

I do apologise for the delay in getting you a solid answer about this, hopefully we should have something for you by tomorrow. 

- Snowys(2 months ago)

Size1 answers

Will the Turbo 450 twin ground sheet suit the turbo lite 450 cabin tent?

- Melbourne (3 months ago)

G'day Chris,

I've just looked into this and it seems that particular ground sheet is named incorrectly - it should be 'Turbo 450 Cabin' so I do apologise about that.

We'll get that fixed up straight away so that no-one else gets confused, thanks so much for bringing this to our attention!

But yes the Turbo 450 Cabin groundsheet will fit the Turbo 450 Cabin tent perfectly. 

- Snowys(3 months ago)

fitment in bag1 answers

does this fit inside the tent bag or is it housed in a seperate bag?

- TRARALGON, VIC(8 months ago)
G'day Calan - The groundsheet comes with its own carry bag. You may be about to cram it in with the tent, but I very much doubt it, nor should you. Hope that helps. Cheers, Paul
- Snowys(8 months ago)

Tips for setup1 answers

I've just returned from our first trip with the groundsheet (Turbo 300 plus tent). Got hit with 2 days of rain. Tent stood up well to the conditions. I think we had the groundsheet around the wrong way. The last 3rd of the sheet tapers in. We had this under the awning, i feel it should have been at the back. Also, as per the tent setup video on your website, the extra 'plus' room pegged down after putting up the main room. Any tips on where to peg the 300 plus tent in relation to the groundsheet

- PERTH, WA(9 months ago)
Hi Mark. It seems to me like you had the groundsheet the correct orientation as the awning also tapers slightly, and the groundsheets are cut to the same footprint as the tent. You're right, the extra room at the rear should be pegged out after the main frame is erected, this ensures there is nothing impeding the pitching action of the frame. As for pegging the groundsheet, you should be able to use the same pegs as the tent, but there is no problem with pegging it it independently.
- Snowys(9 months ago)

Does this product have the same properties as cgear?1 answers

Cgear claims that sand and dirt fall straight through the mat to the ground beneath-but not back up through the mat.. Does this groundsheet do the same? If there is a heavy downpour will the water drain away? Was thinking of buying cgear to put under but would buy this as dimensions match 450 perfectly, if it does the same. Also do you have groundsheet for the 40 extenda as well?

- CANBERRA, ACT(10 months ago)
Hi Judy, The Blackwolf groundsheets are more like an annex matting mesh. So it will let dirt and water through, but wont necessarily stop the dirt coming back through the bottom. The c-gear mat have patented technology, which stops the dirt coming back up from underneath. So no other mat is currently allowed to use this technology. So one fits your tent perfectly and also covers the annex area, while the other might have to be folded or have a bit of overhang. Blackwolf don't make a ground sheet to fit the extenda awning currently. Though you never know what might become available in the future!
- Snowys(10 months ago)

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