Ep48 – Campsite Q&A’s #3 with Ben & Lauren

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Be it toddlers in sleeping bags, or toppers for sleeping swags,

Lauren and Ben burrow into our Snowys’ inbox and put to bed some of the problems that have had you pondering. We scan our Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook platforms for your most asked and always interesting campsite questions.

This episode of the Snowys Camping Show runs the tap on tips and tricks in wet weather, unbeatable Snowys buys, coffee at the campsite, the best bags, mending swags – and so much more. Tune in, or check out this blog for a written version.


00:00 – Intro

01:13 – Ben’s Arms…

02:01 – Why Isn’t the JetBoil Genesis Basecamp Available in Australia?

05:59 – On My Lap Around Australia, What is Recommended: Ute Canopy, Camper Trailer, or Caravan?

09:05 – What Food is Best to Leave in the Pantry for Short Overnight Stops (Product Review on Back Country or Outdoor Gourmet Food Brands)?

16:22 – What is the Best Option for Managing Mozzies When Camping?

19:16 – Tips or Tricks to Help While Camping in the Rain?

20:54 – When Will Snowys Open a Store in Sydney?

21:25 – Best Sleeping Bag for Bigger People?

25:49 – Where Can I Find Mattress Toppers for Swags?

27:55 – When Will Snowys Stock the Zempire Airforce 1?

28:30 – Fixing Snapped Swag Poles

30:32 – The Snowys Products Ben and Lauren Couldn’t Go Without

35:41 – Favoured Snowys Products by Other Snowys Staff

42:09 – Tips for Taking Toddlers Camping?

46:36 – Best Coffee Makers for Camping?

49:58 – Best Ultralight Cutlery and Crockery for Hiking…at the Lowest Price?

52:32 – Do You Know Where I Left My Glasses?

Mentioned in this Episode:


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MSR PocketRocket 2 Hiking Stove

Rooftop tents

Back Country freeze-dried meals

Outdoor Gourmet freeze-dried meals

Freeze-dried meals

Radix freeze-dried meals

Go Native packet meals


DEET repellant

Mosquito head-nets

Aerosol repellant

Citronella coil

Box-style double mosquito net

Heavy-duty tarp


Sea to Summit sleeping bags

Regular-sized sleeping bag

Long-sized sleeping bag

Women-specific sleeping bag

Sea to Summit Amplitude range

Mummy-fit sleeping bag

Rectangular-fit sleeping bag

Darche Cold Mountain 1100 sleeping bag

Segmental swag pole repair kit

Dome swag pole repair kit

AeroPress portable coffee maker

First Aid kit


Scrubba Wash Bag

Collapsible Space Saving tubs

Sleeping bag liners

Trekking poles

Soft cooler bag

Portable fridge

Sea to Summit collapsible X-Cup

Pacsafe waist wallet

Delta insulated cup

Jaffle iron

JetBoil Zip portable stove

JetBoil MiniMo

Washing basin

Camp mat

Kids’ sleeping bags

Adult/standard sleeping bags

Wacaco coffee maker

Sea to Summit cutlery set

Sea to Summit Delta cutlery set

Sea to Summit Delta bowl

Sea to Summit Delta plate


Australian Gas Association (AGA)

How to Repair a Broken Tent Pole

Two campers are tucked inside their dome-style tent talking as the golden sun begins to rise. The female is wearing a white beanie.

For the ‘cuddlier’ campers, there are a range of roomy sleeping bag styles available. Credit: Sea to Summit

Outside their tent, two campers are sitting in camp chairs and one is standing nearby. All three are eating lunch and chatting. The campsite is green and leafy, and the campers are rugged up in dark clothing.

If your camp cutlery isn’t comfortable to hold, the eating experience is thrown completely off course! Credit: Oztent

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