Ep119 – Campsite Q&A’s #8 with Ben & Lauren

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This week, Ben and Lauren are back behind the mic with their raw, rustic, and never-curated-ever-organic approach to answering even more of your campsite questions.

Be it tent protection from the top down, or preventing mid-adventure vermin invasions – boil the billy and settle in for another Q&A episode with your favourite outdoor experts! There’s usually something to learn, and always something to laugh about.

A group of campers setting up camp in a foresty area, with a motorbike, BBQ, and gas bottle on the back of a Ute.

Be it tent protection from the top down, or preventing mid-adventure vermin invasions – boil the billy and tune in to your favourite outdoor experts! Image: Oztent


00:00 – Intro

03:28 – Best Shelter for Weekend Camping from Run and Sun?

08:25 – The  Zempire Pronto V2 10P: Manageable Set Up Process for a Bloke with a Bad Back?

11:14 – Best All-Rounder of Gas Stoves / Kitchen Setups?

15:08 – Any Plans for a New Zealand Store?

15:56 – What Exactly is ‘Car Camping’?

19:57 – Pros and Cons of Zempire Roof Covers vs Tarp with Poles?

23:25 – Considerations When Building a ‘Tradie Trailer’ into a Camping Trailer?

30:22 – Tips for Keeping Vermin Out of Gear, in Storage and at Camp?

36:17 – What to Keep in the Emergency-Emergency Kit?

40:45 – Light and Easy-To-Roll Swag for a Solo Female with an Injured Shoulder?

45:21 – Tips for Camping with Kids Close to Rivers and Waterways?

49:49 – Best Way to Power a 35L Fridge and Charge a Phone?

55:59 – Summary

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Understanding 12V Battery & Solar Setups for your 4WD – by Ben Collaton

5 Reasons to Own an Air Tent – by Matt McIvor


OZtrail Gazebos

Zempire Aerobase

Zempire Roadiebase

Quest Outdoors Air Gazebo

Dometic Gale 12V Pump

Camp Kitchens

Camp Tables

Quest Outdoors Grill Table 5

First Aid Kit

Elemental Emergency Survival Blanket

Dometic Pico FTC 1×1 TC Inflatable 1P Swag


Self Inflating Mattresses

Coleman Instant Swagger 1P Tent

Insect Protection

Fridges & Coolers

Solar & Power

Companion Rover Lithium 100Ah Power Station

Companion Rover Lithium 40Ah Power Station

HardKorr 200W Heavy Duty Portable Solar Mat – No Regulator

Zempire Roof Covers

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